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August 30, 2016 / 26 Av, 5776
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And they say the Jews own the media...

USA Today Joins Effort to Persuade Alicia Keys to Boycott Israel

USA Today posts Boycott Israel press release as a "news" article. Lies about Israel are reprinted as if true, assisting in the effort to convince US singer Alicia Keys to boycott the Jewish State.

Andrew Kadi delivered the Boycott Israel petition to Keys, maybe this was his next stop.

Andrew Kadi delivered the Boycott Israel petition to Keys, maybe this was his next stop.

As if it wasn’t enough to have the once-famous novelist Alice Walker publicly claim that the young rhythm and blues singer Alicia Keys will suffer mortal soul decay if Keys goes ahead with her plan to sing in Israel, which Walker and her minions refer to as an Apartheid State, and a huge Internet and petitioning effort to similarly dissuade her, now the national American newspaper USA Today has lent a helping hand.

In a “news article” printed on Wednesday, June 12, USA Today‘s music critic, Steve Jones, cut and pasted nearly the entire press release sent out the day before by the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

The press release/news article told USA Today‘s readers that a “delegation representing more than 500 organizations” delivered a petition with “12,000 signatures” to the New York office of Keys’ non-profit Keep a Child Alive which provides support to children and families devastated by AIDS in Africa and India.

The USCACBI petition lists many of the worst-lies-about-Israel-that-Israel-haters-love-to-repeat, such as that Israel is an Apartheid State and that it is a systemic abuser of “Palestinian human rights, and even that Keys’

performance is legitimizing a country that systematically undermines her nonprofit’s mission, that ‘every person has the right to health care and that all children deserve a future.’ Israel routinely denies Palestinians health care and systematically destroys the futures of Palestinian children, denying their rights to education and health care, and regularly arresting Palestinian children and then torturing the vast majority of them.

There is no mention in the USA Today article that Israel routinely treats not only hundreds of Arab Palestinian children and adults a year, but that it does so even for the children of terrorists as well as the terrorists themselves, as any quick Internet search would quickly reveal.

An Internet search that took less than five seconds produced information that more than 100,000 Arab Palestinians were treated in Israeli hospitals in 2011.  More than 4 million other results also showed up for the simple search “Israel treats Palestinians hospitals.”

Incidentally, that same search revealed that more than 100 Arab Palestinian doctors work in Israeli hospitals – there goes the Apartheid lie, for anyone who might be interested in truthful reporting.

The USA Today article does not put quotes around the following, which is in Jones’s “article”:

In response to Israel’s large-scale abuses of Palestinian rights, Palestinian Civil Society launched a call for a global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel in 2005, modeled on the call by black South Africans for a boycott of apartheid South Africa that helped bring an end to the racist system.

The press release/USA Today article goes on to recount the names of other artists who have been successfully intimidated – eagerly or otherwise – into believing the worst about Israel and who have cancelled their performances in Israel.

Columnist Jeffrey Goldberg was apparently the first to notice the similarity between the press release and the article, and tweeted it on Thursday.  The Algemeiner also took note.

Thus far Keys has remained firm and plans to perform in Tel Aviv on July 4.  There are some social media efforts to support Keys in this position, including this Facebook page, “Alicia Keys Plays for Peace in Israel,” and an inspired effort by a New Jersey woman described in an earlier Jewish Press article, urging supporters to buy Keys’ music worldwide on the day of her Tel Aviv concert.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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84 Responses to “USA Today Joins Effort to Persuade Alicia Keys to Boycott Israel”

  1. I won’t be reading or buying USA Today ever again!

  2. She can boycott who she wishes, and if we don’t like it we can boycott Alicia Keys! See it all works out!

  3. Ken Figa says:

    This world is really starting to suck! Why can’t people just leave each other alone!

  4. Lisa Frett says:

    Boycott USA Today!

  5. Why can’t people just leave these poor stars alone insted of trying to get tthem to “support” a cause that will harm her in the long run.

  6. Send Steve Jones to Gaza to live.

  7. Ummm Lori, Alice Walker, unlike you of course, is still very much a famous writer.

  8. Brittany Newmark says:

    She's a one book wonder–woo hoo.

