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February 19, 2017 / 23 Shevat, 5777
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Two Critically Injured in Kiryat Arba Stabbing Attack, the Terrorist Killed

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Photo Credit: Hakol Hayehudi

Two are critically wounded in a stabbing attack after a terrorist had entered a structure below the high school yeshiva in Givat HaKharsina in Kiryat Arba, Hebron, and stabbed a teenage girl and a member of the local emergency squad.

Rescue teams administered CPR, then evacuated the injured to Jerusalem. One, a young girl, 13, was taken to Sharei Tzedek hospital, where she died a few hours later, the man, 31, was taken to Hadassah hospital.

The terrorist managed to infiltrate through the neighborhood fence and reached the structure which is on the defense path.

The terrorist was shot dead.

Local residents were instructed to remain in their homes.

David Israel

About the Author: David writes news at JewishPress.com.

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  1. every morninf i wake up and it's a new sad evening news
    it's a real nightmare i invented the newspaper of the good news

  2. George Edwin says:

    May the Soul of the 13 year old girl rest in peace. We stand with Israel in the midst of all of these attacks and continue to pray for the nation and its people.

  3. They continue to prove that they are followers of satan. God bless Israel.

  4. Mainstream media "Disproportionate response t

  5. Jay Manne says:

    The mainstream media will hardly mention this… further, the headline will be "Palestinian Killed in Clash With Israeli forces"… Two dead"

  6. Please pray for the injured recovery.

  7. my grand daughter knew the murdered girl they were in the same youth group

  8. Brainwashed savages targeting children…..how can there be peace when their spiritual leaders preach this kind of hatred. The religion of peace strikes again…..pathetic.

  9. In the US media the death of this child takes up one paragraph. The rest of the article talks about the death being caused by the "frustration" of Palestinians at the stalled peace talks, the "occupation" of "their" land by Israel, and the "tensions" at "their" holy site on the Temple Mount. It goes on to talk about the small number of Jews who have died so far versus the number of Palestinians (which is greater). It says that "especially the young teens" have found no other way to express their frustration. Excuses… they make nothing but excuses for these vermin. Any terrorists released in concession for so-called peace talks shows nothing but weakness on Israel's part.

  10. Somehow, this particular article seems much too sanitized. The child was murdered in her bed by another child. It is monstrous.

  11. Gary Diamond says:

    A real coward, kills a girl sleeping

  12. 1948 UN Mandate originally included Judea and Samaria as part of the Jewish State. When the Arab States attacked, Jordan Annexed the Area. Time to take it back!

  13. Only a coward murders a child! The Pal version; Islamic martyr butchered by woman!

  14. It is astounding that the 'Human Race' has advanced this far with the minds of chimpanzees.

  15. terrible news………………..


    Moron go arrest another soldier

  17. Moishe Sachs says:

    The terrorist wasn't shot dead because there are millions more.
    Bibi, asking Jihadists politely to stop Jihad is criminally insane. The ONLY compassionate AND effective, complete, & permanent ACTUAL SOLUTION to STOP ATTACKS ON THE INNOCENT ON THE TINY STRIP OF LAND WEST OF THE JORDAN RIVER IS TO REPATRIATE THE OVERWHELMINGLY GENOCIDAL MYTHICAL SO-CALLED PALESTINIANS TO JORDAN & EGYPT. NO COUNTRY HAS EVER TRIED SO MANY WAYS TO AVOID THIS REALITY AS HAS ISRAEL. Keeping this hostile population was never going to nor will ever work.
    I'm calling on you, like you're calling on them, I'm calling on you to STOP calling on them, for God's sake. Israel's been calling on them since 1967. The cost of this is unspeakable.

  18. Rabbi Kahane proposed the expulsion of all Arabs who opposed the existance of the Jewish State of Israel. This was the beginning of his expulsion from the Knesset. Would he be expelled for expressing the same thought nows??

  19. Ed Shalfi says:

    Kahane was like the prophets in the Bible who nobody wanted to hear. He was maligned, imprisoned, and asassinated. He was a brilliant man and a good one and his memory will never die.

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