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January 16, 2017 / 18 Tevet, 5777
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Report: IDF Eliminates Hamas Money Man [video]

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Hamas moneyman Mohammed al-Ghoul and what appears to be a car full of money, after his car was hit by the IAF.

Initial reports are coming out from Gaza that an IDF strike in Northern Gaza on Sunday took out Mohammed Talat al-Ghoul, who was allegedly the money man for Hamas and responsible for all Hamas money transfers.

Ynet now reports that the strike was done from the air on the car he was driving.

It is believed that the accompanying photo is of the strike.

You can see what remains of a lot of money that was being transported in the car, as firemen try to put out the fire.

(Note: Some sites are writing his name as Mohamed Al-Oul)

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Migo Steirer says:

    Oh my goodness! Gruesome picture of the burned body!

  2. Joyce David says:

    Looks like US currency scattered around.

  3. You can run, but you cannot hide! We will always get you!

  4. Agola Caleb says:

    go idf kick them out like polio,those rats wont manage a long war.

  5. PH Yogev says:

    Joyce, yes it does look US. US bleeding money all over the place with no accountability. 🙁

  6. This is beginning to look like something out of a Tom Clancy book. WTF idf? You guys are awesome.

  7. One by one falling in the hands of IDF ! God of Abraham, Isaac n Jacob is wt you ! He gives you victory !

  8. Cacao Blanc says:

    Good in You Israel love you G.. Bless Israel Amen

  9. Becky Clark says:

    Israel is Victorious! Israel is Forever!

  10. Joyce G says:

    The IDF is awesome….amazing…

  11. Joyce G says:

    Yes, they are amazing!!!!

  12. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Way to go IDF, you rock!!!!. !takimg out the leaders one by one..!

  13. Tony Mark says:

    There were 10 Hamas Terrorists driving on the road,,and if one hamas terrorist should accidently fall, "blow up" 😉 there'll be Nine Hamas terrorists,,,etc,etc, ( sung to 10 green bottles") 🙂 🙂 😉

  14. Judka Lisker says:

    One banker gone! Whereabouts of the money?

  15. Tony Mark says:

    Who knows the song” There were 10 hamas terrorists” driving on the road,and if one Hamas Terrorists should “accidently BLOW” there’ll be Nine Hamas Terrorists?,,,etc,etc, 😉 😉

  16. Josh Kalman says:

    Put out that fire fast!

  17. Tony Mark says:

    Actually He thought he was filming “The Money Train”. 🙂 🙂

  18. Isaiah 62:1 ISR98
    “For Tsiyon’s sake I am not silent, and for Yerushalayim’s sake I do not rest, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her deliverance as a lamp that burns.”

  19. Susan Speros says:

    One less terrorist ghoul!

  20. Alice Sadoun says:

    Oh boy … and with all that money, he couldn’t do anything constructive ? (I only guess he is still steering at the Wheel)

  21. Mark Hes says:

    Ouch the burnt body was decapitated, poetic justice I guess

  22. May all your enemies perish.כן יאבדו כל אויביך.

  23. Mark Rader says:

    Great they got him keep destroying them

  24. Marc Cohen says:

    Notice he looks like a. Rich dead dog- we should get more of those animals

  25. Sally Penso says:

    How’s that for a surgical stroke Obama!

  26. World peace!!!!!!!!!

  27. Simha Levy says:

    With all that money he doesn’t need virgins he can easily go with 72 prostitutes!!!!!! Hahahahhahhahahha

  28. GO IDF, GO!!!!
    wipe’em out!!

  29. Beverly Rook says:

    Way to go IDF !!!


  31. Sue Waller says:

    We stand with Israel and the IDF. Always and Forever. Am Yisrael Chai, Shalom ❤️

  32. yet another flame lit in the fires of hell…yeah!!

  33. Michael Rowe says:

    In the words of queen ” another one bites the dust”

  34. I am glad we have the IDF &
    IAF of Israel on the side of our
    USAF ! All fighting Hamas (IS
    For the sake of the whole
    World ‘! THANK YOU! I LOVE
    YOU! This message can also
    Be shared by all the Leaders
    Of the Free world who were
    Willing to risk a retaliation
    Against these terroristic groups who kill innocent
    Children no

  35. One day soon or later all jews converted to islam.

  36. That’s wonderful news!

  37. Abdul Dunkin we the Jews have history of 5000plus years your book is being copied from jewish bible and your own Koran says that Jews are the chosen people and the land of Israel belong to us now how you want us to follow a foto copy when we have the original go study your Koran then mak foolish comments

  38. Not likely……..
    Why don’t you simply convert to Judaism?

  39. Denise Adams says:

    Abdul, you are a fool.

  40. now he will face enternity

  41. Yes actually we all came from the same god. Because of our arrogance and stupidity that make us apart.

  42. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Good job as always.thanks

  43. Another one bites the dust

  44. Wonderful news. Get a few more.

  45. you can run but you cannot hide goat F…

  46. tell me something abdul, does islam forces you to be delusional or is it a personal medical condition?

  47. Len Minowitz says:

    Keep up the great work, make it safer so us tourists can feel confident to return.


  49. Good,let’s get them all

  50. One less carpet monkey good job IDF

  51. Obi Sunny says:

    every day is for thieve but one day is for the onwer of the house! israel continue to sieve hamas like wheat cut them off from the roots

  52. Notice how the people could gather around the car and feel safe… Terrorists usually detonate a second time when people are around the scene of the accident… Yet, the western media will always find fault with Israel.

  53. Hamas = ISIS beheading bucket challenge

  54. Awesome. Way to go IDF!!!!

  55. Marcia Klein says:

    Saddened to hear that the money was destroyed.

  56. Aldo Mimoun says:

    another one bites the dust

  57. Long live IDF more power, more strike!

  58. Tony Mark says:

    Gee these s don't know how to BBQ or what? 😉 😉

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