The Jacobins and Girondins of the French Revolution were the first modern left- and right-wing parties.

INTO THE FRAY: Fickle Feckless France- Egalite, Fraternite …ANTISEMITISME

The French Foreign Ministry advanced two claims as the rationale for its decision to support the ICC—both equally risible and ridiculous

INTO THE FRAY: Misplaced moral outrage-moronic, mendacious, or malevolent?

Israel seeks to minimize civilian casualties, while Hamas seeks to maximize civilian casualties and use them as a propaganda tool.

Into the Fray: Elections: Now is NOT the Time

When Israeli voters next go to the polls, over what led to the grim events of Oct. 7, their choices must not be driven by uninformed rumor, ill-informed speculation, and misinformed emotion.

Reason, Reasonableness & Realpolitik

Under Biden, important foreign policy interests are being sacrificed domestic ones

INTO THE FRAY: Comparing Coalitions

While the current coalition is far from unblemished, things could be worse—and have been, recently.

Into the Fray: Incredible Imbecility

By MARTIN SHERMAN The historical record bodes ill for initiatives to engineer a Pax Israeliana (an Israel induced peace) between Israel and its Arab adversaries.

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza-A Gigantic Shift in the ‘Overton Window’

What once was unthinkable is now moving to the center of mainstream thought

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza – Mis-conceptualizing the conflict; Mis-comprehending the Enemy

One of the reasons that the conflict with the Palestinian-Arabs in general and Gazan Arabs in particular, has dragged on for years, is that Israel has failed to conceptualize the conflict correctly

Gaza: The Collapse of Conventional Wisdom

The political rationale of the Gaza conflict can be mirrored in the inexorable logic of an almost mathematical algorithm—studiously ignored by Israel's policy-making echelons

INTO THE FRAY: A Sense of Betrayal 

Past deeds of heroism are no justification for present acts of subversion

Into the Fray: D-Y-S-T-O-P-I-A!! 

The opponents of the proposed judicial reform are not defending liberal democracy, but promoting Orwellian dystopia 

INTO THE FRAY: A Constitution -The “Excuse–du Jour”

The raising of the issue of a constitution as a potential way out of the political impasse over the future of Israel's legal system is nothing but a red herring on the part of the opponents of judicial reform

INTO THE FRAY: Yair Lapid -Thinking the Unthinkable

When the official reasons given for the Oct. 2022 gas deal with Lebanon unravel, who can be blamed for allowing "heretical" alternative explanations to creep into one's mind

INTO THE FRAY: Mika – Malicious, Mendacious, and Misleading 

Typical of the deluge of the Orwellian gobbledygook opposing the proposed judicial reform is a recent video by virulent anti-Netanyahu activist, Mika Almog, granddaughter of the late Shimon Peres   

INTO THE FRAY: Obviating Elections

If the so-called "champions of democracy" succeed in obstructing the judicial reforms, democratic rule will be replaced by mob rule—and Israel will be teetering on the brink of an Orwellian dystopia

INTO THE FRAY: Au Contraire

The last vestige of the left’s undemocratic power is threatened, a prospect it views with a mixture of horror and disbelief.

INTO THE FRAY: Conspicuous by their…Presence 

The Palestinian flags, on unabashed and unhindered display at recent demonstrations against the proposed reform of Israel's legal system, tear off the facade of hypocrisy that masks what really motivates them. 

INTO THE FRAY: Death—Courtesy of the Supreme Court

The initiative by the newly elected government to enact a far-reaching reform of the legal system is an inevitable result of the ongoing process of erosion of public trust.

INTO THE FRAY: “PEACE”- A Dictatorial and Deceptive Dictum

By its reticence to engage in a decisive offensive against its despotic adversaries, Israel is continually backing away from conflicts that it can win, while risking backing itself into a conflict that it cannot…

INTO THE FRAY: Palestine: Perverse and Perplexing Paradox

Why do professed liberals persist in support of an entity that would comprise the utter negation of all the values they allegedly cherish? 

INTO THE FRAY: “Palestine”—Countervailing Hypotheses 

Do the Palestinian-Arabs genuinely wish to establish a state for themselves? Or do they really wish to dismantle the state of the Jews? 

INTO THE FRAY: The Perils of Palestine: A Multi-Dimensional, Multifarious Menace to Israel 

Little analytical acumen is needed to grasp that a Palestinian state will comprise a multi-dimensional threat to Israel. Whether one considers height, width, length, or depth, such a state would entail existential dangers for Israel 

INTO THE FRAY: Pernicious Paradox: Israel’s Tactical Brilliance vs Strategic Imbecility  

Israel must forgo the forlorn hope of winning Arab amitié. and pursue different strategic goals. The most it can hope for is to be grudgingly accepted; the least it must achieve is to be greatly feared 

INTO THE FRAY: No One Will Come 

International agreements involving the abdication of strategic assets in exchange for vague 'assurances' of future support are not worth the paper they are written on 

The Fatal Flaw in Israel’s Strategic Thinking

One of the reasons the conflict with the Palestinian Arabs has dragged is that Israel has failed to conceptualize the conflict accurately.

INTO THE FRAY: 2020 Retrospective: Not Quite Impossible, but EXTREMELY Implausible

As the Biden administration continues to bring executive incompetence to yet unplumbed depths, any fair-minded person must feel increasingly compelled to question the authenticity of the 2020 poll

The Implications for Israel of a Possible War over the Nile

The simmering conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia over the construction of a massive dam could have grave ramifications

INTO THE FRAY: Law Enforcement in Israel – Something to Worry About

Legal proceedings are being carried out with scant regard for the law. In some cases, the law is blatantly disregarded; in others, factual evidence is ignored; in yet others, infractions are invented to fabricate charges. All cases have been approved by the courts. 

Liberman—Clueless Clutz or Cosa Nostra Capo?

There are only two possibilities regarding Finance Minister Liberman's involvement in what has become known as the "Yisrael Beiteinu affair"; neither bodes well for Israel.


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