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What Do We Really Want for Our Children?

Resilience explains why some children overcome overwhelming obstacles...

Dear Dr. Yael

Please, Dr. Respler, tell people to mind their own business.

Dear Dr. Yael

"I know people mean well... but..."

Teens: Taking Control Of Your Anger

Anger becomes a problem if you do not know how to handle it.

Reading Comprehension And Math Skills: What’s The Connection?

If students need to improve many of the same skills for both reading comprehension and math, teachers can borrow strategies from literacy instruction and apply them to the math classroom.

Dear Dr. Yael

Worrying is definitely a Jewish occupation.

Mindful Discipline

One of the key tenets in the book is that children need five things from their parents in order to have a healthy relationship:

Dear Dr. Yael

How could they not know how we wish for a child who wakes us up in middle of the night?

Helping Older Kids Read

Phonics is great for young children learning to read, but it can be boring and frustrating for children who have sat through the instruction for years.

Dear Dr. Yael

Often a child's worst fears emerge right before sleep.

Art Before Breakfast

In it he explains that greater creativity leads to greater happiness.

Dear Dr. Yael

How could he fight with someone who wasn't fighting back?

Flipping The Switch On Friendship

The benefits of friendship are particularly potent for women as opposed to men.

Dear Dr. Yael

People who have higher credit scores are more likely to form committed relationships.

Essentialism And Say “No”

In other words, by allowing your children to experience disappointment, you are teaching them how to cope with frustration in the future.

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