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Bloodthirsty Terrorist Elected Mayor of Hebron

18 Iyyar 5777 – May 14, 2017
Convicted Palestinian Authority killer Taysir Abu Vesnina, a member of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction, has been elected Mayor of Hebron.

Lapid Freezes Funding for Draft-Delayed Haredim

6 Adar I 5774 – February 6, 2014
The Supreme Court ruling came after several appeals from so called good government groups.

Rabbi Auerbach: Army Service Means Eradication of Judaism

21 Adar 5773 – March 3, 2013
Refusing service is "a commandment one must obey even at the cost of their own life."

Exclusive: Grad Lands In Naveh, Near Shocked Yeshiva Students

29 Heshvan 5773 – November 14, 2012
JewishPress.com received an eye witness account of a Grad missile that landed in Naveh, a mere 100 meters from the Otzem (Atzmona) Premilitary Academy. Shocked...

IDF to Recruit 8,000 Haredim Each Summer

28 Heshvan 5773 – November 13, 2012
The plan is to stagger their recruitment, to allow IDF manpower officials to study the process.

New Israeli Haredi Consumer Is Savvy, Wielding Purchasing Power of $2.6 Billion

2 Av 5772 – July 20, 2012
Haredi consumers are not, by and large, part of Israel's social protest movement, but their shopping savvy, it turns out, is evolving constantly.

The Soul of the Stranger

11 Tammuz 5772 – July 1, 2012
From elected officials to people in the street, from the highly educated secular upper class to yeshiva students to the working poor, numerous Israelis seem to share a lexicon and intellectual framework which denigrates and dehumanizes Africans, belittles their suffering, and trivialized their plight.

Israel’s Supreme Court Dismisses Law Absolving Yeshiva Students from Army

29 Shevat 5772 – February 21, 2012
A majority of Israel's Supreme Court judges on Tuesday accepted petitions against the Tal Law, which provides an exemption from military service to yeshiva...

Yair Lapid Laments Possible Tal Law Extension on Facebook

15 Shevat 5772 – February 7, 2012
Lapid: "By the 31st of July . . . behind our backs, as always, they will extend the Tal Law again."

Former Mossad Head Weighs In On Tal law

3 Shevat 5772 – January 27, 2012
Meir Dagan expresses opposition to the law.

PM Netanyahu: No Five-Year Extension for Tal Law

24 Tevet 5772 – January 18, 2012
The law sought to increase the numbers of ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students serving in the IDF.

Bad Old Times

7 Shevat 5771 – January 12, 2011
Several readers took issue with the Monitor's statement last week that coverage of Israel by The New York Times, while still problematic on occasion, has improved markedly since Deborah Sontag left the paper's Jerusalem bureau nearly a decade ago.

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