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Self-described fascist Joshua Bonehill, leader of a growing neo-Nazi movement in London, UK.

The CST, which called the meeting, said they would do “everything possible to help ensure that communal life continues as normal throughout the weekend and especially on the Shabbat,” The Jewish Chronicle reported. The organization added a “community-wide communication” in the week leading up to July 4 would clarify the actions to be taken by the police and the CST.

According to the security unit for Britain’s Jewish community leadership, 1,168 anti-Semitic attacks were reported last year in England.


In response, the Golders Green Together group is organizing a counter protest together with a number of other groups, including the Campaign for Truth, the Board of Deputies, London Jewish Forum and anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate. It is suggested that people who attend the counter rally wear blue and white – the colors of the Israeli flag.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. The look in his eyes says it all…He threatens with his gaze as a jailer threatens an innocent prisoner AFTER having harmed the prisoner once already…If this “parade” is allowed to happen and put off as free speech, then London is more stupid than I could have imagined…This is completely designed to be a threat to Jews…And this boy with such an evil coming off him will learn the hard way that he has no real power..Only Hashem has real power.

  2. We will not be intimidated! This is not a march. There will be a large number of Jews and Christians there. We will stand up to all bullies and those who want to see the end of the Jewish state. Nazis, BDS, lefties do your worst, we will not give way!

  3. 70 years after the Holocaust and this form of anti-semitsm should be banned by the pathetically weak Liberal British Government. Why are they so stupid that they forget that if Hitler had his way he would have personally cut Churchill's and the Queens throat.
    British Jews fought side by side with the ally's as did Australian, Russian, South African, New Zealand, Canadian, etc Jews.

    Freedom of speech yes sure just like UN lambasting Israel for just breathing. There is freedom of speech and there is pure hatred.
    Allowing this rally on SHABBOS and IN A JEWISH area is an outrage and may G-d slew those who are party to this outrageous act of Anti-Semitsm in the Jews face.

    Britain this is perhaps among others your lowest level of leadership.
    Would this happen in Germany?????

    You and these Neo Nazi's that even still exist in 2015 are a disgrace
    to mankind.

  4. Your Majesty, You personally did your part in fighting the Nazis in WW2. We thank you for your service in the cause. We ask you now to stand up against them again. Call all true loyal subjects to stand united against this dispicable insult to the United Kingdom. NEVER EVER AGAIN. We wish to thank you once again for your leadership.

  5. Yoghurts don't need a hechsher and these nutters are doing a stationary protest which is legal. Britain is a democracy and scum can make silent protests. Everything looks much worse from a distance, like viewing Israel through the prism of the BBC here in the UK.

  6. Having had some altercations with Mr Bonehead, I mean Bonehill, I actually pity him.
    He is filled with self-loathing about his homosexuality, and thus his hatred of himself has turned outwards to hate virtually everything, himself included.
    A long period of psychiatric treatment would be helpful, and help him come to terms with who he is.

  7. Rhetoric is cheap. But Jewish lives are not!!! If the PM of England and his Parliament were there standing along side the Jewish community showing solidarity then that would mean a whole lot more than making comments on Bonehead. Emails, marches on Parliament telling them they have to ACT instead of waiting to see what happens evokes change. Otherwise, posture all you like and nothing happens except more Jewish lives are put at risk.

  8. Yet moslems were allowed to march in my town and others, claiming Jews were nazis committing genocide against palestinians and some banners proclaimed that Jews should be exterminated – the police escorted the march. On more than one occasion where I live this has happened including Labour councillors in tow,

  9. NO! How can England allow British citizens to be threatened by a hate group that doesn't respect anyone, a terrorist and racist group who only want to cause disrespect to others. This is equal to the Confederate Battle Flag scenario here in the states. No citizen deserves to be threatened in such a manner. Wrong is wrong!

  10. Bonehead,I know you feel inferior to the jews but that is life. Your hatred follows you like a shroud,it will grow heavier and heavier with time. You will die soon with it on you and you and the devil will meet. Such an imbecile.!

  11. Instead of yelling at them, cursing, looking angry at this Neo-Nazi demonstration. Just laugh at them, keep laughing, they might think their fly is down. Keep laughing until it drowns out their hate speech. Keep laughing and they will try to figure out what is so funny.

  12. Will Queen Elizabeth and Philip and prince Harry be leading the parade since they have much in common with the Nazis and it is their uncles who were the head of the Nazi army who did their most to destroy England.
    Consider the british bobby(police) rounding up the jews of Jersey and the other islands when the Nazis overran them and the brits did nothing to save the jews or take back the islands yet were compleled for Falkland islands sue to oil that the brits steal in the name of BP oil!

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