  9. USA Today sucks buckets big time – biased bozos.

  10. Paid for with Muzzie monies.

  11. Think I might be a "minion" of Alice Walker!

  12. Joel Zelnik says:

    USA Today and Alice Walker can kiss my collective keester. Did any "palestinians" or radical Islamists march with Dr. King and put their lives on the line for Civil Rights? Jewish and African American Goodman, Cheney, and Schwerner died for that cause.

  13. A "one book wonder?" I think not.

    She has won the following honors and awards:
    Ingram Merrill Foundation Fellowship (1967)
    Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1983) for The Color Purple
    National Book Award for Fiction (1983) for The Color Purple.
    Henry Award for "Kindred Spirits" 1985.
    Honorary Degree from the California Institute of the Arts (1995)
    American Humanist Association named her as "Humanist of the Year" (1997)
    The Lillian Smith Award from the National Endowment for the Arts
    The Rosenthal Award from the National Institute of Arts & Letters
    The Radcliffe Institute Fellowship, the Merrill Fellowship, and a Guggenheim Fellowship
    The Front Page Award for Best Magazine Criticism from the Newswoman's Club of New York
    Induction to the California Hall of Fame in The California Museum for History, Women, and the Arts (2006)
    Domestic Human Rights Award from Global Exchange (2007)
    The LennonOno Grant for Peace (2010)

    And here is selection of her published works:

    Novels and short story collections

    The Third Life of Grange Copelan (1970)
    In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women (1973)
    Meridian (1976)
    The Color Purple (1982)
    You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down: Stories (1982)
    To Hell With Dying (1988)
    The Temple of My Familiar (1989)
    Finding the Green Stone (1991)
    Possessing the Secret of Joy (1992)
    The Complete Stories (1994)
    By The Light of My Father's Smile (1998)
    The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart (2000)
    Now Is The Time to Open Your Heart (2005)
    Everyday Use (1973). Short stories, essays, interviews

    Poetry collections

    Once (1968)
    Revolutionary Petunias and Other Poems (1973)
    Good Night, Willie Lee, I'll See You in the Morning (1979)
    Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful (1985)
    Her Blue Body Everything We Know: Earthling Poems (1991)
    Absolute Trust in the Goodness of the Earth (2003)
    A Poem Traveled Down My Arm: Poems And Drawings (2003)
    Collected Poems (2005)
    Hard Times Require Furious Dancing: New Poems

    Non-fiction books

    In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Womanist Prose (1983)
    Living by the Word (1988)
    Warrior Marks (1993)
    The Same River Twice: Honoring the Difficult (1996)
    Anything We Love Can Be Saved: A Writer's Activism (1997)
    Go Girl!: The Black Woman's Book of Travel and Adventure (1997)
    Pema Chodron and Alice Walker in Conversation (1999)
    Sent By Earth: A Message from the Grandmother Spirit After the Bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon (2001)
    We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For (2006)
    Overcoming Speechlessness (2010)
    Chicken Chronicles, A Memoir (2011)

  14. I'm not sure how to battle this new antisemitism more effectively, and hope that Alicia Keys stands firm and true. Israeli doctors are currently working in Africa to overcome the AIDS epidemic, the very thing so close to her heart.

  15. Being a famous writer, painter, actor … anything, doesn't prevent you from succumbing to bigotry. Can't say I care about her resume when considering her views.

  16. .. and this list proves she's not a rabid antisemite how?

  17. Rachamim Dwek says:

    What is it with Westerners and their obssesion with untrained intellectuals? I wouldn’t ask my auto mechanic to treat my hypertension. Nor would I ask my physician to fix my transmission. Whatever else I may or may not do, Alice Walker is the last person in the world I would turn to when forming my opinion on complex geopolitical issues. Who cares what she thinks? I pity the Jew she married. What fun he must be having right now but then again, we have always had such people amongst us, whether they were called Apikoros or Kapos their character is never changing.

    As for the actual issue…BDS, and its sister movement, IAW, are as hypocritical as it gets- and as most reading this probably know, so called “Pogressives” and “Humanists” are extremely hypocritical.

