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January 20, 2017 / 22 Tevet, 5777

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Hush, Hush Startup Nation: Netanyahu Awards Intelligence-Operational Achievements

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

The Prime Minister’s Prize for Intelligence-Operational Achievements awards were given by PM Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday night to six pioneering operations involving the development of sophisticated technological capabilities to deal with the wave of lone terrorists; carrying out an operation to achieve access to high-value and pioneering intelligence information; foiling a dangerous terrorist infrastructure that worked to carry out severe attacks; and the development of secret methods of operation and operational tools vis-à-vis various elements that the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) must deal with. ISA Director Nadav Argaman was also on hand at the ceremony.

The prize is awarded once every two years in appreciation for high-level planning, flawless professional operation, and outcomes that significantly contribute toward achieving goals of the service in the field of preventative action and state security.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “The ISA carries out many hundreds of operations annually that constitute a protective shield against the terrorism that seeks to harm the security of Israel and its citizens. ISA personnel who took part in some of these operations showed exceptional creativity, daring, sophistication and courage. The quality intelligence provided in these operations is beyond price. The lives of many citizens were saved thanks to the amazing pre-emptive operations led by the ISA and which incorporated advanced technological means, pioneering cyber and especially boundless creativity and determination. On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I salute you and thank you for your work as an unseen shield.”

ISA Director Argaman said, “We have gathered here this evening to express appreciation to our people, thanks to whom unique and unprecedented operations were advanced and implemented, operations which led to significant intelligence and pre-emptive achievements. Thanks to quality intelligence, advanced technologies and outstanding human capital, this year the ISA foiled over 400 significant terrorist attacks.

“In your achievements, you saw everything that we saw but you thought what nobody thought before you. You had the courage to think and act beyond the boundaries of what is known and certain, and to make things happen. You saw the difficulties that reality placed before us as challenges and you found the way to deal with them.

“Excellence also contains within itself an element of innovation and creativity: The ability to create something from nothing, to think outside the box, to believe in an idea even if it seems crazy at first, and not to slacken in the face of the difficulties that pile up along the way. You were successful in this test as well and you proved to all pf us that the sky is the limit.”


Silicon Valley Fund Investing in Israeli Startup to Streamline Startups [video]

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

(JNi.media) The “500 Startups” Venture Capital Fund is investing in Israeli startup RapidAPI, which developed a platform to allow people with ideas for new applications to turn their initiative into reality quickly and easily. 500 Startups is the second largest startup accelerator in the global hi tech industry with an overall investment volume of $200 million. RapidAPI had already attracted investments from Dov Moran, the Israeli inventor of the USB memory stick, and Marius Nacht, founder and chairman of CheckPoint Software Technologies.

The RapidAPI startup was developed by Iddo Gino, 18, who’s been rolling millions in the hi tech industry employing people his parents’ age. “When I was about 11, I went with my dad to his workplace, and I sat with one of the programmers and saw all the cool stuff he was doing,” Iddo told Israel 21c back when he was but a lad of 17. “He showed me a program he made to sort out seating for his son’s bar mitzvah automatically. Then he gave me a book to learn how to program. And from there, one thing led to another.”

This time around, Gino noticed that most apps share common operations such as entering user name and password, purchases, and data keeping. So he developed all of these components as off-the-shelf products any developer can borrow and insert in their program without having to write a single line of original code.

Gino says he’s seen many good ideas getting stuck in the realization phase, which requires using highly paid coders. According to Gino, using RapidAPI can reduce development costs by as much as 70%, allowing many more developers to make their life’s dream come true and accelerate the development of many new applications.

Which is what the world needs.


MK Michael Oren Visits Gush Etzion Startup Hub that Combines Business with Zionism [video]

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Hub Etzion is a new, vibrant and exciting coworking space located in the burgeoning “Industrial Park” nestled in the Gush Etzion hills just across from the town of Efrat, and 5 minutes from almost every community in Gush Etzion. As coworking hubs go, Hub Etzion is pretty standard – even modest. At 3000 sq. feet, it’s quite small compared to the 15000+ sq. feet WeWork locations in Tel Aviv and Herzliyah.

