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    The Sbarro Terror Victims and the Governments Lack of Response

    On the anniversary of the tragic Sbarro bombing which occurred on August 9th, 2001

    King Abdullah, when will Jordan hand our child’s murderer over to US justice? 

    With King Abdullah's visiting Washington at the invitation of Pres. Biden, it is most appropriate to share this open letter addressed to the Jordanian monarch. 

    Like a Gameshow: Kill Jews, Win A Brand New Home!

    Don't let anyone tell you differently: money is a key enabler in the Palestinian Arab descent into the horrors exemplified by what Abbas. Ghannam and the now-deceased knifer Halabi did.

    Interpol and Justice

    Interpol as succumbed to pressure from the Tamimi family, lawyers and clan in Jordan and has cancelled the Red Notice which operated until now to encourage member governments to arrest her if she enters their jurisdiction. 

    What will it Finally Take for Jordan to Extradite the Sbarro Bomber to Washington?

    Or — perhaps, in the wake of the Abraham Accords — does King Abdullah see normalization with Israelis as the wave of the future and Tamimi as an impediment?

    Four Arab-on-Israeli terror attempts; close to zero media attention

    {Reposted from the authors' blog} No one was hurt. But that was surely not the intention of the perpetrators behind four terror attacks directed against...

    Friends of Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi are Speaking Up; but NOT All of Them

    Tamimi, who is adept at, and depends on, social media, is currently operating yet another Instagram account. Her previous accounts there as well as on Twitter and Facebook have been shut down one after the other. This one - which we prefer not identify at this stage - is still going and we have asked for it to be taken down too.

    This Ongoing War: Thank You, Mr Foreign Minister

    {Originally posted to the authors' blog} This is an open letter. Minister HE Dr Ayman Hussein Abdullah Al-Safadi, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Hashemite...

    A Global Day of Tribute to Terror Victims? Yes, we were a bit surprised...

    How to say this politely? As terror victims, the parents of a child murdered by an Islamist terrorist in the service of Hamas, our experience hasn't brought us to feel that the UN - or really anyone else in the world of major organizations - stands in solidarity with us.

    Neither Ahed’s Gaze nor Ideas are the Problem – it’s what Others do with...

    The weaponization of Palestinian Arab children by their own society, even by their own families, is so incomprehensible to outsiders that it seems many deny its reality for that reason alone.

    Bret Stephens on Israel’s Robust Willingness to Defend Itself

    Finally, something worth reading in the paper that claims it "All the News That's Fit to Print,"

    Peace: What do Palestinian Arab Insiders Mean When they See it Slipping Away?

    Our partners-in-peace, the Palestinian Authority and its president-for-life Mahmoud Abbas, are taking pains once again to lay out how peace is going to come about, and more specifically, how not.

    Two Terrorists Traded in Shalit Deal at Heart of Hamas Financing Op

    How much damage did Israel do to itself by engaging with the terrorist thugs of Hamas in the 2011 Gilad Shalit transaction?

    Friday’s Killings: Jordan Condemns Whom ?

    The alert editors at JewishPress.com noticed that Jordan did condemn the shooting attack in the middle of last night - and then, shortly after, removed it.

    Manchester, Media and Politicians: Moved By Some Terrorist Attacks, not So Much by Others

    Why is the murder of Jewish children in Jerusalem not deemed as horrific and intolerable as that of the children in Manchester. I have one explanation for the double standard and it starts with an "A"

    Jordanian Stabs an Israeli and the Jordanians are Outraged

    Jordan has a 22 year-old extradition treaty with the United States, but has decided to repudiate it. We have been writing about the implications of this brazen strategy and would appreciate the help of our readers in giving these posts some wider exposure

    Peeling Away the Layers of Grief

    Netanyahu has not raised the Tamimi extradition matter with the Jordanian king, so you’ll forgive us our cynicism when Netanyahu dons expressions of gravitas and compassion, as he undoubtedly will do on Yom Hazikaron

    Something You Rarely Read About: Marwan Barghouti the KILLER

    Barghouti paid for the explosives that destroyed Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria and killed our daughter Malki. He then sheltered several of the members of the Hamas gang that executed the massacre

    Falling Victim to the Media’s ‘Most Ethical’ Behavior

    Please share this post, thereby intensifying the pressure on Jordan's ruler, essential to extraditing Tamimi. The US DoJ said this is the ONLY chance this evil woman will be brought to justice.

    A Thought About Jordan and its Treaty Obligations

    Jordan, despite protestations to the contrary, never had a problem giving Tamimi major public platforms giving her 'celebrity-murderer' status. Will Jordan ever honor its treaty obligations to the US?

    Sbarro Massacre Mastermind is Now Formally Charged and Extradition is Sought

    The wheels of justice have finally gone into motion; hopefully, justice will soon be served.

    What a Jordanian Hero and His Admirers Tell us About the Likelihood of peace

    Ahmed Daqamseh was given a rousing welcome in his home village in northern Jordan after being freed on Sunday. He expressed no remorse for the killings.

    What’s the Exchange Rate for American Dollars Into Palestinian Arab Terror?

    No one serious is saying the Palestinian Arabs don't need aid or shouldn't get it. The problem is that foreign aid to the Palestinian Arab gets turned by them into something lethal and hideous.

    What Lies Behind the Conflagration

    The fires and the price paid by Israeli society are very much in the news here. Much less reported are the very widespread sounds of celebration from right across the Arab world.

    Saeb Erekat’s Heroes

    The world's most important media platforms burnish Erekat's standing, providing him with a world-class megaphone for views that it's generous to called bigoted and loathsome.

    Vengeance is Ours, Say These Israeli Jews

    Are the minds and hearts of families irretrievably damaged by terror filled with thoughts of vengeance, of bloodshed and of evening the score? Apparently NOT.

    When They Crave Attention, Where do the Practitioners of Pal Arab Barbarism Turn?

    Today, the 20th day of Av, is the anniversary of the murder of our daughter Malki. along with her closest friend and 13 other innocent victims in a Hamas terror attack inside the Sbarro pizzeria


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