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July 22, 2014 / 24 Tammuz, 5774
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Rabbi Stav Attacked by Haredi Youths at a Wedding

A few boys began to push him, trying to make him trip and fall while he was dancing.
Rabbi David Stav in Kfar Chabad, where he is less likely to be attacked violently than in Bnei Brak.

Rabbi David Stav in Kfar Chabad, where he is less likely to be attacked violently than in Bnei Brak.
Photo Credit: Facebook

Rabbi David Stav, a candidate for the position of Israel’s Chief Rabbi, was attacked by a group of Haredi youths Sunday night, at the wedding of the daughter of the Kotel Rabbi, Rav Shmuel Rabinovitch, which was held in Bnei Brak.

Yediot Ahronot reported that with the arrival of Rabbi Stav at the wedding, a few boys began to push him, trying to make him trip and fall while he was dancing. In addition, when Rabbi Stav joined the circle of mitzvah dancers, Shas MK Ariel Atias walked away.

Finally, after Rabbi Stav was forced to leave the place due to the harassment and violence of the young Haredim, dozens of guests began to shout curses at him, such as Rasha (wicked) and Shikutz (vermin).

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37 Responses to “Rabbi Stav Attacked by Haredi Youths at a Wedding”

  1. Lisa Kamins says:

    people don’t learn. sinat chinam will only harm our own people, this foolishness is dangerous and must be stopped.

  2. hey they treated satan heal by satan mary first female christian rabbi like dirt :(

  3. Are yeshivot no longer teaching proper midot?

  4. You do not attack an elder. I don’t care how much you disagree with him. These boys will pay for this crime for the rest of their lives…

  5. David Blatt says:

    Totally disgusting but there is hope. A stint in the IDF will show these yeshiva boys how to be respectful.

  6. Sharon Lax says:

    And we wonder why we lost the 1st and 2nd temples.

  7. John Keytack says:

    This is terrible. Why would anyone do that to a Rabbi? I’m sure Rabbi Stav will just rise above the situation. I feel sorry for the parents of those boys.

  8. John Keytack says:

    This is terrible. Why would anyone do that to a Rabbi? I’m sure Rabbi Stav will just rise above the situation. I feel sorry for the parents of those boys.

  9. We need to stop this kind of hateful acts toward our fellow Jew. If we can’t be united as a people we are going to fall even more.

  10. We need to stop this kind of hateful acts toward our fellow Jew. If we can’t be united as a people we are going to fall even more.

  11. Benny Gamal says:

    This is sinat chinam is what destroyed two Batei HaMikkdash and chased us into the diaspora. It also left my dear cousin, The Legendary Danny O'Doul, without a.
    BBQ job in the Beit Hamikdash and relegated him to just cooking at Sunday barbecues. What a pity. Stop this desecration of Hashem and Eretz Yisrael and treat all Talmedei Chachamim with the proper respect, if even, you disagree with their philosophical views. Sincerely, Benny Gamal.

  12. Since when did it become OK to disrespect a rabbi and fellow Jew in such a way? Certain foreign practices have infected Israel and have made things very ugly.

    If one respects Judaism, one does not use violence to express disagreements with insults and physical violence, especially towards fellow Jews. This goes for traditionally observant Jews as well.

  13. Mark Ellis says:

    I'll second that! These K'noyim are a Boosha, including SHAS MK Atias, on the ENTIRE Chareidi WORLD! And just before the Three Weeks! There is NO Rationale, NO amount of propaganda that can "pretty this up."

  14. Ezzy Klein says:

    It's the lies and propaganda that the other rabbies spew.

  15. Ira L. Jacobson says:

    The only one who reports on Rav Stav being abused in any way is Rav Stav himself. He is using this claim for political advantage,

  16. Steven Soep says:

    so in other words you are calling Rav Stav a liar! W ere you there to personally say this did not happen? And PLEASE, no do insult our intelligence by claiming you " heard from someone who was there"!

