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Liberman Continues to Fail at King-Making

Liberman's machinations created the coalition stalemates, and he refuses to take the one step that would end it.

Lindsey Graham Blocks Armenian Genocide Resolution on Behalf of Erdogan

Graham, who didn't look happy as Trump's errands boy, said, "I do hope that Turkey and Armenia can come together and deal with this problem."

Victims of Terror File Suit Against US Charity for Funneling Donations to Hamas and...

The lawsuit alleges that USCPR has materially supported the terror groups responsible for incendiary terror balloons and kites launched from Hamas-controlled Gaza into Israel.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett: Rules of the Game Have Changed – No Limitations on...

Bennett said that the IDF killed some 20 terrorists in the last 48 hours, in an operation dubbed "Black Belt."

Watch: Corbyn Flees Scottish Minister Asking Where’s his Islamic Jihad Scarf

According to shocking revelations, Reverend Richard Cameron also "shared a series of controversial views on Islam, describing terrorism as 'a problem Islam needs to deal with.'"

As Expected, Rockets Launched at Israel After Ceasefire Commences, PRC Takes Credit

The Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) terrorist organization in Gaza took credit for the attack.

US Rejects Israeli Request to Condition Financial Assistance to Lebanese Armed Forces

U.S. assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs David Schenker said “we have confidence in the Lebanese army, and we think they are important partners in the fight against Sunni jihadists.”

Netanyahu: Europe Sanctions Israel, But Not Iran

Netanyahu said that “while the EU chooses not to join the sanctions on Iran, it imposes economic-diplomatic restrictions on Israel.”

Operation Black Belt Hit All Its Targets; Bennett: It’s Not Over, We’ll Keep Hitting

Bennett on Wednesday declared that while the results of the quick and punishing campaign in Gaza were extremely satisfactory, there was still a great deal to do.

Negative Capability

A pattern is beginning to emerge: Avraham was learning that there is a long and winding road between promise and fulfillment. Not because G-d does not keep His word, but because Avraham and his descendants were charged with bringing something new into the world

Japanese PM Abe Shinzo Receives AJC Light Unto Nations Award

"Steadfast defense of democratic values and unwavering commitment to friendship with the United States and Israel are hallmarks of your leadership."

Mayor Pete Condemns Jihad Rockets Unconditionally But Dems Don’t Love It

This is one of those stories that involves very little input from the writer. It's all right there, in the exchange of tweets. It...

‘Breaking the Silence’ Touring US while IDF Combats Gaza Terrorists

“We call on US Jews to support the IDF and its soldiers at this time and to not take part in the vilifying of the IDF.”

IDF Eliminates Another Jihad Commander Before Ceasefire Commences

Since the assassination of Baha Abu al-Atta on Tuesday morning, Israel has eliminated 32 terrorists, most of them members of the Islamic Jihad.

INTO THE FRAY- Gaza: Gratuitous gobbledygook

The obdurate resistance of Gaza to any type of resolution has led to such overriding exasperation that it has begun to undermine the quality of the public debate on the issue.

A Point Of No Return For The Democrats?

The Democratic Party is fast reaching the point where it must either succumb to the new radical leftist positions on Israel or return to its traditional support Israel

Red Alert Crisis Helpline for Emotional Stress Launched in Be’er Sheva

It may be helpful to speak with a mental health professional - in English - in order to help restore a sense of calm and stability.

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Will Do Whatever Necessary to Restore Quiet, Security to Residents’

Netanyahu said Israel is “in the midst of a campaign,” and said defense officials “hope it will be as short as possible.”

What’s Going On In Brooklyn? An Interview with Dov Hikind on the Anti-Jewish Crime...

The first thing we have to do is recognize the problem. How do you solve a problem if you don’t even recognize where it’s coming from?

Jihad Fires Rocket at Gaza Human Rights Building, Amnesty Blames It On… Israel

Now we're waiting for an Amnesty retraction. And, naturally, the arrival of the messiah. Whichever happens first.

George Gershwin’s Jewish Music

Until George Gershwin, serious American orchestral composers were predominantly influenced by European schools of music. By composing original musical works based upon the rhythms,...

While Anti-Semitic Attacks Surge, New York Is Busy Placating Al Sharpton

According to several accounts, he insisted that no one should be held on bail because of an inability to come up with the required cash.

Watch: Rabbi Danny Myers Invites Diaspora Jewry to ‘See The Redemption Unfold’ in Eretz...

"It’s only a question of time before we’re going to have more Jews here than all the rest of the world combined. "

Peeping IDF Drone Confirmed Abu al-Ata’s Identity, Location Ahead of Attack

A drone was seen hovering over Abu al-Ata’s home and those of three other senior PIJ officials about two weeks prior to the attack.

‘I Told You We Would Choose Right Time,’ Netanyahu Tells Council Heads Living Near...

“Instigators of terrorism and commanders know that we can reach them personally ... “I very much appreciate your steadfastness and support."

That Bloomberg “Centrist” Bloomlet

The United States is seized with issues that old style American liberalism simply couldn’t get its arms around.

22 Terrorists Eliminated, 350+ Rockets Fired at Israel

“We are determined to fight to defend our country ... Therefore, they have but one choice – to stop these attacks or take more and more blows. The choice is theirs."

Woman Injured as Rocket Strikes Home in Ashkelon

More than 350 rockets, missiles and mortars were launched at Israel by Gaza terrorists since Tuesday morning.

Spreading Judaism On Television: An Interview with Kiruv Enthusiast, Rabbi Zamir Cohen

Everyone knows a secular person or two. Why not invite them to experience the beauty of a Shabbat?


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