How Do You Know Which Side Isn’t Telling The Truth?

Was there, for the first time in California history, some outbreak of doctors “misinforming” their patients about medical matters, thereby causing them harm?

Kanye West, Antisemitism and Candace Owens

Candace Owens has now been charged with antisemitism — for defending and not condemning her friend Kanye West after his antisemitic outbursts.

My Black Uber Driver In Philly

Many people oppose generalizations. “You’re generalizing,” is a common objection to an argument using a generalization. The objecting person assumes that charge alone defeats the generalizer’s argument.

Parental Authority Is The Basis Of Civilization

This is a society in which refusing to say that men give birth can lead to social banning and the loss of one’s job and income.

Parental Authority: Foundation of Family; Foundation of Civilization

One result of the breakdown of parental authority is that we probably have more child-parent alienation than at any time in American history.

Is the World A Better Place With You In It?

My reasoning was that self-esteem needs to be earned, that it cannot and should not be given. People walking around with unearned high self-esteem are often a danger to society.

Nice People Do a Lot of Damage

Historically, much evil has been abetted by nice people.

Be Interesting – And Other Reflections On 40 Years As A Talk Show Host

Ironically, talking to so many people has made me aware how many people do not have friends, people with whom they can freely share their thoughts.

Why My Friends And I Had More Wisdom Before Bar Mitzvah than Today’s College...

To be clear, the message of the Bible is not that human nature is basically bad. What matters is that we acknowledge the reality, noted in the Bible and affirmed by all of human history, that human nature is not inherently good.

Supreme Ct. Decision: Reality Check for Young Women and their Choices

The whole issue is saturated with irony. With regard to men and women, most of what feminism fought for has hurt women and benefited men.

What Do ‘Men Give Birth’ And ‘Defund The Police’ Have In Common?

Order is composed of distinctions. Natural order was dependent on the distinction between night and day and land and sea, and moral and social order was dependent upon the distinctions listed above.

Feminism Has Weakened Women

In feminist Newspeak (Orwell's term for the totalitarian redefining of language), when applied to women, "strong" means "easily offended," and "perceiving oneself as a victim."

Paving The Road To Heaven

Were it not for many well-intentioned people who believed in communism, the truly evil people who implemented these genocides might not have come to power.

Biden’s Hateful Speech In Buffalo

As noted earlier, this was not only a hate-filled speech; it was a speech of the Big Lie. The Big Lie of white supremacy as a major threat to America generally and to black America specifically.

A Chabad House, The Disney Concert Hall, And Free Speech

The great irony in this instance is that the Left labels as an act of hate a man giving a speech titled “Creating Moral Leaders in Children” at a religious Jewish institution.

What Brings You More Joy: Your Child Getting into a Prestigious College or Getting...

From a very early age, using a happiness scale of one to 10, I have never aimed to be a 10. I always assumed that those who experience 10s are also likely to experience threes.

Ukraine: What Is In America’s Interest?

If the Left were concerned with what is in America’s interest, it would not advocate — and, under Biden, implement — policies to change America from an energy-independent country into an energy-dependent country.

Notes On An Invasion

It is even more absurd when one considers the countries Russia allegedly fears will invade them. Which one of their Western-border countries – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine – is likely to invade Russia?

On Ukraine, Comedians, NATO, America and Environmentalists

Most Americans see themselves as protectors of the weak against bully nations. This is the first time in our lifetime that America has abandoned that role.

Is Canada Becoming North America’s Cuba?

Ruin the lives of those who dare disobey Justin Trudeau.

Why the Masked and the Unmasked Have Disdain for Each Other

Since each side regards the other as anti-science, what is the science?

Does Judaism Believe that People Are Basically Good?

If people are basically good, what is the Torah for? What are all the commandments for? If people are basically good, why would God need to command us ...?

The Awful Year We Just Lived Through

We are faced with a lockdown on speech the likes of which have never been seen in America. And the parallels with Germany are even more stark.

Secular Vs. Religious Upbringing

“Wisdom begins,” both Psalms and Proverbs teach, “with fear of G-d.” In other words, no G-d, no wisdom.


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