Yet in the mere two months since opening, Hub Etzion has been receiving national – and international attention. Including, a special visit today from MK and Former Israel Ambassador to the US Michael Oren.

Why such inordinate attention? As any real estate agent will tell you, the answer is location, location, location.

While Gush Etzion has been in the news lately as the address for increased terror attacks, and notably the vicious murder of American yeshiva student Ezra Schwartz, z”l one month ago, it is also the home to a large, independent-minded community of Olim, many of whom live in Israel while owning or consulting for companies overseas, from the comfort, or shall we say, the discomfort of home.

Hub Etzion aims to meet this strong and current market need, providing a sophisticated, professional space in which to work for those who telecommute, run their own businesses, work from home or all of the above.

At the same time, the founders of Hub Etzion perceive their business as a response to the ongoing terror attempts – and to BDS.

“Yesterday, I went to a memorial ceremony at Oz V’Gaon Park in memory of Ezra Schwartz, z”l” Hub Etzion co-owner and founder Rachel Moore told JewishPress.com. “Racheli Fraenkel [JP: mother of Naftali Fraenkel one of the three boys kidnapped and murdered last year] spoke and tried to give comfort to Ezra’s family, who had flown in from the US to be with us, here, in Gush Etzion. She spoke about how the Jewish people respond to a culture of death and destruction by celebrating life and rebuilding. We at Hub Etzion believe that the response to BDS is the same; rather than divestment and negative attacks, we need to build up and ‘INvest’; in people, in enterprise, in technology and advancements for all of the residents of Gush Etzion. That is the only way to bring about progress and solutions. We face the current situation – and our ongoing situation by increasing prosperity and success – locally and proudly.”

This approach to the current attacks on Israel, from terrorism to the rhetoric on campuses and in cities around the world, seems to resonate a great deal with thought leaders.

During today’s visit, it was clear that MK Oren already understood the Hub culture, and the need for a coworking space in Gush Etzion.

But what he wanted to talk about was the decision of the Hub – and more importantly the businesses that reside there – to remain in Gush Etzion, clearly, unapologetically.

As the coworkers gathered for a photo opportunity with Oren, he addressed the crowd and said (in Hebrew) “People have been trying to remove the Jewish presence from this area throughout the history of Israel. Those of you working here, this amazing place, Hub Etzion, is as important to the long term success here as the soldiers out there working hard at the junction and checkpoints, protecting us”

Hub Etzion was also called out recently at a new Lobby at the Knesset for Startups and Hubs, started by MKs Yoav Kish and Yoel Hasson. MK Kish, of the Likud Party, specifically mentioned Hub Etzion as an example of the “need for more Hubs and tech eco-systems outside of the mercaz [Tel Aviv] and in the rest of the country.”

Alan Weinkrantz, “Product Ambassador” from Rackspace, the world’s largest provider of managed cloud storage, has also brought international attention to Hub Etzion. In a recent post, he wrote that “It’s interesting to see workspaces and hubs like…Hub Etzion that are no more than 30 minutes from Jerusalem, and dot landscape and the periphery of the Nation’s Capital. These communities and workspaces are sort of like being in Fairfax, VA or Chevy Chase, MD, but with a slightly longer time line that go back to the cradle of civilization.”

Coinciding with MK Michael Oren’s visit, Weinkrantz came to Hub Etzion today for a day of consultations and help for the co-working /start-up community of Gush Etzion. He had an opportunity to personally present MK Oren with a Rackspace poster that points an arrow at Israel as “The Five-Thousand Year Old Startup”.

“We are a private enterprise that is focused on empowering the people and businesses of Gush Etzion and Efrat to thrive and grow.” co-owner Amy Shuter told JewishPress.com. “We have so much more to do. We know that as long as our region is an area of controversy we will garner attention to what we are doing. But we are going to help the next huge idea turn into the next huge startup, right out of our modest Hub. This is only the beginning. We hope that the international attention continues, but for the benefit of the businesses we serve. “

Below is a short excerpt (in English) from what MK Michael Oren said during his visit to Hub Etzion.

