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July 29, 2014 / 2 Av, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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Church of Scotland Questions Right of Israel to Exist

Anti-Zionists have gone beyond the campaign to boycott Israel because of Jews in Judea and Samaria. Now, the Church of Scotland questions whether Jews even have a claim to Israel.

A Jewish boy wearing a kippa and holding an Israeli flag in Hebron.

Is Israel for Jews? A Jewish boy wearing a kippa and holding an Israeli flag in Hebron.
Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The Church of Scotland has written a document that suggests that Jews may not have a valid claim to the Land of Israel because of an “increasing number of difficulties and current Israeli policies regarding the Palestinians.”

Local Jewish leaders are up in arms and fear that if the church adopts the document at its annual general assembly, it may be become official church policy, the London Jewish Chronicle reported.

The Church of Scotland’s annual general assembly is to vote on the 5,000-word report later this month,

If the proposed view passes the vote, it may become “the considered view of the Church,” a spokesperson told the newspaper.

The document is a “deliberate attempt to question Israel’s right to exist” and would be “very damaging to interfaith relations in Scotland and throughout Britain, a Jewish leader, who remained anonymous, told the Chronicle.

The report is entitled “The Promised Land” and concludes that Christians should reject the idea that Jews have an exclusive claim to the Land of Israel. It also opposes using the Bible to “settle contemporary conflicts over land.”

“On behalf of the Jewish community of Scotland, we call upon the Church to withdraw it from the forthcoming general assembly. If the Church cannot build bridges, can it at least refrain from burning them?” Ephraim Borowski, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities director told the London Jewish newspaper.

Board of Deputies vice-president Jonathan Arkush said, “The document …appears to have been produced with no consultation with the Scottish or national Jewish community. It is littered with misrepresentations of Jewish history, values and beliefs as well as basic factual errors.

“It is an ignorant and tendentious document masquerading as a theological statement. The Church has done a deep disservice to itself by producing a document without any regard to the trust, respect and dialogue on which interfaith relations should be based.”

The Chronicle said that the report states, “There has been a widespread assumption by many Christians as well as many Jewish people that the Bible supports an essentially Jewish state of Israel. This raises an increasing number of difficulties and current Israeli policies regarding the Palestinians have sharpened this questioning….

“The desire of many in the State of Israel to acquire the land of Palestine for the Jewish people is wrong. The fact that the land is currently being taken by settlement expansion, the separation barrier, house clearance, theft and force makes it doubly wrong to seek biblical sanction for this.”

The document urged the Church not only to back the boycott movement but also to lobby the British government to pressure Israel to deny the presence of Jews in Judea and Samaria.

Ed Kessler, founder director of the Woolf Institute which studies interfaith relations, told the newspaper that the report demonstrates “it is easier for Christians to condemn anti-Semitism as a misunderstanding of Christian teaching than to come to terms with the re-establishment of the Jewish state…

“The document fails to take seriously the concerns of both sides but has a partisan agenda — the promotion of Palestinian rights. Why is it so rare to find Christian organizations, let alone Jewish, which are both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli? Blinkered views prevail.”

Sally Foster-Fulton, Convenor of the Church and Society Council, said, “The Church of Scotland chose the words of its report carefully to question and challenge not condemn or dismiss,” according to the Chronicle. “It cannot and will not shy away from difficult subjects nor from speaking the truth in love — otherwise how we will ever progress?”

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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96 Responses to “Church of Scotland Questions Right of Israel to Exist”

  1. Brian Emmons says:

    The Church of Scotland should reject such a doctrine and evil reasoning immediately if the leaders are of The Lord , but for them to even entertain such lies shows they are far away from him that speaks from above.
    The document is nothing more than the lies of Satan the dragon.
    The Lord has spoken in his word and he shall uphold that which He spoke. The Lord has said, "God is not a man, that he should ever lie, nor the son of man, that he should repent."