    BDS-IAW frontman Omar Barghouti is a man born in Qatar, raised in Egypt and yet in 1991 Israel allowed him and his family to immigrate. Later, Barghouti gained his doctorate at an Israeli university on the government’s tab. Yet, when asked how he can possibly ask people to engage in an Academic Boycott of Israel after having obtained his doctorate at an Israeli university he responds, and this is verbatim, “I refuse to discuss that, it’s a personal issue.” So, an Arab is able to immigrate to Israel and gain citizenship, then receive a free education including a doctorate and he tours the world proclaiming that Israel is an “Apartheid State.” He and his movement are a sick joke and for the sake of brevity I won’t even touch upon his racist utterings concerning whites and so on.

    BDS-IAW has basically achieved nothing, although it is growing in notoriety and this begs our attention- and much more importantly, our effective response.

    The truth of the matter is, with the world’s highest percentage of hi tech exports- with an astounding 45%- Israel is boycott proof. The larger problem is the negative propaganda and loss of non-Jewish, and even Assimilated-Jewish support for Israel. BDS-IAW is highly effective in selling itself. If it is allowed to, the movement will become a huge problem. Calling a spade a spade, Israel is terrible at public relations. It is time to stop taking the high road and meet these ignorant bigots head on.

  18. Dominga Luna says:

    Do you really know her Cultural background? LOL This shows how much people even know about her. LOL

  19. Dominga Luna says:

    Do you really know her Cultural background? LOL This shows how much people even know about her. LOL

  20. Steve Forty-Seven says:

    If Israel wants to render BDS meaningless, all the country has to do is stop building settlements (COMPLETELY this time…no exceptions for 'natural community development' or any such nonsense) and propose a formula for Right of Return compensation for those driven from their homes during the Nakba. Then you can have all the concerts you want. And who knows, Hawking might even drop by sometime.

  21. Gabriela Wilensky says:

    Shame on USA Today for promoting bigotry and hatred… they should come here and see for themselves, and then, go to Gaza and see for themselves.

  22. Rachamim Dwek says:

    Steve Forty-Seven: BDS-IAW aren’t concerned with “Settlements.” Omar Barghouti has stated that even if the “Occupation” ended tomorrow it wouldn’t change BDS-IAW one iota. He claims that they are targetting Israel merely because it is Jewish, which they feel makes Israel inherently racist. Wanting to destroy Israel because it is Jewish is textbook Anti Semitism.

    As for your point about “Settlements” and the Palestinian Right of Return…Israel has offered Palestinians the Right of Return communally already (Lausanne, 1951), and has always allowed those Palestinians with a verifiable connection to territory now within the Greenline the Right of Return via immigration. Indeed, this is how Barghouti and his family obtained their Israeli citizenship.

    Reparations were made at Lausanne in both cash and in alternative holdings. In addition, all liquid assets were returned to their rightful owners in 1956. Palestinian Refugees are ridiculously defined as the descendants of refugees, as well as the refugees themselves. Israel owes them nothing.

    As for cessation of “Settlement” activity, why should Israel do that? First, Palestinian terrorism against Jews began in 1913, one hundred years ago. Israel’s control of the so called “West Bank” began in 1967. Obviously “Settlements” are not a real issue. If the Palestinians are corcerned about them- and they aren’t (claims to the opposite effect are mere propaganda as Sa’eb Erekat has repeatedly stated)- they would be well advised to return to the negotiating table because under Oslo? Israel is allowed to build in Area C with “Settlements” being a Final Status issue, not up for discussion, much less turned into a pre-requisite for resumption of negotiations.

  23. Ygal Ivry says:

    Do not leave the arena to the fibbers

  24. Where else would Palestinians go to get medical treatment when you've stolen almost everything they had? Bigotry and delusion never had a better friend than the friends of Israel. Alicia Keys would be a better person if off performing at a Klan rally than for this crowd.

  25. Where else would Palestinians go for medical treatment when you've stolen almost everything they had? Alicia Keys would be more respectable playing for a Klan rally than for Israel.

