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Rosh Chodesh Shevat Message from the Temple Mount

3 Shevat 5777 – January 29, 2017
Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute and his message for Chodesh Sh'vat

History-Making Wedding Secretly Performed on the Temple Mount

5 Nisan 5776 – April 12, 2016
The plan went like clockwork, and while walking along the eastern perimeter of the Temple Mount, Rabbi Richman gave a tacit signal...

Jews Returning to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Blessing or Outrage?

9 Tevet 5774 – December 11, 2013
Yishai talks about the current situation on the Temple Mount and is joined by the Temple Institute's Rabbi Chaim Richman to talk about his organization and its dedication to the construction of the Third Temple.

MK Feiglin to Address Visitors to Temple Mount from which He is Barred

7 Tishri 5774 – September 10, 2013
In the Jewish State, religious Jews are kept by secular politicians on the command of Arab executives from setting foot on the holiest place on Earth.

It’s Not About Survival; It’s About Becoming the Spiritual Superpower

13 Tammuz 5773 – June 21, 2013
With Yishai serving in the IDF reserves, we present an interview he recorded with Rabbi Chaim Richman, the director of the international department of the Temple Institute, to discuss the Iranian nuclear threat and the need for the Jewish People to remain strong.

Canadian B’nai Brith Delegation Humiliated on Temple Mount

22 Sivan 5773 – May 31, 2013
“You don’t have to send delegations to Hungary to witness raw antisemitism.”

It’s Not About Survival; It’s About Becoming the Spiritual Superpower

4 Tishri 5773 – September 20, 2012
Yishai is joined by the International Director of the Temple Institute, Rabbi Chaim Richman. Together, they discuss the Iranian nuclear threat and the need for the Jewish People to remain strong in the face of danger.

The Children Are Ready

19 Av 5772 – August 7, 2012
Yishai is joined by Rabbi Chiam Richman, executive director of the Temple Institute to talk about a recent video produced by Richman's organization along with the importance of the Temple Mount to the Jewish People.

“We’re Not in Lodz Ghetto Anymore” – Temple Mount Activists Fight for Jewish Rights...

7 Av 5772 – July 26, 2012
A renewed outcry for “Temple consciousness” has arisen with a flurry of political, religious, and social activity.

Time To Get Serious About Safeguarding The Temple Mount

7 Av 5772 – July 25, 2012
This year, as Israel observes the traditional period of national mourning for the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash on Tisha B’Av, it has again been revealed that the Islamic Waqf is carrying out unsupervised work at the Temple Mount, potentially causing irrevocable damage to Judaism’s holiest site.

Embracing The Temple Mount

28 Adar 5772 – March 21, 2012
The study of Jewish history teaches us that throughout the ages, numerous edicts and decrees have prevented the practice of Jewish traditions and religious observance. Yet it has gone almost completely unnoticed that in recent weeks, Jewish rights and freedoms in the Land of Israel, of all places, have once again come under attack.

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