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January 20, 2017 / 22 Tevet, 5777
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Terrorists/Kidnappers Homes to be Destroyed Tonight

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The army has told the families of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach that the homes of the terrorist kidnappers Amer Abu Aisha and Marwan Kawasmeh will be destroyed tonight.

Arab sources report that the destruction has begun.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. That’s the least that should be quietly done.

  2. Martin Kool says:

    We are so sorry .

  3. Simon Holm says:


  4. that’s nothing – it’s not enough

  5. Adam Green says:

    Good, pls destroy the kidnappers too

  6. Fabi Chávez says:

    Bomb them all…..

  7. ברוך דיין האמת

  8. Carolin Knox says:

    The whole village is more appropriate.

  9. Andee Hazout says:

    hopefully with the rest of the family inside

  10. Whole Halhul and Bayt Kahil should be destroyed.

  11. Chaya Mindal says:

    Only their homes?

  12. Gene Strong says:

    Deport all members of Hamas and destroy their homes.

  13. And then Hamas will pay them handsomely to build new and bigger homes!! Sheesh! The families should be deported!!

  14. Batya Casper says:

    We have to declare the death penalty for those kidnappers.

  15. I am sorry but Israel has to take responsibility for allowing these evil monsters out of jail. Israel had them and let them go to appease the world that cares not about Israel. May the 3 boys always be remembered and their blood be avenged

  16. It’s not enough. They should plant radioactive seeds in the ground where these homes stood so they can not build on that site ever again.

  17. They need to level the area.

  18. ברוך דין האמת

  19. Jeff Wilson says:

    level the whole city

  20. Sorry… Not good enough. They will rebuild their homes

  21. Susan Allard says:

    Good burn tbem alive.There was no meed to kill those boys….

  22. Lisa Frey says:

    Now we need to destroy the kidnappers themselves. Sorry but sometimes and eye for an eye makes Israel as safer place!

  23. Sabrina Heit says:

    Now that’s what I’am talking about! Get them where it hurts the most!

  24. should kill there whole family right down to the third cousins

  25. Not only there homes the whole city

  26. Memorial service today at 6pm. Israeli consulate at 42street and Second Ave in Manhattan.

  27. Sabrina Heit says:

    Mehmet – I don’t understand your comment – could explain?

  28. Then drawn and quartered!

  29. take em all out its the only way.

  30. Bart Jackson says:

    This is a mild response to what the Kidnappers did to 3 Israeli youth…

  31. Fred Weiser says:

    That’s nothing.

  32. Who are they going to this tonight, we shall get them first, do the Police know? lets get moving to find them the destroyers and terrorists, YES WE CAN



  35. Susie Suzi G says:

    Kick all hamas and evil out of Jerusalem take back your god given Land protect Israel .God is in control


  37. Susie Suzi G says:

    Yes I say get them all out of Israel

  38. David Bryan says:

    It’s time to fight…

  39. If they know who the kidnappers are , why not kill them as well as destroy their homes? Take them out of this world let G-D be their judge.

  40. and the parents killed and their wives and their kids

  41. Is this enough evidence for ban ki Moon?

  42. Kalman Shor says:

    Golly gee! It might be more effective if the kidnappers were inside the homes while they destroy them.

  43. That’s kind of too little too late

  44. John Wayne says:


  45. Not a good enough response. Sovereignty!

  46. Well done, it’s time for them to die as well.

  47. It’s good for a start…

  48. The MURDERERS’ homes…!

  49. Destroy the kidnappers. And their neighbors, and their town, and their fellow terrorists. This was not done without accomplices. This should go down in history as the incident that murdered hundreds of Palestinians because of terrorists they supported.

  50. A meaningless action. Israel must destroy 3 Hebron Muslim villages

  51. We need to pray for the soldiers – God bless them – who are carrying this out

  52. agree to that very much.

  53. Shemaya Shiloh EXACTLY!!!!

  54. Thet should be killed period

  55. Make sure they inside with all family TO

  56. Dale Stacy says:

    Bring back executions, if it was good enough for Eichman, then can be used on these pigs

  57. Porl Wright says:

    Why are troop movements and locations being publicized? That isn’t smart.

  58. Roger Jewell says:

    I don’t work for the Israeli government. No comment. No opinion.

  59. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!

  60. Porl Wright says:

    Do you all know what it means to be drawn and quartered? Just seeing it acted out in movies about Medieval Europe is bad enough. The British were very fond of it, and it was entertainment to some. How do some of you sleep at night if you think drawing and quartering should still be done in this day? Do you all have families? What are your families lives like, with all that cruelty boiling and festering inside you?

  61. Ken Figa says:

    Don’t stop there!!

  62. are you kidding me…kill them and hide their bodies just as they did.

  63. Kim Sloan says:

    They should also push out the kidnappers associates! Drive them to Jordan!

  64. Shma Israel Adonai …

  65. Israel should implement “land for terror”. Move the security wall eastward, dunam by dunam, for every rocket, every innocent life! If the palestinians do not stop their violence, they will soon find themselves in Jordan.

  66. Without wastege of time&their families also.


  68. I hope they destroy more than their homes! Homes are not important to them! Their family will only move in with like minded relatives that are saturated with hate! These sub-“humans” don’t live in a home they crawl out from the rocks and sand like the snakes they are!!

  69. לא מספיק, not enough

  70. Judith Dowla says:

    Can you prove who did this. Do you have absolute proof. Weighed, Measured, Divided.

  71. Tom Jernigan says:

    Shhhhhh, don’t tell their families before the destruction starts…they may be asleep inside 🙂

  72. Sheila Cole says:

    Guess I must have missed something. Israel knew who the kidnappers are and where they lived? And for 3 young lives they are going to destroy 2 homes? The time for turning the other cheek and minimum responses is past due over. Golda Meir said it when she said it was too bad they didn’t love their children as much as we love ours. “

  73. Livia Shagam says:

    make sure their families are inside!

