Israel and the Perverse Paradox of Jewish ‘Liberals’

Israel should be a source of pride for all Jews—but particularly for Jews who espouse liberal values of tolerance and pluralism, of individual liberty and of human advancement.

De-Americanizing America

Americans seem swept up in a movement bent on jettisoning a paradigm that brought resounding success, while embracing one that wrought failure wherever implemented.

INTO THE FRAY: Judicial overreach & the sovereignty imperative  

Excessive judicial intervention into what is seen as the purview of the legislature is likely to have some unintended consequences: Energizing the drive to extend Israeli sovereignty over Judea-Samaria—and sparking far-reaching judicial reform.  

INTO THE FRAY: Duma-Guilt by Conjecture?

 Perhaps the most disturbing issue, raised by the cloud of doubt, enveloping the Duma-related legal proceedings, is the tangible possibility that the real perpetrators of the gruesome murders may still be roaming around free—secure in the knowledge that someone else will pay for the atrocity they committed

INTO THE FRAY: A Choreographed Coup—with the Law as a Prop

It is imperative to restore the judiciary to its duly assigned place in a properly functioning democracy—to that of adjudicating, not legislating

INTO THE FRAY: (a) The Imperative to Annex; (b) The Irrelevance of Innocence

History has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the Palestinian-Arabs will not be swayed from their aggressive intent by any display of Israeli goodwill, generosity or concessions—however far-reaching.

INTO THE FRAY: Pipes vs. Pipes in the New York Times

In the past, Daniel Pipes has been scrupulously strict in being “policy agnostic”, avoiding any action-oriented prescriptions to achieve his prescribed “Israeli Victory”; yet in his NYT piece, he robustly negates specific measures---such as annexation—to achieve precisely that goal

INTO THE FRAY: Judicial Overreach- Are the Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

There is a growing sense that the aura of infallibility accorded the Supreme Court, that forms the basis of its almost limitless power, so assiduously (some might say insidiously) cultivated by Chief Justice Aharon Barak, is beginning to dim

INTO THE FRAY: Haaretz – One Outrage Too Far?

The recent diatribe by Haaretz’s Rogel Alpher against Israel Prize laureate, Miriam Peretz, must have crippling commercial repercussion; not only cancellation of reader subscriptions but dramatic reduction in advertisers/advertising revenues 

INTO THE FRAY: Imbecilic, Iniquitous, Inimical

By its unflagging support of the establishment of a homophobic, misogynistic Muslim-majority tyranny (a.k.a. a Palestinian state), America’s allegedly “progressive” Jewry reveals that it is, in fact, profoundly regressive

INTO the FRAY: Edelstein Draws a Line in the Sand

Edelstein drew a much-needed line in the sand against judicial intrusion into the sphere of the legislature and thwarted yet another attempt at the usurpation of both its autonomy and authority

INTO THE FRAY: Netanyahu and the “Art of the Possible”

Politics may be the art of the possible, but it certainly makes for strange bedfellows.

INTO THE FRAY: Back from the Brink!

The false façade of Blue & White was even more friable and fragile than anyone imagined; under the assault of recalcitrant reality, even the fast-drying Bibiphobic glue proved unable to hold things together.

INTO THE FRAY: Why Netanyahu Must NOT Step Down

In stark contrast to Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert was indicted on existing interpretation of the law, no “creative” legal precedents were needed to prosecute him, there were no claims of selective prosecution, or allegations of police investigatory misconduct.

INTO THE FRAY: No! Not All Votes are Equal!

There is—and should be--a qualitative difference (i.e. a structural inequality) between votes cast for parties that wish to undermine the Jewish nation-state and those who wish to protect and preserve it

INTO THE FRAY: Fickle, Faithless, Feckless

There seems no rational explanation for Blue and White's manifestly irrational behavior other than that Netanyahu’s rivals’ seemingly pathological ad hominem hatred for him has totally unhinged them from any reasonable and responsible political action.

Why So Many Former Israeli Generals Push FOR Territorial Withdrawal

An in-depth interview with Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen, on the significance of territory in modern warfare and on his disagreements with his IDF colleagues, who endorse far-reaching territorial withdrawal by Israel.

The Trump Plan: The Good, the Bad, the Unknown and the Untenable

Whether or not it is actually implemented, the “deal” cannot effectively address Israel’s demographic menace, but only perpetuate it.

INTO THE FRAY: Terminating Terrorists and Assessing Assassinations

Whatever the operational efficacy of targeted assassinations may be—or not be—the conscience of every decent individual should rebel at the thought that arch-purveyors of terror should be permitted to pursue their deadly profession with impunity

INTO THE FRAY: Iniquitous Indictments for Invented Infractions

Despite his remarkable success, Netanyahu has been ceaselessly assailed by his political adversaries. Indeed, it is perhaps his very success that has generated such raw rancor against him

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s Dysfunctional Electorate?

Despite its many undoubted merits, democracy has one glaring detriment. There is never a dictator to blame for the fate that befalls the people. They alone are responsible for whatever befalls them.

INTO THE FRAY: Merited Mistrust?

“There is something sick in the State Prosecutor’s Office; Shai Nitzan is not fit to be the State Prosecutor” - Judge Hila Gerstel, former Commissioner for Prosecutorial Oversight

INTO THE FRAY: A 660 lb. War Crime

“Such a missile would pulverize a house to dust. It blasted a crater that is impossible to describe… There is no protection that defend us in the case of missiles like this.”-Gaza-border resident

INTO THE FRAY – Gaza: Delaying the Inevitable…Again

Delaying the inevitable does not make it less inevitable—only more costly

INTO THE FRAY- Gaza: Gratuitous Gobbledygook

The obdurate resistance of Gaza to any type of resolution has led to such overriding exasperation that it has begun to undermine the quality of the public debate on the issue.

INTO THE FRAY: Democracy Devoid of the Demos?

Former Justice Minister, ‘Tommy’ Lapid: “…the legal system in Israel is being undermined by an over-zealous State Prosecutor’s Office, that is losing esteem and credibility with each additional trial…”

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza 2040-If not Incentivized Emigration, then what?

The current situation in Gaza—and the accompanying misery—are the direct result of the misguided attempt to foist statehood on the Palestinian-Arabs.

INTO THE FRAY: Dopey Doves

He who comes to kill you, rise up early and kill him first – The Talmud

INTO THE FRAY: Land-for-Peace: An Historical Perspective

“…a military defeat of Israel would mean the physical extinction of a large part of its population and the political elimination of the Jewish state. To lose a single war is to lose everything” – Yigal Allon, 1976.

INTO THE FRAY: Alternative Jordans?

The feasibility of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” will be dramatically impacted by the nature of the regime east of the Jordan River and its prospective stability


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