Does Judaism Believe that People Are Basically Good?

If people are basically good, what is the Torah for? What are all the commandments for? If people are basically good, why would God need to command us ...?

The Awful Year We Just Lived Through

We are faced with a lockdown on speech the likes of which have never been seen in America. And the parallels with Germany are even more stark.

Secular Vs. Religious Upbringing

“Wisdom begins,” both Psalms and Proverbs teach, “with fear of G-d.” In other words, no G-d, no wisdom.

Don’t Be Afraid To Declare Yourself A Conservative

If you think even this list overstates the problem, put any of these statements on any mainstream social media platform and see what happens.

A Brief Guide To Leftist Destruction

You can meet happy and unhappy liberals and happy and unhappy conservatives, but you are unlikely to ever meet a happy leftist.

Pariahs – Then and Now

Why did the Left LIE about what I said?

Is Stealing Wrong? Not On The Left

It is worth noting that it is not only racial minorities and the poor who make these elections possible; it is also prosperous whites.

Liberals Keep Voting For Leftists – It’s Ruining The Country

The left has always been anti-Israel. Liberals have always been fervent supporters of Israel.

And Jews Will Still Vote Democrat

Most American Jews identify the Democratic Party with secularism and the Republican Party with religion (religious Christians and Orthodox Jews). And they are as committed to secularism as Christians are to Christ.

Who Would Hide a Jew if Nazis Took Over America?

I don't know if young Jews think about this, but nearly all Jews who grew up in the decades following the Holocaust often wondered: Would this non-Jew hide me?

As America Has Become More Secular, It Has Become Less Free

Jefferson and Franklin proposed that the great seal of the United States depict Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. The seal’s proposed motto: “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to G-d.”

Why Freedom Is in Serious Jeopardy

Today, the Left is leading a three-pronged assault on liberty:

Cui Bono? Who Benefits From the Afghanistan Withdrawal?

I can say that until this moment, I have not read or heard a single cogent argument from proponents of American withdrawal as to how exactly it benefits America.

Imagine No Big Cities

As regards bad and destructive ideas, big cities almost hold a monopoly.; It is not surprising that so many of Israel’s great prophets were shepherds, the most rural of folk.

‘This Is Manifestly Not Saigon’ and Our Society of Lies

The fact is that Kabul 2021 IS Saigon 1975. And everyone with eyes to see knows this.

What’s Tearing Americans Apart – According To NYT Readers

“If my mother or father became a murderer, terrorist, (or a) Republican … would I still love my parent. Here the answer is less sure.”

What the Media Tell You to Believe

It is hard to imagine greater proof than that comment of the power of mass media and of the left. That a normal woman would celebrate her daughter’s choice not to be a mother and not to make her a grandmother can only be described as deranged.

The Best Thing Most Americans Can Do To Make America Better

If religion is irrelevant to moral behavior, why are almost no violent criminals regular churchgoers?

Be Safe: Don’t Visit Your Dying Parent. Don’t Leave Your House. Don’t Get Married....

Children, in particular, have been so coddled that American children of the last two generations have probably had far less joy and far more fear than children of any previous American generation.

Did Jews Emigrate To Germany In The 1930s?

To this question there is only one possible answer: They do not believe what they say about America.

The Moral And Religious Case Against Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is, in the final analysis, a bad secular idea.

Take Your Kids Out Of School

Many parents do not want to know what their children are being taught and the consequent damage done to them. They don’t really believe school(s) will ruin their child, let alone their child’s relationship with them.

It’s About Religion, Not Land

Why attack American or French or British Jews? Why curse "the Jews"?

When Men Give Birth…

The left's moral compass always shows north as south and east as west. And men giving birth

Are We To Be the World’s Greatest Force For Good Or Not?

America is the land of systemic opportunity, not systemic racism. The only people to deny these facts are America's homegrown America-haters. They see America as a force of evil at home and abroad.

Affluence + Secularism = Boredom = Leftism

People need meaning. After food, that is the greatest human need.

Why Are Whites Hated?

So, too, is America hated for placing the Bible at the center of its value system, its belief in being a "second" chosen people, its freedoms, and its capitalism.

Why Is The Left Ignoring The Murder Of A Pakistani Immigrant?

The mainstream media have a mission that has nothing to do with reporting truth.

Mask-Wearing Represents Fear And Blind Obedience

Forcing hundreds of thousands of people to die alone will go down as one of the cruelest policies ever adopted by American authorities.


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