Photo Credit: Gershon Elinson / Flash 90
The road to the Jewish community of Karmei Tzur.

The Israel Defense Force has returned the bodies of two terrorists to their families.

One body belonged to Hamzeh Zama’areh, the terrorist who stabbed a security guard at the entrance to the Jewish community of Karmei Tzur in Gush Etzion last week. The security guard sustained minor wounds.


The body was returned to Zama’areh’s family, who live in the Palestinian Authority city of Halhul, north of Hebron. Thousands attended the funeral.

The second body belonged to that of terrorist Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad al-Jamal, responsible for the murder of three Israelis in the Samaria Jewish community of Har Adar last September.

The body was returned to his family in the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Beit Surik near the community in which he murdered his victims and wounded a fourth. Al-Jamal used his work permit in order to build trust, and eventually to kill Israelis.

A far worse tragedy was averted only through a miracle and the sharp alertness of the community’s security guards, who suffered the brunt of the attack.

The Knesset is working on legislation that would legally enable Israel to retain the bodies of terrorists indefinitely.