  26. Ilena Tovia says:


  27. Ilena Tovia says:


  28. Rachamim Dwek says:

    Sons of Liberty: Seeing as how when Israel took possesion of Gaza and the so called “West Bank” in 1967 there wasn’t a single primary care health facility (other than the paltrt facilities operated in UNRWA-administered camps), nor a single hospital, there was nothing for Israel to “steal.” Since Israel gained administration over Gaza and the so called “West Bank,” there are today- just in Gaza alone- there are at least 134 primary healthcare facilities (there were 8 in 1967). Where there were no hospitals, in Gaza alone there are 25 with 13.3 beds per 1,000 people- a much high per capita figure than any one of the 21 Arab Nations. Obviously you are mistaken.

  29. Whose Alicia Keys? Is that what's on the bottom of my shoes? Didn't mean to step in that pile!

  30. Judith Sargent This P.o.S. is a mush-brained lunatic self-hating Jew. a rotten degenerate coward – it's easily verifiable if you look on his mug shot that he is clearly deranged. Even his eyes show that he is a fecalia moron.

  31. Dominga Luna Your "LOL" shows that you are a worm. Less than a worm in fact. You are clearly not an American, but a rotten neo-Nazi antisemitic bastard Latino excrement…

  32. Stephen – It proves she's not, as alleged, a "one book wonder." The fact that she married a Jew might indicate she isn't an antisemite.

  33. What a hater you are Gabor. Such rational argument you provide.

  34. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    settlements? PFFFT..why should JEWS stop building on OUR land? tell me, Steve 47, (the year before Israel became what is was supposed to be all along…got your snide name down)….so tell me, 47, what is a Palestinian? their culture, history, state flower, currency, education faciilities (not built by Jews)? what is their history before 1948? Who was their greatest poet, doctor, medicine man, lawyer, artist, architect, actor/ress, filmmaker, what did they invent besides suicide bombs? Who were they in relation to Romans, the Middle Ages, cro-magnon man? I mean, SIR, where do they fit in to the historical timeline EXCEPT as pawns for other muslims to use to kill Jews? Other muslims won't even help them, but JEWS give them water, medicine, operations, food, electricity. If it were up to me, they would rot.

  35. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    Israel gives those fakestinians medical treatment and then they go out and stone Jews…..

  36. Denise Karter says:

    This is to all the Jews in the world: We have no homeland! We are from all the countries in the world and we fend for ourselves where ever it is that we may be living. My father, a Holocaust survivor, helped Jews get to Palestine, but no Jew had been born there in many centuries. Why Israel cannot agree to the Nobel Peace Prize agreement regarding the borders, which everyone felt was fair is beyond me? A greedy Jew is an unacceptable Jew and to me that person ceases to be a Jew the minute they cross the greed lline. We must all be benevolent and humble. Accept your Jewishkeid and accept that we are a world-wide cultural and religious community!!!

  37. I find it a little odd that none of the comments to this article have much to say about the article's point – which is that one of the largest circulation "News"papers in the U.S. simply took a press release issued by a small group of ideologues and printed it as if everything it said was a fact. That is a particularly shameful thing for any serious journalist to do. None of the partisans who've commented on this — and urged Israel to defend itself by ceasing construction of "settlements" — seem to pay any attention to the actual facts. Among those facts is that, as far as the official representatives of what we are supposed to believe is the Palestinian "people," ALL of Israel is a settlement. So all the Jews should go "back" to Poland. thanks a lot. Those who believe something else is at stake should take seriously the things said by the people whose interests they claim to advocate. Read Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI. Then report back.
    In the meantime, per this article, don't bother reading USAToday.

  38. I find it a little odd that none of the comments to this article have much to say about the article's point – which is that one of the largest circulation "News"papers in the U.S. simply took a press release issued by a small group of ideologues and printed it as if everything it said was a fact. That is a particularly shameful thing for any serious journalist to do. None of the partisans who've commented on this — and urged Israel to defend itself by ceasing construction of "settlements" — seem to pay any attention to the actual facts. Among those facts is that, as far as the official representatives of what we are supposed to believe is the Palestinian "people," ALL of Israel is a settlement. So all the Jews should go "back" to Poland. thanks a lot. Those who believe something else is at stake should take seriously the things said by the people whose interests they claim to advocate. Read Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI. Then report back.
    In the meantime, per this article, don't bother reading USAToday.

