Photo Credit: Hadas Parush / Flash 90
Traditional Jewish New Year symbolism with apples and honey.

Israel’s Consumer Council carried out a survey of the top 17 retail supermarkets to see where the best deals are to be had in advance of the Rosh Hashana holiday as Jews prepare for the New Year.

The average cost of a basket of groceries was checked, using today’s prices compared with those of exactly one year ago, according to a report by Walla!


The average cost of the shopper’s basket turned out to be NIS 804, with a 42 percent difference in price, depending on where the customer shopped.

But the real news has to do with the fact that in nearly every chain, the price of groceries has dropped.

Even in chains where there was no decrease in price, there was, at least, no increase in price.

As for the best deals in the market?

Look to the Rami Levy supermarket chain for super prices this year, followed by Osher Ad and then Machsanei HaShuk. Surprisingly, the Victory chain ranked at number six, followed by Shufersol Deal EXTRA at number seven. The second-to-last on the list was Mega B’Ir, and the most expensive chain on the list was Tiv Taam.

For readers who understand Hebrew, the entire list is available here.