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April 18, 2014 / 18 Nisan, 5774
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European Council Passes Anti-Ritual Circumcision Resolution

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A resolution that calls male ritual circumcision a “violation of the physical integrity of children” was passed overwhelmingly by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

The council, a pan-European intergovernmental organization that strongly influence European Union decisions, debated and passed the resolution on Tuesday, as reported here.

The resolution was based on a report by the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development led by German rapporteur Marlene Rupperecht and passed by a lopsided margin of 78-13, with 15 abstentions.

It calls on member states to “initiate a public debate, including intercultural and interreligious dialogue, aimed at reaching a large consensus on the rights of children to protection against violations of their physical integrity according to human rights standards” and to “adopt specific legal provisions to ensure that certain operations and practices will not be carried out before a child is old enough to be consulted.”

Practices covered by the resolution include female genital mutilation, the circumcision of young boys for religious reasons, early childhood medical interventions in the case of intersexual children, corporal punishment, and the submission to or coercion of children into piercings, tattoos or plastic surgery.

“Although the adoption of this report is non-binding and does not represent any direct threat to milah, we are troubled at the readiness of the Parliamentary Assembly to dismiss the points made during the debate about religious freedom,” the Milah UK organization told JTA.

The ritual circumcision of boys younger than 18 has come under attack increasingly in Scandinavia and German-speaking European countries both by left-wing secularists and right-wingers who fear the influence of immigration from Muslim countries.

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About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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23 Responses to “European Council Passes Anti-Ritual Circumcision Resolution”

  1. Yechiel Baum says:

    To prove this is an anti-Semtic gesture, this same body should also pass an anti-piericing, anti-tatooking resolution as this is truly body mutilization while circumscision is a healthy procedure for the cleanliness of male and deters infestions during sex.

  2. Yechiel Baum says:

    To prove this is an anti-Semtic gesture, this same body should also pass an anti-piericing, anti-tatooking resolution as this is truly body mutilization while circumscision is a healthy procedure for the cleanliness of male and deters infestions during sex.

  3. Shimon Chaim Ben Michael says:

    Matt, there are some things that can be changed… and some that can't. It is written in the Torah that a boy be circumcised at 8 days old (the only exception being if the baby is unwell as the preservation of life is paramount). This is so important that Shabbat laws of carrying etc are suspended to permit the brit to take place on that holiest of days. Given that, were a European-wide ban on circumcision to be enforced so that even travelling abroad with one's baby to do the ceremony would be punished then you would find people breaking the law by performing clandestine brits and an increasing number of Jews leaving Europe.

  4. Sophie Rachel Amic says:

    Circumcision have been proved to reduce significantly the risk of getting HIV: this is not a myth anymore since veryrecent research found the proof of this long-time claim. //healthland.time.com/2013/04/17/why-circumcision-lowers-risk-of-hiv/ The members of European Council should back up their decisions with a little research. And it is much better to practice circumcision on children who will not remeber it at all than to do it on adults. Plus it is scandalous to put circumcision and excision on the same level. Circumcision is practiced under maximal sanitary conditions and only when doctors agree; like always in Judaism, human health is a priority. We all know however, under which barbaric conditions excision is practiced, and the consequences it implies.

  5. It is absolutely disgusting that they could go so far as to ban a religious practice… furthermore, circumcision is done by goyim as well due to the health benefits of it! And to Matt I would say how dare you say what can go with the times, etc. No, we DO still offer animal sacrifices and when has polygamy ever been condoned in Judaism?!?

  6. Dom Petito says:

    Circumcision at birth is the best solution, should it not done at that ime, a Jew will get done in any case later… and it is far more complicated…. hence, why should not be OK to have done at Birth time?

  7. Dom Petito says:

    Circumcision at birth time is the best solution and is problemless. Should not have done that time, a Jew will in anycase get done later on… and that is far more complicated, therefore why not having done at Birth?

  8. Alyssa Smith says:

    My son was circumcised at 10 days in the NICU by a mohel and he disnt cry, didnt get an infection and healed very quickly (about 5-7 days). After seeing my husband get an infection that caused him to end up getting a circumcision (he is very hygenic but got some weird kidney infection) he wishes they did it to him as a baby. hes 26 anx hes still healing. we plan on having our unbirn son circumcised as well. nobody will tell me diffrent. soke ppl dont vaccinate their kids. thats far worse by soreading disease than removing some skin.

  9. Marc Harding says:

    Introduced by a German, supported by right-wing groups. Aren't we missing an obvious aspect here?

  10. Olga Laufer says:


  11. Joseph Lewis says:

    Si. El respeto al derecho ajeno. Excepto el derecho ajeno de ninyos recien nacidos, verdad? No, la circuncision es, por definicion, mutilacion. No es niguna "tipificacion." ES mutilacion. Y no importa quienes la practiquen.

