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December 3, 2016 / 3 Kislev, 5777

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Cheese Dreams Turn Sour For Albany Businessman

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D – Manhattan) has issued a multi-count indictment against Lawrence Rosenbaum, 64, of Albany, accusing him with fraudulently soliciting more than $1 million from a number of investors to advance the production of kosher and halal cheese in upstate New York.

Rosenbaum was also planning on developing alternative bio-energy companies from the waste produced by cows in the cheese and milk facilities.

Rosenbaum is accused of luring investors, many of whom he had established relationships with over his decades-long career as an insurance broker, and then diverting their monies for his own personal use.

The indictment only lists five individuals and one corporate entity, totaling investments of $76,250, not the $1 million alleged in the news release. As we went to press the attorney general’s office had not responded to a request for an explanation of the discrepancy.

Prosecutors also allege that Rosenbaum failed to file New York state personal income tax returns since at least 2008, thereby evading taxes on the money he diverted to himself over the six-year scheme.

“Investors should be able to trust that their hard-earned money is being is properly managed and is not being pocketed for personal use,” said Schneiderman in a prepared statement. “My office takes allegations of securities fraud seriously and we will continue to advocate for victims and hold fraudsters accountable.”

Rosenbaum has been remanded to the Albany County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail. In a jailhouse interview, Rosenbaum told The Jewish Press he’s known for the past three years that prosecutors were investigating his business dealings. During that time Rosenbaum says he stepped up efforts to produce kosher and halal cheese in various factories across the country. He changed the name of his company from the Saratoga Cheese Corporation to Rosenbaum Cheese Company a few years ago.

“Now is the time to introduce other gourmet cheeses, made CY [chalav Yisrael] and command the same normal gourmet market cheese prices,” Rosenbaum had declared to investors. “We are currently at Stage 1 and have produced our first test run of 600 pounds of gourmet goat feta cheese. It will be packaged by November 21, 2015. We are also prepared to produce some English style gourmet cheeses as CY, such as Cheshire, Double Gloucester, and Abergele in Wisconsin. We are also formulating our distinctive CY Chedam Cheese 108 slices, to compete against the 108 slices CY American Processed Cheese.”

Rosenbaum also claims he can use by-products from the cheeses for kosher for Passover alcohol with the highest of rabbinic certifications.

“Projected profit from the first three million pounds of cheese production is expected to be $1million from cheese sales and $1 million from the sale of the whey by-products; whey protein concentrate, and permeate. Because our whey is chalav Yisrael, it has very special value. The permeate will be sold to a separate company on premises, which will distill the permeate into potable non-grain alcohol, kosher for Passover, exported to Israel, for the Passover season.”

Rosenbaum had been networking his business in various circles and since the probe by the attorney general commenced he has been to at least two KosherFest business-to-business trade shows, the shluchim convention in Crown Heights, and the Islamic Center in Rockaway, New Jersey.

At least one investor contacted by The Jewish Press is standing by Rosenbaum and says having him in prison because he cannot make the high bail only hurts the progress Rosenbaum was making developing the business. Chaim Schaffer, a real estate agent and part-time actor in Albany, says he spent several hours earlier this year speaking to prosecutors from the attorney general’s office.

Marc Gronich

Why Dallas Cops Should Turn Their Backs on President Obama

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

{Originally posted to The Daily Wire website}

In 2014, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio ripped the NYPD after the death of Eric Garner, who was subjected to a submission hold by the police during an arrest for selling “loose” cigarettes, and then died of a heart attack. De Blasio went on national television and said, “What parents have done for decades who have children of color, especially young men of color, is train them to be very careful when they have…an encounter with a police officer.” He then said that he’d told his own son, who is black, about the supposed racism of the police: “With Dante, very early on, we said, ‘Look, if a police officer stops you, do everything he tells you to do. Don’t move suddenly. Don’t reach for your cellphone. Because we knew, sadly, there’s a greater chance it might be misinterpreted if it was a young man of color. It’s different for a white child. That’s just the reality in this country.”

That isn’t the reality in this country – a new study reported by The New York Times says that black people are significantly less likely to be shot by police than white people in similar circumstances.

But those lies matter.

Days after De Blasio’s statements, two NYPD officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were murdered in cold blood by criminal Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who pledged to put “wings on pigs.” When De Blasio attended the funeral for Ramos, hundreds of officers openly turned their backs on him. De Blasio wasn’t responsible for the deaths of the officers, but he was certainly responsible for slandering them before their murders.

In Dallas, officers should do the same to President Obama.

Obama isn’t responsible for the murder of Dallas police officers, as I wrote last week. But, like De Blasio, he is responsible for slandering them before their murders. Hours before the massacre, Obama said that police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota – both of which were under investigation, and about which Obama said he knew little – were “not isolated incidents. They’re symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.” Obama then reeled off a list of statistics designed to show systemic racism against black people by cops – ignoring, of course, higher rates of criminality in the black community. He added, “when incidents like this occur, there’s a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same. And that hurts. And that should trouble all of us.”

But there are a large number of cops who feel – rightly – that because of the color of their uniform, they aren’t treated the same. The President doesn’t wait for evidence before charging them with racism. He doesn’t separate off the bad apples from the rest of the police community. He simply talks about institutional racism, providing no solutions, and then postures for the cameras.

