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January 18, 2017 / 20 Tevet, 5777

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Israeli Envoys to Turkey Confirm They’re Safe After Terror Attack in Izmir

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Israeli envoys in Ankara and Istanbul both reported in to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday afternoon, confirming they were alive and well after a terror attack in the Turkish city of Izmir.

The third-largest city in the country, the port city on the Aegean Sea is home to more than two million people, including many Turkish Jews.

Two people were killed and five others were wounded in the attack, according to the state-run Anadolu news agency.

Police had blocked a vehicle at a checkpoint close to the courthouse in Izmir, leading two terrorists to open fire. During the shootout the attackers, both armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and grenades, detonated a car bomb while trying to escape. Both were shot and killed by Turkish police, who detonated a second explosion while defusing a “suspicious vehicle” believed to be connected to the terrorists.

Izmir Governor Erol Ayyildiz blamed the attack on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization. Weapons and ammunition found by security personnel after the attack made it clear a massacre was planned.

He told reporters there was a possibility that a third terrorist might still be at large, but added, “If there is one, he will be caught.”

The attack comes less than a week after a massacre by Islamic State (ISIS / Da’esh) terrorists at the upscale Reina club in Istanbul that left 39 people dead — including one young Israeli woman — and wounded 69 others, including three Israeli women. The attacker who carried out the shooting spree on the secular New Year’s Eve is still at large.

Hana Levi Julian

Dozens Killed in Terror Attack on Famed Istanbul Nightclub

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

The Ortaköy district in Istanbul and surrounds are on lockdown as Turkish police carry out a manhunt to track down at least one, and possibly two killers who may still be dressed as Santa Claus.

Despite 17,000 Turkish police officers having been deployed across Istanbul this weekend to guard against terrorism during New Year’s celebrations, one of the most famous nightclubs in the heart of the city was attacked at about 01:30 am Sunday, on the secular New Year’s Eve.

At least 35 people were killed, including a police officer, and some 40 others wounded as two attackers armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles opened fire in the famous Reina Club nightclub in the Ortaköy district.

Some 800 people were reported to be inside the club in ‘Istanbul by the Bosphorus’ at the time of the attack. The Reina is an international venue frequented by high-society celebrities, artists and football stars, according to Turkish media.

The two terrorists were said to be speaking Arabic, according to reports in European media.

Some of the more than 500 celebrants in the club jumped in the water to escape the gunfire and were being rescued by police, according to eyewitnesses quoted by the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News. Istanbul governor Vasip Şahin quickly arrived to the scene.

“The U.S. intelligence warned over such an attack about one week or 10 days ago and measures have been taken, including [at] the sea front,” a witness said, but added that although the warning was taken seriously, security measures had still be unable to prevent the attack.

Less than two weeks ago, Russian envoy to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was assassinated by an off-duty Turkish police officer, Mevlut Mert Altintas, while speaking at the opening of an art exhibition at a gallery in Ankara. The killer proclaimed he acted in revenge for Russian actions in Syria.

The Turkish Daily Sabah news outlet quoted Governor Sahin as saying early Sunday that one of the assailants was dressed in a Santa Claus outfit when he opened fire in the nightclub, after first shooting police outside.

Turkish NTV television news broadcasts showed between 50 to 60 ambulances and police vehicles converging on the scene.

At least one of the attackers was reported to still be inside the club, and police special forces were said to be preparing to enter the building.

Police are also on high alert in other major Turkish cities that were targeted by terror attacks in 2016, including the capital city of Ankara.

All told, more than 180 people in Turkey have died this year as a result of radical Islamist terror attacks by the Islamic State (Da’esh or ISIS) terrorist organization, and PKK Kurdistan Workers’ Party terrorist group.

Hana Levi Julian

Palestinian Authority Terrorists Escalate Attacks Around Jerusalem

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Palestinian Authority terrorists attacked Israelis in multiple areas around the holy city of Jerusalem and at the holy resting place of the Biblical matriarch Rachel, just one day after the holiest day on the Christian calendar and the start of Chanukah, the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights.

On Monday afternoon, Arab terrorists attacked the Tomb of Rachel itself, aiming for the security forces who protect the tomb and those who come to pray at the site.

The tomb of the matriarch is located just south of Jerusalem, and slightly north of Bethlehem.

The attackers hurled an improvised explosive device (IED) at security forces guarding the tomb. No physical injuries were reported.

In three other separate attacks, Arab terrorists also hurled rocks at Israeli security forces Monday in a number of outlying neighborhoods around the capital city of Jerusalem.

Israeli forces came under attack in Shuafat, in Betunia and in Issawiya, according to security sources.

No injuries were reported by midday, and Israeli forces were using standard riot dispersal methods to deal with the attacks.