  74. Loren Renee says:

    Omg that hideous woman should be burried alive


  76. Beverly Bass says:

    Good….and the world will scream & yell…but this time, who cares? They KNEW this would be the response and the result and they committed murder KNOWING this would happen….too bad the murderers are not dead….but actually, it will be better knowing they are in an Israeli prison forever…for the rest of the miserable lives….death would be too easy….may they be in hell here on earth ..first….

  77. Never forget: revenge!!!!

  78. they have to be killed for murder .

  79. Everything where Palestinians live should be destroyed .

  80. Judy Richka says:

    kick them out of the country then take the 400 or so that you arrested kill them and burn their bodies for the world to see!!!!!!!!

  81. Isn’t that the law in Israel?

  82. Porl Wright says:

    If Israel levels Gaza as some of you also call for, I have a feeling Israel will be invaded.

  83. Porl Wright says:

    No. I have a feeling that would bring about attempted invasion.

  84. Janet Berger says:

    Let’s hope the Terrorists are in there!

  85. Clara Berk says:

    Not only their homes,their families,their lifes

  86. Frank Elwin says:

    Hamas leaders homes and offices needs to be destroy

  87. Danny Lazar says:

    It’s always symbolic to begin with the destroying the homes then the IDF does it’s real dammar and this time folks it’s going to be epic. Hamas better get their coffins ready !

  88. Dawn Wyatt says:

    Mow ’em down. Mow down the whole area

  89. Good, they need something to use their payment on from Hamas.

  90. Not enough, just not enough……..

  91. Ben Weber says:

    And Barak “Hussein” Obama is still Quiet after an American was killed. Wonder what will happen next. Moshiach has to come to end this suffering

  92. And destroy the Pallie vermin with them!

  93. It’s nice the Israelis do something about it.

  94. Rick Lutes says:

    .עדיף להיות בחיים ושנאו מ אהב והתאבל
    I am a firm believer in Tohar HaNeshek, but I say, it is time to carpet -bomb the stinking nest hole of vermin

  95. Yea let’s give them a heads up.smh.

  96. Beverly Bass says:

    By whom? They will defend themselves as only the Israelis can…and I think the hyperbole of ‘leveling’ Gaza is a way of expressing unbelievable grief & anger…they won’t level it, but they won’t put up with rockets, suicide bombes, etc anymore…would anyone? Would you?

  97. We are getting close!!!

  98. Sandy Thorne says:

    Bomb every last one.

  99. Benz Amine says:

    those are the terrorists that israel is fighting, still there is 192 of them in israeili jails, they are 11 years old kids!

  100. Benz Amine says:

    like if you are not going to destroy them if they did not kidnap any, you are going to destroy it anyway

  101. Should kill their mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and pets too

  102. Jesse Long says:

    Malkie Grozalsky, you are a special kind of stupid, are you not, sir?

  103. Jesse Long says:

    Do not even BOTHER with a pathetic attempt at a comeback because you will be utterly destroyed in a battle of wits, you senseless twit!

  104. Jesse Long says:

    Why not tell that to the numerous families of Jewish and Christian children that were blown to bits by suicide bombers, mortars, rockets, explosions, and gunfire by like-minded s that are promoting this wicked religion known as Islam, Mehmet Emin Aras?

  105. Good…perhaps other sickos will learn a lesson from this. I pray so.

  106. Jesse Long says:

    Ditto for ANY terrorist group in the nation of Israel and the heterophobes (homosexuals) and their allies, as well as the modern day Pharisees and the people that want the nation of Israel to be a secular state and that only want Jews to inhabit the land, Gene Strong. Christians deserve as much of a place in the nation of Israel as the Jews.

  107. Jesse Long says:

    Neither are you smart, @Porl Wright!

  108. Porl Wright says:

    Troll. By publicizing a counter strike this gives the individuals notice of what’s coming. So what’s the point, just bombing out their houses? Leaving aside the idea of a counter strike in the first place and whether its wrong or not. Smh. Maybe it’s time for allies to step in and straighten everyone out? I know no one will like this, but the cycle of violence just isn’t stopping. Better than retaliation by neighboring Arab states.


  110. Judith Ross says:

    Hope their bloody parents are in those homes when they are destroyed.

  111. YaY! Blow them SKY HIGH and set them on fire so they burn through the night, the week and the rest of the year.

  112. Israel should destroy the evil place of the demons burn the whole place to the ground. Satan inhabits these haters.

  113. I think they ought to broadcast it so Jews and Christians around the world can dance and celebrate at their loss.

  114. I think they ought to broadcast it so Jews and Christians around the world can dance and celebrate at their loss.

  115. God destroyed Sodom Gomorrah for homosexual activity he will not spare America for the same thing. God’s wrath will be unleashed on these evil doers.

  116. Israel HAS done nothing in the past and it DIDN’T work. Hamas/radical Islam want two things: Jews extinct and the world under Islam.

  117. I think they should bacon wrap many Arab muzzies and bury them while alive under rocks

  118. Israeli must stop being so ing nice, and just destroy them all. Simple.

  119. Excellent. Time for the Palestinans to return to their ancient homeland. It is a very short walk back to Syria !

  120. hopefully they were inside them when they went BOOOM ! nasty rotten s

  121. So what ? They’ll construct another one … Harder

  122. Gene Strong says:

    Jesse Long sounds drunk.

  123. Gloria Katz says:

    Oh that’s really heavy duty revenge. Kill the terrorists and stop bombing their vacant homes.

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