Video courtesy: Alan Weinkrantz

Jewish Press Staff

20 Multinational Corporations to Converge on Israel’s Top Startups

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

(JNi.media) Israel is well known as the startup nation with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, groundbreaking technologies, exceptional workforce, resilient economy, and high investment returns. These are just a few reasons why the world’s leading multinational corporations—more than 200—have set up shop in Israel and are looking to invest and do business with startups. Those companies’ corporate venture arms are becoming increasingly active investors in local startups.

Which is why senior representatives from leading multinational companies including AVG, Ford, GE, Tyco, GM, ProSieben, Mail.ru, Bloomberg, Yahoo, Visa (yes, them too) and many more—see the complete list here—will converge on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange December 16 for the Axis Tel Aviv Corporate Edition 2015, an event aimed at connecting international companies actively looking to invest in Israel with the country’s top startups.

The Corporate Edition’s participating startups will be from a variety of tech sectors including big data, cloud, cyber security, mobile and e-commerce. This is the only event in Israel connecting global entities and Israeli startups, assisting them to break into the local ecosystem and generating optimal platforms for networking and deals.

The one-day event will be broken down into 4 sessions of corporate venture categories (ICT & Big Data/ Fintech & Cybersecurity / Mobile & E-Commerce / IOT). Each session will include pitches from each Corporate panelist, followed by startup pitches and feedback from the panel. In addition there will be a roundtable discussion on corporate investing, keynote speakers, focused networking sessions, and an exclusive lunch for startups, investors, and corporate executives.

Axis Innovation is a boutique advisory firm connecting investors and corporations with the best technology startups globally. Its core services include capital raising and coaching for startups, filtered deal-flow for investors and innovation scouting for corporations, global conferences, and corporate consulting.


Personal Iron Dome

Friday, October 16th, 2015

During these “Days of Rage”, the Israeli genius that makes us the start-up nation has come up with a new defense system against the “lone wolf” terrorist.

Meet the personal Iron Dome. Available at Rami Levy supermarkets and felafel stands everywhere.

Photo of the Day

Microsoft Buying Israeli Adallom for $320 Million

Monday, July 20th, 2015

(JNi.media) Microsoft Corp is buying Adallom, an Israeli cyber security company, for $320 million, Calcalist reported on Monday. Adallom, developing cloud security platforms, will become Microsoft’s center for cyber security business in Israel.

As critical applications like collaboration, storage, CRM and ERP are moving to the cloud, the critical mass of corporate data will eventually find its way to the cloud, and Adallom keeps it safe. The company says its platform works with any user, on any device or location, delivering seamless security.

According to Calcalist, Adallom has raised close to $50 million from venture capital funds Sequoia Capitol and European Index Ventures, and from EMC Corp and Hewlett-Packard.

Assaf Rappaport is co-founder & CEO of Adallom; Ami Luttwak is co-founder & CTO; Roy Reznik is co-founder & Vice President of R&D. Adallom was founded in 2012, and has 80 employees in Israel and the US.

Meanwhile, ironSource, which offers technology that allows developers reach key audiences and monetize Internet services, is buying Israeli ad-tech company Supersonic, which helps content providers monetize non-paying users by serving bundled video ads, interstitials and offer-walls.

According to Ha’aretz, the deal is estimated at between $200 — $300 million.


Another Israeli Start-Up to Raise Money on Wall Street

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Israeli start-up Outbrain, which provides a digital content management and storage solution,  sis going to Wall Street to raise $100-200 million in a public stock offering.

The company’s decision to go public rather than sell out to foreign companies puts it in company with Wix, Matomy Media and Fifty One Inc., now called Borderfree, all of which are in the process of offering shares to raise money.

Outbrain’s content recommendations engine is based on what reader’s prefer and is aimed at keeping readers on a news site for a longer time, enabling the site  to sell more advertising.

Its customers include Reuters and The New York Post as well as with companies such as General Electric, which market items on websites.

Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

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