  39. Rachamim Dwek says:

    I cannot speak as to why others ignored the underlying issue of USA Today serving as a propaganda mouthpiece for hatred of Israel but for myself? In 2001 its star reporter Jack Kelley did a huge expose on “Settlers” and the centerpiece was a “Settler” by the name of “Avi Shapiro” who was an American born Jew from Brooklyn, living in Hebron and leading “Settlers” in trying to murder Palestinian women and children, even having women join in ambushes of taxis. I was one of literally hundreds who personally contacted the paper and told it that the story was pure fabrication (there aren’t many Jews in Hebron or in Kiryat Arbah for that matter and there was never anyone with that name, nor anyone as basely racist as the character was portrayed). It took a couple of years but Kelley was caught manufacturing other articles and in the end he admitted he hadn’t even been to Hebron, much less ever met anyone named “Avi Shapiro.” The paper never gave a damn about how it libeled half a million Jews (“Settler”= Racist Murdering Animal) and that was well over a decade ago. Nothing that rag prints suprises me, nor should it suprise any Jew.

    Why in the world would I be shocked about printing a BDS Newsrelease?

  40. Abbie Applestein says:

    Denise Karter How can you say that there were no Jews born in Ottoman occupied Palestine? You should research and you would find that that is untrue. In fact, the Arabs were murdering jews before Israel existed. Just look up the Hebron Massacre and the Tzfat Massacre.
    The Muslims began murdering jews in the 7th century, when Mohamed went on his murderous rampage, stealing, robbing , raping from Jews, as well as taking them as slaves.

    You really need to educate yourself

    ps.There is a Jewish homeland, which we have never left. In 3,000 years there have always been Jews in Israel, through persecution and pogroms. You also should know that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Arab rep in those days, was a great friend of Hitler's, but angry that Hitler wasn't killing Jews quickly enough

  41. Golnaz Al-Farar says:

    They are angry at Israel because Israel is the only country in Middle East that is still not occupied completely by their Arab Moslem friends and is not an Arab State or Moslem State. Moslem States only belong to Moslems and Arab states only belong to people of Arab race, and people of other religions and races, specially Jews who have lived all over Middle East before Arab and Moslem invasion and occupation of their native countries or those few Jews who are still living there have been constantly forced out of their native countries and their lands are stolen and occupied by Moslems so that they can only belong to Arabs and Moslems.
    People like Alice walker have no problem with Moslems stealing Jewish lands all over Middle East.They are not even worried for human rights of Moslems or Arabs, anywhere in Middle East or in Israel, They are only against Israel's existance out of their sick ideological believes, the same way that many Islamists all over the world are committing all kinds of crimes against even other Moselms because of their ideological believes.

  42. Mark Belas says:

    G-D bless Ms. Keys, who is beautiful, intelligent, and talented.

  43. Ethan Perks says:

    USA has always been a left/liberal publication. I expect noting else from them.

  44. Ethan Perks says:

    Relax Michael. These are just the usual trolls that seem to infest most pro Israel sites.

  45. Ethan Perks says:

    You are the kind of racist scum that dare to pretend to be "Patriots".
    Had the Arabs/Palestinians made peace they would be sharing the prosrerity with Israel. The pre Intefada 2000 Palestinians had the highest standard of living of any Arabs in non-oil states.

  46. Denise Karter wow you really have some deep rooted problems. You parrot garbage fact as if they were true and if you really a daughter of a Holocaust survivor then shame on you for having such stupid opinions.

  47. BOYCOTT USA today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Printed ARTICLE TO BOYCOTT Alecia Keys if she sings in ISRAEL on JULY 4th



  50. Boycott USA Today! See how they like it. At least the reason would be an honest one based on real evidence, and not calumny.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Michael D Blum All of these awards from left-wing-radical organizations which only care that Walker is a left-wing advocate.

