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April 20, 2014 / 20 Nisan, 5774
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Britons in Suspense over Possibility of a ‘Royal Circumcision’

King George I started circumcising newly-born princes 250 years ago, Princess Diana rejected the idea. Britain now wonders if Kate and William will or won't. One thing for sure, it won’t be a Brit Mila.
The Duchess of Cambridge is not Jewish, and neither is the new royal baby. But will he be circumcised?

The Duchess of Cambridge is not Jewish, and neither is the new royal baby. But will he be circumcised?
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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King George started circumcising newly-born princes 150 years ago, Princess Diana rejected the idea. Britain now wonders if Kate and William will or not. One thing for sure, it won’t be a Brit Mila.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, once known as Prince William and Kate Middleton, are keeping Britain in suspense over whether they will circumcise their new baby boy, Prince George Alexander Louis.

Most British royalty have adopted the practice of circumcision as a matter of status, even since King George I adopted it 250 years ago.

Queen Victoria might have wanted to adopt the practice of circumcision because she “basically got it into her head that her children were the sons of David,” British pediatrician and author Dr. Harvey Karp told the Huffington Post.

A rabbi circumcised  Prince Charles in 1948, and Princes Andrew and Edward also were also circumcised.

Most British royalty have adopted the practice of circumcision as a matter of status. After all, not doing so might be disrespectful to the legend of King George but the rebellious Princess Diana reportedly refused to continue the practice, which may affect the Duke and Duchess’ decision.

“It’s very unlikely we’re going to be seeing [circumcision] this time around,” Dr. Karp said,  but added that if the little prince is circumcised, it could spark a fad, which he said  everyone will start calling “the Prince George.”

The issue at first glance seems totally banal. What difference does it make, especially to Jews, if they bring in a mohel for the king-to-be?

Considering the anti-Semitic campaign around the world to prohibit circumcision as some kind of barbaric mutilation that violates the human rights of a baby who has no freedom to choose, the royal decision could have affect the war on the Jewish rite, also practiced by most Muslims.

Tons of research, which has shown that circumcision not only is not dangerous or unhealthy but often can help the health of a child have, hampered the anti-circumcision crowd.

They have been forced to resort to the “free choice” argument, which makes their movement look even more absurd than it is.

Britons who are not Jewish or Muslim have showed less interest n circumcising their children in recent decades.

Maurice Levenson, the secretary of the Initiation Society, an Anglo-Jewish organization that represents about 55 mohels, told the London Telegraph, “The great majority of the enquiries we receive come from those of the Jewish faith, Muslims, Afro-Caribbeans and Americans, where circumcision remains popular.”

False reports that Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, is Jewish still are floating, partly because her mother’s maiden name was “Goldsmith.” Jewish-sounding or not, she was  Christian, scotching the idea that the new prince might be Britain’s first Jewish king.

That  does not mean he cannot be circumcised.

It will cost the royal family about $1,100, not including wine and herring,  to circumcision the prince at the Portland Hospital’s private maternity ward, where he was born. The ward, by the way, is named the Lindo Wing after a Jewish donor, but that won’t cut the mustard for anyone trying to claim he is a Yid.

Presumably, Buckingham Palace has the shekels to afford the circumcision.

But no has asked the real question that should be on everyone’s minds: If Prince George Alexander Louis is circumcised, where the ceremony include Metzizah b’peh?

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About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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48 Responses to “Britons in Suspense over Possibility of a ‘Royal Circumcision’”

  1. Brother K says:

    Friends, you can see by the hysterical tone of this pro-circumcision screed that the circumcision fanatics don't yet understand that cutting a baby boy's genitals is just as damaging as cutting a baby girl's, and that if cutting a baby girl's genitals is a crime, which it is, then the corollary is true as well. Baby circumcision of either sex is a criminal assault on a child, no matter how it's disguised with rhetoric — medicine, cosmetic, conformity, religion — and the people who want YOUR son circumcised are pushing this bizarre story about the new prince.

  2. Jacklyn Rymer says:

    I think he will be as strong as his mother on the issue. He obviously isn't hurt by being normal ;)

  3. Kelli Blunden says:

    I really hope that Kate has the balls that Diana did and protects her son from all harm – especially this torturous bull****, this is one time I wouldn't mind hearing 'we wanted him to look like his Daddy'…..

  4. Brother K says:

    Circumcision is such an old-fashioned & superstitious practice that some of its proponents are twisting themselves into pretzels to get a "positive" story about it in the public's mind. The headline says it all, lol, "Britons in suspense" No one in the UK gives a hoot because there isn't a chance in hell the Royal Family will perform this barbaric cruelty on their precious son. Not. A. Chance. Take that to the bank.

  5. Juan Andrés Alzate says:

    “It’s very unlikely we’re going to be seeing [circumcision] this time around,” Dr. Karp said, but added that if the little prince is circumcised, it could spark a fad, which he said everyone will start calling “the Prince George.” …

    Considering the anti-Semitic campaign around the world to prohibit circumcision as some kind of barbaric mutilation that violates the human rights of a baby who has no freedom to choose, the royal decision could have affect the war on the Jewish rite, also practiced by most Muslims.

