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Arbit Blatas: Centennial Tribute

23 Tishri 5769 – October 22, 2008
Barbarism cannot triumph. This is what we believe, as Jews and as Americans.

Taking The Diaspora’s Portrait

16 Tishri 5769 – October 15, 2008
Walking through Chrystie Sherman's solo show at the Austrian Embassy in Washington will almost inevitably make viewers rethink their notions not only of what it means to be a Jew, but also what Jews look like.

Siona Benjamin: Finding Home

9 Tishri 5769 – October 8, 2008
Siona Benjamin is a most unusual artist determined to recast Jewish art as a dynamic, cross-cultural phenomenon.

The Frog, the Demons, and the Jewish Star

2 Tishri 5769 – October 1, 2008
Perhaps upholding Leviticus 19:31, which insists, "Do not turn to those who worship Ob or to wizards; do not desire to become defiled by them,"

Yom Kippur And The Akeidah: Paintings at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

24 Elul 5768 – September 24, 2008
The Akeidah casts a very long shadow in the lives of all Jews, every day and particularly at this time of year.

[Biblical Scenes]: Two Exhibits At The Metropolitan Museum of Art

17 Elul 5768 – September 17, 2008
When Abraham built the altar on Mount Moriah, it must have been very painful to know each step brought him closer to losing Isaac, whom the Bible goes out of its way to call his "only son, whom he loved."

Michelangelo And The Jews: Part II

10 Elul 5768 – September 10, 2008
The Sistine Secrets by Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner raises many intriguing issues about one of the most important works of Western art and its creator, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564) as first presented in my review on August 29.

Innovation and Imitation in Albrecht Dürer’s Samson

3 Elul 5768 – September 3, 2008
German artist, Albrecht Dürer's woodcut "Samson Slaying the Lion" (1497-98) shows the warrior-prophet with the unkempt hair and beard of a Nazarite, sitting on the back of a lion, whose jaws he pulls apart.

Michelangelo And The Jews

26 Av 5768 – August 27, 2008
The Sistine Chapel in Rome is at the very heart of the Roman Catholic universe, the pope's private chapel in the Vatican and, notably, is one of the most famous tourist sites in history.

Chassidic Surfers And Psychedelic Judaism: Daniel Weinstein’s Art

19 Av 5768 – August 20, 2008
Viewers who read Daniel Weinstein's list of artistic influences on his website will get the impression they are dealing with an unusual sort of Judaica, even before they see the art.

Photojournalist’s Testimony: Photographs By Jerry Dantzic

12 Av 5768 – August 13, 2008
Lag B'Omer is a communal sigh of relief. Historically the plague that consumed 24,000 of Rabbi Akiva's students in the second century did not include the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer.

Listening To The Paint’s Music: Marilyn Banner’s Encaustics

5 Av 5768 – August 6, 2008
Marilyn Banner's encaustic painting "Listening" (2008) at first appears to be ironically titled.

Piety And Art: Zvi Malnovitzer’s Paintings

27 Tammuz 5768 – July 30, 2008
Piety and paintings of pious Jews, what a dangerous mix! It takes considerable courage to dedicate oneself to making art, not to mention to do so within the Orthodox community.

A Confrontation Between Image and Text

20 Tammuz 5768 – July 23, 2008
What do you get when you mix a Jesuit publishing company, a Reform Jewish scholar, an Orthodox Jewish painter, and a thesis on human-divine encounters?

Chagall’s ‘Window’ Synagogue: Hadassah Hospital

13 Tammuz 5768 – July 16, 2008
Upon walking into the synagogue at Hadassah Hospital, one is forced to look up.

A Microcosm of the Afterlife: The Catskills’ Four Seasons Lodge

6 Tammuz 5768 – July 9, 2008
When Andrew Jacobs heard about a bungalow colony of Holocaust survivors on Geiger Road in the Catskills, his mind unleashed a series of pardonable stereotypes.

Tanach At The Tel Aviv Museum

29 Sivan 5768 – July 2, 2008
As an artist, when I visit a museum I relish the opportunity to soak up a gamut of aesthetic experiences; the wonderful array of visual and intellectual stimulation that characterizes looking at any kind of art.

Should We Feel Guilty For Enjoying Holocaust Art?

22 Sivan 5768 – June 25, 2008
Some of history's greatest paintings have explored tragedy, from Francisco Goya's "Saturn Devouring his Son" and etching series on "The Disasters of War" to Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" to John Singer Sargent's "Gassed."

Abel Pann At The Mayanot Gallery

15 Sivan 5768 – June 18, 2008
We live apart, we Jews − partially, by God's command and partially, because of age-old enmity from non-Jews.

‘To The Land That I Will Show You’: Mapping The Holy Land

9 Sivan 5768 – June 12, 2008
Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities (1972) imagines a dialogue between the explorer Marco Polo and the emperor Kublai Khan.

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