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It’s Hard to Avoid the Word “Terror”

12 Kislev 5777 – December 12, 2016
A senior journalist told me they refrain from using the term “terrorism” because it can mean “lots of things to lots of people.” I don’t understand how “terrorism” can mean that many different things

Trump And Clinton Both Used The Word ‘Bombings’ – But Only One Of Them...

19 Elul 5776 – September 21, 2016
Obviously, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also pray for the victims.

Merkel Uses the I Word in Pointing Finger at Terrorist Refugees

23 Tammuz 5776 – July 28, 2016
“Taboos of civilization are being broken," Merkel said. “These acts happened in places where any of us could have been."

“Occupy” is an Unusual Word

19 Tammuz 5776 – July 25, 2016
Without Israel, which is to say without the Jewish people, there never would have been a Koran or the emergence of imperial Islam.

My Right Word: Summer Camp Learning to Be a Tunnel Terrorist

7 Tammuz 5776 – July 13, 2016
It is summertime and the kids are off to camp...

The Power Of The Spoken Word

25 Sivan 5776 – June 30, 2016
Clearly, they were lacking in bitachon. Their faith in Hashem was deficient. But they weren’t guilty of speaking lashon hara.

What Word will be Missing from BBC Report on Sentencing of Hamas Terrorists?

21 Sivan 5776 – June 27, 2016
Despite the BBC reporting the sentencing of Hamas terrorists convicted for murdering 2 Israelis in a planned terror attack, the words 'terror, terrorist or terrorism' do not appear once in the report

For Better or for Worse

14 Tishri 5774 – September 18, 2013
Hashem simply goes beyond the letter of the law in His love for us.

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