    Is this why the Jewish press is on with this topic, as well as MSNBC? To distract people from the mutilation aspect of this forced procedure and make it look glamorous? To reinforce secular circumcision in the U.S. and Africa?

  6. Jessica Weismiller Babuik says:

    How is it not harmful when babies die and are permanently disfigured everyday due to botched circumcisions. There is nothing wrong with his whole body why risk it to look a certain way.

  7. Mike Rudy says:

    Any father who would allow the procedure to be done to his OWN son, who would KNEEL before social pressure, is NOT fit to be KING.

  8. Kìmbėrly MrsAlvarado Tobė Lėonard says:

    http://9davids.blogspot.com/2010/11/50-reasons-to-leave-it-alone.html?m=1 PLEASE read this Attn:The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge PLEASE remember that while wearing Princess Dianas ring that you will be reminded of the choices she made dispite what everyone said or how they felt she Choose to let her sons have their Diginity & Genital integrity -it's your sons body & HIS choice ♥

  9. Larissa Skinforce Black says:

    They seem like sensible people. I think they know better than to put their son in harm's way.

  10. Melissa Pilgrim says:


  11. Charisma Langford says:

    Oh god I hope not.

  12. Joseph Francis says:

    In civilized society's forced genital mutilation's are considered despicable. The people who want and need this newborn boy's penis mutilated should realize what circumfetish pedophiles they are. It's not the royal family's penis it's HIS penis HIS reproductive organ. Would we talk about a girl's vagina like this? People are monsters.

  13. Nat Jones says:

    They won't mutilate their child's genitals, they're better than that.

  14. Janet Burke says:

    Actually feel sick after reading that!

  15. Lee Pagnini says:

    Jessica, did you read paragraph ten?

  16. Lee Pagnini says:

    Jessica, did you read paragraph ten?

  17. Fred Frednik says:

    Circumcision prevents types of cancer. Prince Charles had the same mohel I had – so we have something to discuss if we ever meet.

  18. Fred Frednik says:

    Hey! where did you get your mis- information from? There is absolutly no statistics to support your claim. On the contrary, circumcision is recommended as a healthful practice.

  19. I think circumcision is much more hygienic and the baby will thank his parents later on in life.

  20. Tyranny Despertarse says:

    its more hygienic to have a wound cover in feces and piss? please educate yourself

  21. Child abuse, is child abuse, is child abuse. I doesn't matter if you are Jewish, Muslim, or Christian or a practicing Aztec. Every child regardless of what his parents believe has the basic human right to bodily autonomy. Men do not die from foreskin. Children do die from being circumcised. Circumcision is child abuse. If you don't believe that you are living in a fortress of denial. Our children are not our property. They deserve our protection not the generational abuse of circumcision.

  22. Circumcision was also in Austria before WWII.

  23. Karen Kennedy says:

    sorry, if it actually had health benefits then every medical society in the world would be recommending it. fun fact: NONE do. Instead, most of the world understands that, for both sexes alike, the foreskin has unique protective, immunological, and sensory functions that are irreparably lost when the foreskin is amputated.

  24. Jeff Cowsert says:

    “Considering the anti-Semitic campaign around the world to prohibit circumcision as some kind of barbaric mutilation that violates the human rights of a baby who has no freedom to choose”. Other than the Anti-Semitic part, your claim is dead on the nail. You described what circumcision really is.

    “Where (will) the ceremony include Metzizah b’peh?” You have the nerve to make a joke about sucking the penis of this child. Do you draw straws to see who the winner will be when you schedule a Metzizah? You still have the nerve to do this after killing 3, brain damaging others and leaving 10 with a lifelong venereal disease?

    Not dangerous? See above! Not dangerous? One of your Mohels killed an 8 day old last week that stopped breathing during his mutilation. It was written off as “he had an existing condition”. In other words, just a casualty of the necessity to mutilate your children as an initiation into the religion that you forced the child to be physically branded.

    This article, your jokes, the topic of forcing cirucmcision onto children and your twisted desire to see this newborn child mutilated for your satisfaction is truly disgusting.

  25. Jeff Cowsert says:

    So you think a child is supposed to be grateful and thank his parents for the permanent amputation of a functional part of his reproductive system. What if he isn't thankful, can the parents put it back? Quite a roll of the dice, don't you agree?

  26. Leave the Prince and all other boys alone!

  27. Jeff Cowsert says:

    Keeping mind that even a circumcision that ends with expected results is a disfigurement and a botch job.

  28. Hugh Intactive says:

    Yes, and it's nonsense. The AAP is alone in the world in even thinking infant circumcising is at all better than doing nothing. http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2013/03/12/peds.2012-2896

  29. Hugh Intactive says:

    Here are contact details for more than 100 celebrants, a majority of them rabbis, of Brit Shalom http://tinyurl.com/britshalom

  30. James Johnston Ferguson says:

    great new's! Let's pray that George is circumcised! shalom.

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