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Speak Like A Pro

Of course, these moments should also be related to your topic of expertise and should not simply be there for the shock effect!

Dear Dr. Yael

How you feel is up to you.

Want To Make Good Decisions? Wrap It Up!

Why is it so hard to make decisions? Why do we make so many poor decisions?

Dear Dr. Yael

Company can rob your children of special attention and time with you.

Phonemic Awareness, Shmonemic Awareness

As phonemic awareness is developed, children should become interested in how words are portrayed in print.

Dear Dr. Yael

It was our worst Purim ever.

Before or After? The Resource Room Debate

There is a debate within educational circles today as to whether resource rooms or learning centers should remediate or accelerate.

Dear Dr. Yael

I am now engaged to a loving, wonderful woman who is really not my imago.

Nurturing Gifted Children

Along with higher than average intelligence, gifted children often have stronger than average emotions.

Dear Dr. Yael

The conversations always start with "Do you have kids?"

A Letter From A Mother In Pain

What follows is story of a regular family and a tragedy that unfolded while we were not looking.

Brains: Making Connections

The best thing to do is to help your child not only develop both sides of their brain, but also to connect the two sides.

Teenage Brains: Mindfulness And Anger

Anger is a natural response to threats and it allows us to fight and defend ourselves when we feel attacked.

Dear Dr. Yael

Maybe my letter with inspire people to appreciate what they have.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Say No to the Fear

Each of us knows what it feels like to be anxious or apprehensive: the night before a big test, going on a date, or when preparing for Yom Kippur. So, how do you distinguish that normal anxiety from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Dear Dr. Yael

Being in a warm and welcoming community is so important.

Shidduchim: What To Look For In A Spouse

If you are stuck in a traffic jam, how does your date respond to the frustration of being late?

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