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Chancellor Angela Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday has agreed publicly that Germany is “at war” with Islamist terrorists, but insisted that they would nevertheless not erode German values or cause her to change her refugee policy.

“A rejection of the humanitarian stance we took could have led to even worse consequences,” Merkel said at a press conference in Berlin, adding that the terrorists “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.”


She defended her open door policy for refugees, said she feels no guilt for the violent attacks those refugees have carried out in Germany, and insisted she had been right to permit those hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees to enter a year ago.

Still, Merkel did call a spade a spade, berating Islamist extremists for biting the German hands that feed them. “Taboos of civilization are being broken,” Merkel said. “These acts happened in places where any of us could have been.”

She was referring to a string of attacks Germans have endured in the space of one week: an axe attack on a train, a mass shooting in Munich that left nine dead, a machete attack that killed a pregnant woman, and a suicide bomb in Ansbach. Three of the attacks were carried out by refugees.

“The fact that [the] men who came to us as refugees are responsible mocked the country that took them in, mocks the volunteers who have taken so much care of refugees. And it mocks the many other refugees who truly seek protection from war and violence with us, who want to live peacefully,” Merkel said.

“I didn’t say eleven months ago that it would be easy,” she said. “I am still convinced today that ‘We can do it’. It is our historic duty and historic task in these times of globalization. We have already achieved so much in the last 11 months.”

Merkel is counting on the EU migrant deal with Turkey, which she negotiated, and the closure of the Balkan Route, will slow down the rush of asylum seekers into Germany. “An influx like last year’s will not happen again, but I cannot say that we will not take in any more refugees,” she said.

Merkel introduced a nine-point plan to defeat domestic terror, including improved monitoring of suspects and improved intelligence co-operation with the US and the Europeans. She is also determined to speed up deportations of rejected asylum seekers. The Ansbach suicide bomber had been rejected but was able to stay in Germany.

“I believe we are in a fight, or for that matter at war with ISIS,” Merkel said. “We are not in any way in a fight or war with Islam.”

The next German federal elections will take place in late summer or early fall, 2017, unless the Merkel government loses a no confidence motion.


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  1. When you are merciful to the evil then you are in effect being evil to the merciful.
    Unfortunately Arabs are causing problems in almost any country that they go to. Let in normal people- not a people who believe that their mission is to destroy the nation that invited them in or at least to convert them to Moslems. These immigrants hate the German people and their culture…same for France, Sweden, etc.

  2. I do not understand why so many Non-Muslim nations do not more publically educate peopel about the true meaning of JIHAD as means to combat the current so-called Islamic terrorist. The core or primary concept of JIHAD is to overcome the evil inclination in oneself, much like the Judaic concept of Yetzer Hara and Yetzer Tov. This concept is also found in Christianity, all just not labeled JIHAD. JIHAD on a more national level is supposed to be more like the JUST WAR concepts of Christianity than what so-called Islamic terrorist are claiming it to be.

    Non-Muslim nations more publically educating about the true meanings of JIHAD should help to take away one of the propaganda tools used by so-called Islamic terrorist to recurit uneducated Muslims from joining them. It should also help to take some of the romanticzing that so many of these recruits have about JIHAD that are part of their joining these types of groups.

    Also it would hellp to take away from these terrorist groups the idea that non-Muslim nations are at war against Islam itself and thus take away one of fheir arguments for their brand of JIHAD. It would help to clarify that these types of groups are following their own evil inclinations and personal agendas and not doing the will of G-d or for the benefit of Islam. It would be a way of going to the heart of the issue motivating these groups and the arguments that they are good Muslims doing G-d's work and protecting their faith.

    In other words, it would help to show that these types of so-called Muslims do not really know how to JIHAD correctly and that they have taken a concept in Islam and turned it around and upside down and made it into a work of EVIL and for their own purposes that have nothign to do with Islam. That they in essences by their actions are proclaiming that G-d is not powerful, compassionate, loving, kind, peaceful and most of all they are proclaiming by their type of JIHAD that G-d is STUPID, which is something common sense alone all people should be figure out that if G-d is G-d then G-d would not be STUPID.

  3. I understandwhere you are coming from, but there is a difference between taking in a cute kitten or a rattlesnake. Unfortunately for Europe, they have taken in both and have gotten bitten. I feel very sorry for the kitten or the innocent refugee who truly wants to live in peace with his family. I don't want the USA bringing in any rattlesnakes. We have also been bitten by refugees.

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