And after the Dallas massacre, President Obama is still pretending bewilderment at the motivation for the shootings: “I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of the shooter,” Obama said on Saturday. He had no such problems ascribing motivations to police officers without evidence.

He’s been doing this for years. Back in 2014, just before the shootings of Liu and Ramos, Obama condemned the cops, saying that racism was “something deeply rooted in our society; it’s deeply rooted in our history.”

There is a reason that the vicious, vacuous Black Lives Matter movement has taken off under President Obama: he’s incentivized them, backed them, supported their evidence-free argument that the criminal justice system is racist. And that movement, with Democratic help, has dramatically polarized race relations in the country. That has real, predictable effects, including less trust of police in black communities and greater anger at police departments.

Cops have every right to be angry at the president who slanders them. They should show it instead of allowing President Obama to use the funerals for the officers he slandered for his own brand of political agitprop.

Ben Shapiro

Another Hard Left Turn for BGU

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Ben-Gurion University (BGU) is yet again embroiled in controversy over its association with the far Left. Last week, BGU announced that it will be sponsoring a conference at the end of May featuring the highly controversial NGO, “Breaking the Silence.”

The conference, which according to the University will address the historical and current aspects of whistle blowing, is being organized by BGU’s Department of Jewish History and will be featuring “Breaking the Silence” (BtS) CEO Yuli Novak, as well as the organization’s Public Relations Coordinator, Nadav Weiman, who is scheduled to present his “personal testimony.”

Following a letter sent by Im Tirtzu to BGU President Rivka Carmi, which charged that the University’s sponsorship of the conference is in violation of the Council for Higher Education in Israel’s stand on politicization in academia, the University replied that the conference is “academic” in nature and “promotes and enables an open and diverse dialogue and does not seek to espouse a particular political viewpoint.”

However, a quick look at the conference schedule reveals that the vast majority of speakers are affiliated with the radical and anti-Zionist Left. In addition to participants from BtS, the conference is replete with lecturers who support, inter alia, refusing IDF service, encouraging international pressure on Israel, and refusing to work over the Green Line.

The conference is also set to feature the chairman of “Physicians for Human Rights – Israel,” an Israeli NGO that uses foreign funding to accuse Israel and the IDF of violating international law, and a journalist who wrote for the Yediot Achronot: “There are several settlements, like Tapuach and Yizhar, which should not only be evacuated, but they should all be sprayed with bullets and killed… As far as I’m concerned killing them is not even considered killing people, but merely eliminating stray weeds.”

Despite BGU’s claim of academic pluralism, the reality remains that this conference has a clear slant to the hard Left. Incidentally enough, it was in response to this very phenomenon that the Council of Higher Education saw fit to heavily sanction BGU’s Department of Politics and Government several years earlier.

In addition to the politicized line-up of speakers, BGU is also being disingenuous by misrepresenting the name of the conference in its English translation (“Whistleblowing Through the Ages and Today”). The conference in Hebrew is titled “Shovrei Shtika Lidoroteyhem. Viachshav,” which elicits a clear and unmistakable association to BtS as Shovreim Shtika is the Hebrew name of the organization. The usage of the word “Whistleblowing” in place of the more fitting “Breaking the Silence” is a clear attempt by the University to deceive its English-speaking benefactors by denying the conference’s obvious connection to BtS.

As in the past, academic freedom is being used to mask a clear political agenda being propagated by BGU. The exchange of ideas and freedom of speech are crucial tenets to a thriving society and higher education, and political groups should have the right to organize events on campus grounds, but this does not give a publicly-funded university the mandate to sponsor such a highly politicized event. Presenting only one side of the debate is not academic freedom; it is forced indoctrination.

The fact that BGU is actively supporting an organization that defames the State of Israel and bolsters the BDS movement is very troubling. This is not only a gross misuse of public funds, but a betrayal of BGU’s student body that strives to achieve a higher education, not to be imbued with the University’s political agenda.

With this clear act of academic politicization, the Council for Higher Education should immediately open up another inquiry to investigate the University’s continuous violation of its guidelines.

Eytan Meir

Turtle Washed Ashore

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

My friend David Goldberger sent me this image of an sea turtle that was washed ashore Monday on the Netnaya beach, just south of the Carmel Hotel.

Is the water polluted? he wanted to know. Does this pose dangers we are unaware of?

According to Yaniv Levy, manager of the Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Center at Michmoret, a few miles north of Netanya on the Mediterranean coast, some 2,000 to 3,000 turtles used to nest along Israel’s shores at the turn of the 20th century. Now the numbers are down to about 180 loggerheads and fewer than 20 green turtles, and he estimates that only 10 green females in Israel are capable of egg laying.

According to Levy, the turtles face many dangers: pollution, plastic bags and other litter; outboard motors and fishing nets; jeeps hurtling along beaches. About 50 injured turtles are brought to the Rescue Center every year, most of them victims of human activity.

“We treat injured turtles and return them to the sea, gather and incubate eggs before returning the hatchlings to the beaches, raise public awareness of the issue and help preserve the coastline and establish coastal nature reserves,” Levy says.

(Source: A battle of survival for the Med’s sea turtles)

Yori Yanover

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