Hana Levi Julian

Another Underage Arab Weapons Makers’ Cell Arrested in Gush Etzion

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Another cell of underage Arab weapons makers has been arrested in Judea, once again in the village of Beit Fajar in Gush Etzion. The kids were involved in the manufacture and maintenance of improved guns, according to a spokesperson for Israel Police.


On Wednesday night detectives from Judea and Samaria regional police, Border Guard Police officers, IDF soldiers and the Israel Security Agency Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency carried out a joint sting operation in Beit Fajar, where a number of weapons were seized.

Makeshift weapons

Makeshift weapons

Six improvised guns were seized along with a mask from the Al-Fatah terrorist organization and leading faction of the Palestinian Authority. Seven minors were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the manufacture of the arms. All were turned over to security personnel for interrogation.

According to the Tracking Terrorism website, “Al-Fatah rejects the legitimacy of Israel and espouses violence as a means to drive Israel out of Palestine,” to this day.


Just a week ago, Israeli security forces announced the arrest of a children’s weapons-making cell in the same village. Four suspects were arrested and some of their equipment was seized.

“This arrest and seizure joins the dozens of others in the war on illegal weapons,” said Israel Police. “Our security forces will continue to fight tireless, with determination and without compromise with all relevant parties to reduce the number of weapons held illegally.”

Hana Levi Julian

Russia’s Chief Rabbi: Terrorists Should Not Enjoy Safe Harbors

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar has urged world leaders to unite against terrorism in response to the tragedies in Ankara and Berlin, InterFax reported Tuesday.

“The terrorists are trying to impose their agenda and language on the world, focusing on no negotiations, no value for human life, and murder and intimidation,” Rabbi Lazar stated, suggesting that “the answer to these monstrous crimes, which places them outside the realm of civilized relations, must be to bring together the world’s leaders in the fight against terrorism.”

According to the chief rabbi, regardless of whether those terror attacks were coordinated or done based on individual whim, they showed that terrorism and extremism were “the number one danger in the world today.”

“There should be no safe harbors for the terrorists and their coordinators,” Rabbi Lazar concluded. “Our tolerance only inspires them to commit new bloody crimes.”

A native of Milan, Italy, Rabbi Shalom Dovber Pinchas Lazar grew up in the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement, beginning his service in Russia in 1990. In 2000 he became Chief Rabbi of Russia, and chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia and Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS. In September 2005 Lazar became an original member of the 168-member Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation which analyzes draft legislation and monitors Russia’s parliament and government. Rabbi Berel Lazar is known for his friendship with President Vladimir Putin.

David Israel

Israeli Artillery Attack Hamas Outpost in Gaza, Retaliation for Gunfire at IDF

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Israeli tanks opened fire in an attack on an outpost of the Hamas terrorist organization in central Gaza Monday afternoon. Three artillery shells were fired at the observation tower near Al-Bureijj, sources said.

The attack came in retaliation for gunfire aimed at Israeli soldiers earlier in the day as they carried out routine work on the border fence with southern Gaza.

Farmers who were working their fields within a mile of the site of the attack were immediately told to evacuate the area.

No injuries were reported on either side.

Hana Levi Julian

Canadian Tourist Dead in Terror Attack in Jordan

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Israel’s eastern neighbor found itself wrestling with homegrown terrorism Sunday in an attack that took the lives of at least 10 people, including a Canadian tourist, and wounded 27 others. It began around 4 pm Sunday and continued through the night.

The attack in the city of Karak began at a house outside the town of Karak, where a shootout took place between police and gunmen, who then fled by car into the city, according to the Saudi-based Al Arabiya news site.

The attackers then opened fire on two police patrols, then raced to the famed nearby Karak Castle, an ancient Crusader edifice on the top of a hill in Karak province, and attacked the police station there.

Seven officers, two local citizens, and a female tourist from Canada were killed in the attack, which government minister and spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said bluntly was carried out by “terrorists.”

Tourists strolling through the castle admiring the architecture and scenery were taken hostage by the attackers. They were freed after nightfall, with police and other security forces still in a standoff with the terrorists.

Momani told state television that a manhunt to “eliminate” the gunmen had entered its final phase. He did not elaborate. “The security forces and gendarme are in the final stage and we don’t want to pre-empt news … we will be dealing with this group of terrorists and eliminate them,” Momani said.

Prime Minister Hani al Mulki informed the Jordanian parliament that “a number of security personnel” were killed, and that security forces were in the process of laying siege to Karak Castle.

Officials sent a helicopter to the Karak province, with the provincial governor saying that a terrorist group was behind the attack. Jordanian elite special forces have been deployed to hunt the terrorists.

Jordanian sources said that past midnight, officials were notified during a police patrol that a gas cylinder explosive was located inside the building. The terrorists renewed their gunfire as security forces arrived at the scene.

Hana Levi Julian

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