  12. Joseph Lewis says:

    What. They're Jew hating Nazis who don't actually give a feather or a fig about the basic human rights of healthy, non-consenting minors. Correct?

  13. Joseph Lewis says:

    That's funny, when I had to get my appendix out, I wasn't angry at my parents for not having had it taken out as a newborn… Are you Jewish? Can you tell us how your husband wasn't circumcised, but your son was circumcised by a mohel? Tell me, please, what diseases a circumcised man is immune to because of circumcision. How is circumcision like a vaccine? Does the pain cause the brain to release the antibodies against HIV or something? Do tell.

  14. Joseph Lewis says:

    Oh and uh, 70% of the world's men aren't circumcised, and countries where babies aren't circumcised aren't suffering an epidemic of penile infections. The US, where 80% of all males are circumcised, also has worse STD infections than Europe, where circumcision is rare.
    Tell us how that works again?

  15. Joseph Lewis says:

    Solution to what? What problem is there present in all human male children that must be corrected at birth through surgery?

    "Far more complicated?" Actually, it is far more simpler, due to PrePex. Are you aware of the latest advancing technology in adult circumcision? It's so easy for an adult man to get circumcised now if he wants. Why should it not be OK for a man to choose it if and when the time came?

  16. Joseph Lewis says:

    Actually, no, circumcision doesn't prevent HIV. 80% of all US males are circumcised, and yet, according to the CIA factbook, we have higher HIV transmission than 53 countries where circumcision is not practiced. Thanks to devices like PrePex, circumcision for adults is now easier than circumcising children. How circumcision NOT an excision exactly? Please explain. Is it because YOU don't value what is being… oh what was that word… excised? When you say "excision," you mean to say FEMALE excision, right? Well, MALE excision is also practiced under the same "barbaric conditions." (Do you seriously think readers were born yesterday?) Men die and lose their penises come circumcision season in the same areas as well. Would you be more in favor of "excision" were it performed in "more sanitary" conditions?

  17. Joseph Lewis says:

    Oh? Are there people tattooing their children in Europe? That should be banned too. How is circumcision a "healthy" procedure? Are all males born "un" healthy? Tell us why the US, with its 80% circumcised male population still manages to have higher STD transmission rates than Europe, where circumcision is rare?

  18. Joseph Lewis says:

    "Goyim" where, sir? In Europe? Tell us about these "health benefits." Are baby boys born "un-healthy?" Funny, the last time I checked, the US, where 80% of all males are cricumcised, has higher STD rates than Europe, where circmcision is rare. Yes, how dare they go as far as ban a religious practice. The ban on female circumcision should be lifted IMMEDIATELY.

  19. Joseph Lewis says:

    The men "without a foreskin" WHERE, sir? 80% of US males have been circumcised from birth. And yet, according to the CIA factbook, America has a higher HIV prevalence rate than 53 countries where circumcision is rare (e.g. falls below 20%). So where have meen ben showed to have "additional resistance to HIV/AIDS?" Oh you mean the carefully selected statistics in Kenya and two other hi-risks parts of Africa? How does circumcision prevent HIV? Could you explain this? According to Sorrells et al, where sensitivity was measured on several points on the penis of hundreds of men, circumcision REDUCES a man's sensitivity. Where are you getting your statistics from? Brian Morris?

  20. JosephLewis says:

    No, actually, from a scientific point of view, babies are hypersensitive
    to pain. As if pain and remembering were the issue. (Baby girls
    wouldn’t feel pain either, if your theory were true.) Is hygiene simply
    not possible for circumcised males? Tell us, how is circumcision
    supposed to prevent cervical cancer in women? Did you know HPV is more
    easily transmitted by CIRCUMCISED men? What are the studies to your
    early ejaculation claim? Health and well-being of the man and his
    partner. All of a sudden, this is about “public health now.” Is the
    “it’s our religious tradition” argument simply not good enough anymore?
    Are you seriously trying to argue that men are simply born un-healthy?
    Yes, “medical point of view” indeed. If by “medical” you mean completely

  21. JosephLewis says:

    Simple fact: No respected medical organization in the world, not even Israel’s (did you know that?) recommends the circumcision of infants.
     All of them, including the AAP in their latest statement, say that the so-called “benefits” are not sufficient.
     But you are going to set them all straight, right here in this comments section…

  22. Rats! They "care" so much for Jewish baby boys "human rights" affected by brith mila but they would not mind Jewish baby boys (and girls!) and their parents being killed by Arab terrorists.

  23. Isaac Joel says:

    They tried this in San Francisco. Rabid liberals and anti-semites will try again. Especially in an environment when liberal extremists are emboldened by this Obama administration.

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