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Homework: The Secret To Success

Many people feel this rule is for teachers; that is, that teacher should give only a certain amount of homework.

Dear Dr. Yael

23 Sivan 5777 – June 16, 2017
You are now being challenged to believe in Hashem and to daven even though you are in great pain.

The Gift of Failure

19 Sivan 5777 – June 12, 2017
It is just this persistence or perseverance that we need to teach our children.

Dear Dr. Yael

16 Sivan 5777 – June 9, 2017
My mother-in-law and I have had our problems since the beginning of our marriage.

Learning The Rules Of Asperger Syndrome

12 Sivan 5777 – June 5, 2017
Only as an adult was O’Toole diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. That is when things fell into place for her.

Dear Dr. Yael

Often people think that when yo hit rock bottom, divorce is the only option.

The Uniqueness Of Our People

6 Sivan 5777 – May 30, 2017
Jews today are quick to judge others and to label them as frum or not frum, acceptable or unacceptable, kosher or treif. We merely observe their outer layer without understanding who they really are.

The Trouble with Boys

5 Sivan 5777 – May 29, 2017
In other words, our educational system that has been revamped over the years to accommodate better and more education for women, might be failing our boys.

Dear Dr. Yael

2 Sivan 5777 – May 26, 2017
I feel terrible for her and I tell her to relax, but she is a perfectionist. The baby and her schedule drain her completely.

No One Understands You

27 Iyyar 5777 – May 22, 2017
How can we overcome this perception error? How can we ensure that people who meet us for the limited amount of time (in the workplace or in school) perceives us as we are?

Dear Dr. Yael

Their response changed his life.

The Science Of Making Friends (and Shidduchim)

20 Iyyar 5777 – May 15, 2017
She says that most people believe that making friends is an art.

Dear Dr. Yael

17 Iyyar 5777 – May 12, 2017
Where is her empathy and understanding for me?

ADHD: Boys, Girls, Men, And Women Q & A

13 Iyyar 5777 – May 8, 2017
Many psychologists and educators theorize that girls are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD because their symptoms differ greatly from those of boys.

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