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January 20, 2017 / 22 Tevet, 5777
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U.S.: ‘T-Minus 2 Months to Nuclear Iran’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made the same statement to the United Nations in 2012 and in 2013.

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
Photo Credit: State Dept. Website screen capture

The United States has belatedly awakened to the fact that Tehran is ignoring its policies and moving ahead with nuclear development – as Israel predicted more than a decade ago.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday it would take Iran just two months to produce enough fissile material to produce a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made the same statement – in fact he warned it would take less time, unless actions were taken to slow or stop the process – in speeches to the United Nations in 2012 and in 2013.

Over the years, the Iranian nuclear program was hit with numerous mysterious problems that slowed down the process, including destructive viruses, assassinated nuclear physicists, and broken components, all of which were generally blamed on Israel.

Netanyahu’s predecessors in office have also warned the international community that Iran has been marching ahead with its nuclear development program. That has continued apace regardless of United Nations sanctions, diplomatic efforts, negotiations and any other attempts to slow down its drive to create nuclear weaponry.

This time as world powers gathered in Vienna to talk about working on a new agreement to slow down Iranian activity on its nuclear program in exchange for relief from international sanctions, Kerry was warning American lawmakers that time is up.

The best the world can hope for is to get the Iranians to increase the “breakout” window from two months to half a year, maybe a year.

“I think it’s public knowledge today that we’re operating with a time period for a so-called breakout of about two months. Six months to 12 months is… I’m not saying that’s what we’d settle for, but even that is significantly more [time],” he said, according to Reuters.

Still, Kerry claimed Iran only has enough so far for “just one bomb’s worth, conceivably, of material, but without any necessary capacity to put it in anything, to deliver it, to have any mechanism to do so.”

However, a recent shipment of sophisticated missiles and a missile launcher sent by Iran to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Syria proves that may not be the case. The missiles were of a new, advanced design built with a warhead capable of carrying a much heavier payload – possibly one that could carry nuclear material.

The trucks that were carrying the missiles and the launcher to a Hezbollah base were destroyed in an air strike that left four Hezbollah terrorists.

Hana Levi Julian

About the Author: Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for Babble.com, Chabad.org and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.

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  1. Gene Strong says:

    Kerry is a lying treasonous coward. Just like Obama and clinton.

  2. Kerry has lied to Israel. He should be hung. He knew Iran would continue nuclear work .

  3. Alan Kardon says:

    Kerry thinks his position is to become the absolute dumbest, most incompetent Secretary in our nations history. He succeeded in that title a long time ago.

  4. Alan Kardon says:

    Barack Hussein is no better.

  5. if mad Iran is not stopped now it will destroy this planet

  6. Poor Ben will have to face Iran alone. The obama administration doesn't have the stones to face Iran head on. I am ashamed to be a USA citizen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am a big supporter of Netanyahu. He's tough and he's consistent. My only fear is that he is going to pull an "Obama." He will make "red lines" that are crossed. If that happens, then Iran will have a nuke. Israel must not be afraid to act alone. Obama is winding the clock. Intentionally allowing it to be "too late."

  8. Iran must be stopped immidiately, it is not only treat to Israel, but to the whole world..How the President Obama and Kerry do not see that treat ?.
    Unfortunately they are not taking this seriously. Shame on you.

  9. Benjamin Fox says:

    Can anyone say Kerry is dumb, stupid and blind as a Nazi rat?

  10. kerry and obama allowed this to happen.. Iran must be stopped now.

  11. Israel has NEVER and WILL NEVER be alone. YAHUA, the MIGHTY GOD of CREATION has always been with Israel….JUST as HE has been and will be with ALL that believe and abide in HIM. Because of the UNGODLY laws and legislation that we have allowed to develop in the US, GOD has sent us bad leadership. Thru history YA has done the same to the Hebrews….how could we expect less????

  12. Because Kerry is "godless" he doesn't understand just who he is dealing with as far as Israel. God will not be mocked, not by Kerry, not by Obama and not by any other evil entity.

  13. Joseph Sanchez says:

    Why in the hell would anyone believe OR EVEN TRUST the American corrupt Government, WHEN the people of America Don't trust or believe there own Government. So are you stupid? If the American Corrupt Government steps all over its own people, what do you think they think about you? Not a darn thing. Wise up!!!


  15. Joseph Sanchez says:

    PLEASE just remember that the American corrupt Government and the good American people ARE NOT ONE!! So please do not judge us as a whole!!!

  16. Joseph Sanchez says:

    Please pray for the good American people!

  17. Carter, Obama, H. Clinton and Kerry are the four horseman of the apocalypse.

  18. Chaim Szmidt says:

    I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!!!! Could the Ayatollahs be such liars and manipulators?!?!? Perish the thought!

  19. Joe Khoury says:

    As crazy and deceptive as the rulers of Iran are, they are not stupid enough to wage war with Israel, for the outcome will be disaster for Iran. In this cat and mouse political landscape, the enemy of my enemy (Saudi, Eqypt and other Sunni arabs) may in fact be Israeli allies, albeit temporarily…..

  20. Ralph Moran says:

    Kerry was a lier when he was in the us navy to get medals he did not deserve. He lied in front of the us congress during the VietNam war protest and he lied when he through his medals away. Kerry has been a lier from the start when he ran for the Presidentcy his swift boat men called him on it and he Kerry lost. Kerry is a loser and a socialist at best

  21. Do you have any clue of what people of God, or all humanity, is to be ready for? Find out. rcg.org The four horseman ride, and ARE RIDING, before the 5th seal. Posted to someone else…TRULY…rcg.org, Shout from the rooftops what you find there. (alternate Utube worldtocome.org)

  22. The four horsemen, where 1/4th of all humanity die…learn about them and who or what AND WHEN @ rcg.org. You will be scared ****less! Sorry, Lord. need to make a point. Anyone who reads this and goes to rcg, will shout from the rooftops to everyone they know. Very graphic and terror-able images.

  23. Sorry Joe: you're deceived. "let Iran go up in flames, so long as the flag of Islam hangs above the Whitehouse". Spoken by the Ayatollah over CAIR last year. They may very well attack us first, not Israel.

  24. Gary Harper says:

    The Iranians are insane. Israel has hundreds of tons of fissionable grade uranium, which is the trigger for all other nuclear devices.

  25. This is what you look like after a full lobotomy [John Kerry Skull & Bones man}

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