  17. Drora Bat Melech says:

    I am a chozeret B'Teshuva and what I learned is the basis of the whole entire TORAH –"VeAhavta LeReecha Kamocha" and that you may not "Talben Panim" ("whitening" a person face=shaming him) which is equaled to murdering that person. My remark to the Rabbi's that were in the wedding and saw the youth behaving that way to the Rav (even though they did not participate)—You busy yourselves with learning Gemara all day and you did not defend the honor of a human being? what kind of example are you setting? You don't have to agree with a person views or words but Torah can be given ONLY B'DARCHEI NOAM in gentle ways. Give speeches about your views.. debate it… but never by force or shame. The G'dolim of our past would be careful not to hurt the feelings of a kitchen helper and here we are talking about the honor of a Rav -a Talmid Chacham….. Bais Hamikdash was destroyed due to Sinaat Chinom and only BASELESS LOVE can bring Machiach and the rebuilding of the new Bais Hamikdash. I am a Sephardi and I CAN NOT relate to this kind of Rabbinical behavior. Can not listen or take any Halachic response from people that don't follow this dictum.

  18. Drora Bat Melech says:

    Yediot Aharonot is reporting this… You are missing the point…Mr. Jacobson. SHAMING ANYBODY is not OK -running for a position or not has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT… I do not have to agree with you but we can debate our views and agree or not…but there is NO REASON anyone should shame the other for holding this view or that.. The Torah and it's rabbi's many like Hillel and Shamai had fierce disagreements but as it mentioned in Pirkei Avot their disagreement was for the sake of heaven… that kind of disagreement is OK but only that kind…Korach's who we just read…. his disagreement brought disaster on himself and family..

  19. Disgusting behavior I am appalled.

  20. Ahron Ebert says:

    What they did was wrong but it wasn't sinas chinum. Sinas Chinum is baseless hate. This hate is based.

  21. Hpela says:

    Love thy neighbor as thyself.

  22. Hpela says:

    I offer up this prayer and my Torah studies today for a peaceful and amicable resolution to this situation.

  23. Drora Arussy says:

    and this is the same Rav Attias that is supposed to be running for sephardi chief rabbi? Where are any ethics and morals? Basic kavod habriot if not kavod haRav! I am embarrassed to be associated with them as a practicing Jew.

  24. Drora Arussy says:

    Firstly, Drora, I like your name :-) On a more serious note, why ar we not promoting the Rabbis who are talking about human relationships and all you just mentioned. Yahir koach for well expressed sentiments

  25. Anonymous says:

    Here's what the Rambam wrote on such behavior:

    הלכות דעות ה:ז.
    תלמיד חכמים–לא יהא צועק וצווח בשעת דיבורו, כבהמות וכחיות; ולא יגביה קולו ביותר, אלא דיבורו בנחת עם כל הברייות.

    Hilchot De'ot, Chapter 5, Halach 7:
    "A Torah Sage should not shout or shriek while speaking, like the cattle and wild beasts, nor should he raise his voice overly much. Instead, he should speak gently to all people."

  26. Bad middos. Are these also the rock throwers?

  27. These are not Charadim. they Rodfei Yisroel and should be treated as such.

  28. Peter Mehler says:

    These are not religious as is suggested by the word "Charadim". They are "Rodfei Yisroel" and should be treated as such by neighbors, peers and all who are aware of immoral behavior.

  29. agree with your comment but cannot press like. How can anyone for a posting like this. What the hell are we doing to each other?

  30. Drora Arussy says:

    agreed – like, is more an agreement in this, there is nothing to like about this situation, it is just embarassingly sick and wrong

  31. Ani Stubbs says:

    Based on stupid bigotry. The should be embarrassed by their behavior

  32. Laura Greenberg says:

    if we as jews cannot get along, how do you expect there to be peace in Israel. We have to learn tolerance. Pushing a man and trying to trip him! come on guys get with it.

  33. Jerrold Landau says:

    an astute observation. And furthermore, I had the opportunity to get to know Rav Stav when he visited Toronto last fall, and he is as likeable and non-offensive as they come…

  34. Orah Peer says:

    Drachea darchei noam….sof achadashot.if is not exactly this , then is fake.you can learn & teach Gemarah 24/7 the min you don't care about shaming others in public, is the min , you ruined all your avodah….kol amalvin pnei chavero…etc..ein lo chelek laolam aboh….

  35. Ira L. Jacobson says:

    Almost a month has gone by, and there is not a single report that confirms this alleged attack. It was reported in the press on the basis of a press release by Rav Stav's well-pain PR team.
    As Prof. Leary stated, "And lying she knew was a sin, a sin . . . ."

  36. Ira L. Jacobson says:

    Drora, besides your poor punctuation, I fear that it is you who has missed the point. Please reread what I wrote.
    Pirke Avot, of course, refers to arguments that were and WERE NOT for the sake of Heaven.

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