  52. Hooray for Alicia! She is ok in my book!

  53. Deborah Harris says:

    Don't listen to any lies Ms Keys. I'm sure you will make the right decision. The rest of those who oppose Israel, when the truth actually slams you in your face you WILL be very unhappy people.

  54. What a disgusting newspaper, I use that word lightly, its written on the level of a third grader, maybe. Really Israel the only democratic country in the middle east, we really need another Muslim police state, don't we have a dozen or more already.

  55. Stevie boy – one tiny little problem. That is JEWISH LAND. The Arabs do not have a single claim to the territory and we do.

    Just a tiny problem for people with tiny minds and no clue as to the facts

  56. Sonny – to steal something it would have to belong to somebody else. It happens that is our land. Every international law and treaty on the subject says so.

    The Arabs do not have any legal claim to the land – because they are Jordanian colonists.

    And you are a racist moron

  57. Les Le Gear says:

    So was ezra pound and hitler. You point?

  58. Les Le Gear says:

    arabs were not native to palestine. They arrived with the murderous hordes from what is now saudi arabia. They've been interlopers for about 1200 years.

  59. Steve Forty-Seven says:

    Loren…I am no one's 'boy'…and that 'Jewish Land' you speak of came at the expense of kicking many MANY people out of their homes…how would you feel if you were kicked out of YOUR home?….

  60. Steve Forty-Seven says:

    Joseph…you are free to counter my dear Cousin Denise on her ideas with the facts as you see them…but you calling someone 'stupid' without presenting those facts is MORE stupid than stupid. …Denise is a child of a Holocaust survivor…but Hedy Ebstein is an ACTUAL Holocaust survivor who believes deeply in justice for Palestinians…you should read what Hedy has to say sometime…

  61. With all awards that she got, she need one more for all her lies about the state of Israel, she is an ignorant.

  62. USA. paper will be a good source for lining dog kennels and for use as toilet paper in pinch after your inspired effort.

  63. It's look like a plague the all want to boycott Israel for lies, or they just want their names on paper.

  64. They have taken over where the Nazis left off.

  65. Rachamim Dwek says:

    You mention a single Holocaust survivor’s views while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of survivors who hold the diametricly opposite position. You don’t make an iota of sense. Moreover, you chide someone for not countering claims made by an ignorant woman who you label your cousin. Of course I offered you a point by point rebuttal that you hid from so stop playing games.

  66. Rachamim Dwek says:

    Kicking people out of their homes? Obviously you are clueless about the situation. Israel offered full repatriation on an institutional level in 1951. Arabs refused. Israel then paid reperations institutionally both in cash and in alternative holdings, as well as having returned all liquid assets by 1956. Then, Israel offered two more chances of repatriation on an individual basis. Those Arabs who accepted were then paid reprations for any lost property.

    On the other hand, unlike the 250,000 Palestinian Refugees from within the Greenline, nearly 900,000 Jewish Refugees from Islamic Lands have never received a single offer for anything, in any form. Why is it that people such as yourself never get outraged about that?

    There would be no Palestinian Refugees if Arabs had accepted the 1947 Partition and if they hadn’t risen up and attacked Israel en masse. On the othee hand, those 900,000 Jews did nothing to cause their situation.

  67. Sophie Osnah says:

    Great article and congrats to Alicia Keya for honoring her convictions.

  68. Stacy Elster Vogel says:

    Maybe you should do a similar Google searchon Israel's contribution to mankind. Then when you get done, do the same for the Palestinians. The second search
    shouldn't take you any time.

  69. Stacy Elster Vogel says:

    Maybe you should do a similar Google searchon Israel's contribution to mankind. Then when you get done, do the same for the Palestinians. The second search
    shouldn't take you any time.

  70. Ken Keidel says:

    Abbie Applestein Very informative Abbie & more people should learn about the Nazi collaborator Grand Mufti Mohammad Amin al-Husayni and his protege Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, commonly known as the Egyptian born Yasser Arafat

  71. Vicki Turner Brain says:

    That is despicable! No blessings for USA Today and those who speak against Israel!

