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Netanyahu draws his "red line" in 2012 speech at the United Nations.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will lash out at Palestinian Authority incitement on the Temple Mount in his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday, government sources reported.

He also will tell an unreceptive Generals Assembly that Israelis are on the front line against the threat of a nuclear Iran. Sources in the office of the Prime Minister said the speech will be very “powerful,” but now that the Iran deal is just about history,


it is doubtful that his appearance will match the attention-getting event three years ago when he drew a picture of Iran’s approaching the “red line” beyond which it cannot be stopped from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also will blame the Palestinian Authority for the failure of the “peace process.” which is hardly on the back-burner while the Islamic State (ISIS) and Russia’s involvement in the Syrian civil war have become the focus of American worries..

After his speech, he is expected to meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and later with Jewish leaders.



  1. So the Prime Minister will lash out at the Palestinian Authority’s incessant incitement to violence on the Temple Mount. More endless words by this Prime Minister but that’s about it, just words which we all know will never be backed up by any effective action, which, when we come down to it, is all that matters in the Middle East. Netanyahu can demand all he likes from the Palestinian Authority but let’s see where his lecture gets him with this lot. What also of the incessant indoctrination by the PA of Arab children in hate from kindergarten age onwards? While on the world stage, what about taking the opportunity to debunk the fictitious “Palestinian” narrative that has been peddled so successfully by the PA.

    I believe he also wants the PA to stop spreading lies about Israeli intentions on the Temple Mount. But what about the main issue to be proclaimed loud and clear, that of the Temple Mount being the most prized piece of real estate that was part of Jewish heritage from time immemorial? It appears that not one Israeli politician will address this issue and lay out the historical reality. All Netanyahu and Israeli politicians seem to ever do is to plead that the PA cease telling lies about Israeli intentions on maintaining the status quo. Right now Netanyahu has the world stage and if all that he can hope for is to maintain the status quo, then the Temple Mount will eventually be lost to Judaism forever.

    This is a site where both Jewish Temples once stood, now dominated by the Dome of the Rock mosque. A site where control was allowed to be retained by the Muslim Waqf in an act of magnanimous stupidity by Moshe Dayan after the 1967 war.
    A site where today, the Israeli Police act on behalf of the Waqf in ensuring that Jews be forbidden from entering, lest they be seen to be moving their lips in prayer.
    A site which, had it been retained by Israel in 1967, would have today been where foreign dignitaries to the Jewish nation would be escorted to instead of Yad Vashem, a memorial to our various graveyards.

    The regularly used claim that Jerusalem is the united and indivisible capital of Israel rings hollow when this united capital excludes the Temple Mount and is being surrounded by a ring of steel in the form of illegal so called “Palestinian” housing going up under Israel’s very nose.

    It is time for Israel to state its case like any sovereign power would and to act unilaterally if need be in addressing all issues, including at a minimum, once and for all reclaiming that most prized piece of real estate in Jewish heritage, that is the Temple Mount. Will this ever happen? As Israel is being led today by one of the weakest Prime Ministers in living memory, a Prime Minister who makes concession after concession, goodwill gesture after goodwill gesture to a relentless enemy, don’t hold your breath.

  2. Unlike Gil Solomon, I have every faith in Netanyahu and feel he is revving up for a showdown in the imminent future. The speech he has lined up at the UN Tuesday should proffer all that is necessary – unfortunately, with the rest of the world covered in teflon, anything of substance will just slide away, no matter how profound. So, Israel will just have to do what it needs to do to survive and Kerry and his co-horts can go whistle as he will offer nothing of significance neither security nor kinsmanship.

  3. Well, I adore Bibi…he isn't afraid to speak the truth about what is happening. But you can speak all you want however, the King of Jordan is mad with Israel, but that King shouldn't be because it is muslims doing it and throwing stuff at the Kings own police force. You don't hear him speak up because he is afraid. Bibi on the other hand is not. I wonder what time Bibi is going to speak because I want to hear him. ***Gil***you are so right about Moshe Dayan…….he gave back the mound….a very stupid thing, but he was an athiest, so don't expect a athiest to do the right thing……….and he did it without permission too. Well……….finally note Happy Sukkot 🙂

  4. Bibi is not afraid??? of course he is a coward otherwise he would claim sovereignty over jewish provinces and expel aras. This is the strategy that can save Israel and on top of that stop all the pressures. He does the other way around and gets all and cumulates all the liabilities against Israeland keeps splashing for ever.If you love him you love losers. Problem is WE are the losers with him, he keeps drinking wine which he loves.

  5. Not only Netanyahu's speeches are just blabber although nice blabber, but even the adressee is a ghost, a puppet. It is all speeches to a wall. Agreed it can be good tactics because a wall cannot reply but where is the strategy? Time is running out and people keep listening to lefters' pr claiming sovereignty over the jewish provinces with no rights whatsoever while Israel which has international law and History to support it is…mum! Fine strategy indeed!

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