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Academic And Social Skills Insights #10

What might be making your daughter so quiet in the classroom? It is possible that your daughter suffers from selective mutism.

Dear Dr. Yael

Pesach should be a wonderful time for families to share, a time of bonding and memory-creating.

Academic And Social Skills Insights #9

Keep in mind that isolated symptoms are not an indication of dyslexia. Rather, it is only manifest when three or four symptoms consistently appear as a part of a pattern.

Academic And Social Skills Insights #8

In reality, separation anxiety can manifest itself at almost any age during childhood, especially during times of stress.

Academic And Social Skills Insights #7

This conduct is even part of the normal development of toddlers and early adolescents.

Dear Dr. Yael

Finding a therapist is like finding a shidduch.

Academic And Social Skills Insights #6

It’s hard for parents to identify when their child is acting as a bully if they are not present for the behavior.

Academic And Social Skills Insights #5

I have started wondering – which fears are normal and which are not? Is there a way to alleviate irrational fears?

Academic And Social Skills Insights #4

Right now, I am at a loss. How can I help Leah be more comfortable and set those around her at ease? Otherwise, I’m worried that she will miss out on meeting her bashert!

Dear Dr. Yael

I have a few friends who I believe are literally pushing their bashert away for ridiculous reasons.

Academic And Social Skills Insights #3

In other words, by allowing your children to experience disappointment, you are teaching them how to cope with frustration in the future.

Academic and Social Skills Insights #2

The reality of the situation is that if your child is asking you for help that means that he has not figured out a way to master the situation on his own.

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