Photo Credit: IDF
Map of Hamas terrorist locations in Gaza hit by the IDF Feb 18, 2018

The IDF hit 18 Hamas terror targets and terror infrastructure positions in Gaza overnight, the IDF Spokesperson’s announced on Sunday morning.

The IDF attacks came in retaliation for the IED that blew up an IDF jeep patrolling the border. The bomb had been placed there on Friday using a “civilian” protest as cover. Four soldiers were wounded in the terror attack.


During the strikes by IAF aircrafts, much of which began around 2:30 AM, a series of rocket alerts were heard in Gaza border communities, including cities as far away as Sderot and Ashkelon.

The IDF says no rockets were launched at those locations.

It is speculated that the alarms were set off by gunfire targeting the aircraft over Gaza.

A Gazan rocket from a launch on Saturday evening, hit an Israeli home. No one was injured.

Eight of the targets hit were Hamas military compounds in the Netzarim area, including infrastructure facilities for training and weapons manufacturing.

A tank hit 2 observations posts in Abasan al-Kabira.

As reported on Saturday night, a terror tunnel in Zaytun was destroyed.

The IDF said they view with great severity the attempt by the Hamas terrorist organization to carry out spontaneous and seemingly spontaneous demonstrations intended to turn the fence into a confrontation zone and carry out acts of terror that would destabilize the Gaza Strip.