  2. All the greatests rabbis questionned the right of the state of israel to exist

  3. satmar rebbe, avigdor miller, the true lubavitch rebbes, the chofetz chaim, sonnenfeld… do you need more names?

  4. Cindy Bazis Dunn says:

    Sounds like the church of scotland does not know the history of God's People and I dare say God is not going to abide scotland's arrogant decision just because they voted on it….I'm of irish and scottish background and am just about embarrassed to even acknowledge it with this and the teachers boycott in ireland….especially with their cooperation of the catholics molestation and abuse of their children….take the splinter out of your own eye before plucking it from another…

  5. Van Fenn says:

    I believe all true Christians should love Jews and support Israel. As a Christian I find this latest move by the Church of Scotland very disturbing.

  6. Aaron Murphy says:

    Wow! So here is another church that is choosing to stand against the Jewish people and against the eternal Covenants that God made with him. Do the leaders of these churches realize that they are choosing to side with enemies of God and the Messiah whom they claim to follow? The gravity of this decision is tremendous! They are choosing to stand against Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and in doing so they stand against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! This decision is in 100% agreement with all the nations of the world that gather together to fight against Jerusalem as prophesied in Zechariah 14. The Messiah is going to return and fight against everyone who has chosen to stand against Jerusalem, when He stands upon the Mount of Olives. How can those who stand against Jerusalem and His people Israel have any place in the 'Kingdom of Heaven' that He is coming to establish? Choosing to stand against Israel is choosing to stand and fight against the Messiah that these churches claim to support.

    They are also aligning themselves with the plan of Hitler's "Final Solution." The first step towards the annihilation of 6 million Jews was the call which stated "Do Not Buy from Jews!" As the call for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel is made in the world toady, just like the German Church in Nazi Germany, churches around the world today are coming into agreement with the enemies of God.

    There is a grave need for Christians and especially pastors, priests, and leaders to be educated and taught the truth. Where is the voice of those who like Dietrich Bonhoeffer will stand for the truth even if the government all the churches turn their backs on Jewish people?


  7. Really? Well those Rabbis are all gone. Israel is still here. If it weren't G-d's Will it just wouldn't be! Rabbis can make mistakes. If the rebirth of the Jewish State is not the beginning of fulfillment of Biblical prophesy, then how do you explain it? And how can you explain its continued existence when not only the world is opposed to it, but our own leaders seem to be working with our enemies? We don't need a right to exist. It is the Will of G-d that we exist and that is all we need.

  8. Lynne Denena says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! More and more, the Christians around the world are spouting complete ignorance of the TRUTH which makes me question, ARE THEY REALLY CHRISTIANS?

  9. Arie's Pragmatic Politics says:

    The same scots that freed the mass murderer of 259 Americans – mainly Jews – for a few barrels of oil. There is no difference between the Scot Church and Hitler's Pope, other then the language they speak. Both glorified the SS Nazi tattoos they sport.

  10. Arie's Pragmatic Politics says:

    Bets Jansen The Scot Church also supported Al-Megrahi in his massacre of 259 Americans – mainly students. The Scot Church is old school Christianity – with a bible much like Hitler's Pope calling for the extermination of all Jews "in the name of g-d," much like their jihadist paymasters

  11. Arie's Pragmatic Politics says:

    Eran Spiro Facts and Truth to the jihadists and Scot Church are the equivalent of four-letter curse words. The Scots are the true scions of Hitler's Pope and the Third Reich

  12. Arie's Pragmatic Politics says:

    The only trade they have is exporting sweaters and drunks

  13. Dan Steeves says:

    It's not my opinion. It's history.

  14. Kate Anderson says:

    Shame on them, indeed. My heritage is Scottish from way back, but I would never support such a thing.

  15. Gary Moraco says:


  16. Seriously who cares what the Jews think, by that same thought process? Grow up and debate correctly please! And since when is Judaism Zionism? That really is backward thinking…

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