  72. Kristen Hoffmann says:

    How much money does Israel pay to the Palestinians monthly, again? Millions, right? Is that listed in the article? How many bombs and terrorist attacks occur in Israel daily? Hundreds? More? How much land has Israel GIVEN to their enemies? 90%? How much do they want? 100%. How does a country negotiate or make peace with an enemy who does not want them to exist?

    G-d Bless the innocent children in Israel and Arab nations. Let this generation grow in love. War is not the answer. Pray for the peace of JerUSalem

  73. Rachamim Dwek says:

    This is the same “USA Today” that committed Blood Libel. Star Reporter Jack Kelley did a piece about “Settlers” in Hebron, “Israeli Extremists Take Revenge on Palestinians,” in the September 4th, 2001 edition.

    The article focused on a non-existent Jew named “Avi Shapiro,” Brooklyn born oleh who led Jewish men, women and children in ambushes of Arab women who labeled as filthy Arabs. It opened with, “After a quick prayer, Avi Shapiro and 12 other Jewish settlers put on their religious skullcaps, grabbed their semi automatic rifles and headed toward Hiway 60.” Any Jew reading that will know it’s bogus immediately, talking about religious Jews praying AND THEN putting on kippot. I was one of many Jews who cried foul but the paper blew us off.

    The article stated that “Avi” ordered the Jews he led make a barricade on the road out of “boulders, barbed wire and burning tires” and that when a Palestinian taxi was forced to stop, ” surround any taxi, open fire and kill as many of the blood-sucking Arabs as possible.” It had him vowing to “drive these sons of Arab whores from the Land of Israel” and those are the tamer parts.

    In 2004 the paper gave a half hearted clarification, “We could find no proof that Avi Shapiro existed or that the ambush of taxi took place as reported.” That “as reported” suggests it happened but that Kelley made some technical error.

    This was after discovering Kelley had been manufacturing stories since the early 90s. The paper never apologised for it either. A paper that commits Blood Libel shouldn’t be shocking anyone where it serves as a BDS sock puppet.

  74. Vickie Zucker Swerdloff Brown says:

    Steven Forty Seven…you talk about the right of return..then what about the same for all of the jews who were pushed out of their homes throughout the middle east for centuries by the muslims who just took over everything that did not belong to them. When Gaza was given back..the Palestinians destroyed everything that was beautiful in the strip. Israel has kept giving back…the Palestinians just want Israel gone so they can destroy all of the history it holds.

  75. Maria Rebecca says:


  76. Farmer Jim says:

    Michael D Blum I'm a pretty avid reader and I can't recall any of her other books (in contrast, I could name you four books Toni Morrisson wrote before Beloved). And while I realize there are three sides to every story, if 1/10 of what her estranged daughter Rebecca Walker has written about her is true…

  77. Farmer Jim says:

    Abbie Applestein You can't have it both ways. The Jews are entitled to and have received a homeland, and they deserve secure borders, and they have the right to occupy the territories until a final peace is reached. But they do not have the right to SETTLE the territories – if you're going to trash the 4th Geneva Convention (and spare us the twisted interpretation that nobody – not even the US accepts), then all bets are off.

  78. Farmer Jim says:

    Joseph Marmor Because she agrees with the position of Alan Dershowitz and Jeffery Goldberg (among others) – oh, the self-hatred!

  79. Farmer Jim says:

    You realize you're slamming the person who supports Israel, not the BDS'er. With friends like you…

  80. Cruisin Cat says:

    We have Dhimmis here in the US that would rather kiss muslim ass than have freedom, or be masters of they're own lives.
    Some people don't need ankle or wrist chains, they're minds are already enslaved.

  81. Orde Wingate says:

    Alice Walker is a total nutcase. She believes we have been invaded by alien reptiles. She's a complete looney. Who cares about her awards. You can list all her publications, all her awards, it's of no consequence. She is an anti-semite and she's mentally unbalanced. I'm not impressed and have no desire to read any of her works.

  82. Orde Wingate says:

    Michael D Blum She married and is divorced from her former husband, Melvyn Lenventhal. So what? I've met racists married to blacks, I've met Jews who were antisemites. So, she wrote one book of note that is famous. I haven't read it and see no need to. I won't be any worse off for not reading it.

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