If Libs Voted Their Values, America Would Be Saved

The second reason is most liberals have chosen to believe that the Democratic Party is still the party of John F. Kennedy. They are fooling themselves

Why Young Americans Are Not Taught About Evil

It is almost certain that the great majority of American high school and college students could not name five of the Ten Commandments (presuming they know what those are) or the names of two Shakespeare plays.

In California This Weekend, We Saw, Again, How Easy It Is To Panic Americans

The last time I saw so few cars on a Los Angeles freeway was in the first weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. Apparently, many people were just as spooked as they were in 2020.

Why Are More Americans Than Ever Committing Suicide?

Aside from food, the greatest human need is for meaning

Thoughts On A Milestone Birthday

That is how I feel. I know my chronological age, but nothing has changed in me that makes me believe it. So, then, while how I feel and my energy levels are a blessing, like many blessings, they come at a price: massive cognitive dissonance.

Pew Research: Democrats Value Free Speech Far Less than Republicans

America has been the freest country in the world for all of its history. That is why the French gave America the Statue of Liberty. It is rapidly relinquishing that title.

The 34 Professors Who Protested My Speaking At Arizona State University

I will not address the specious attacks on Charlie Kirk. I will only note that this alleged “hater” devoted his entire half-hour speech to explaining why he, though a Christian, observes the Sabbath each week from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

A Pandemic of Cruelty

Though the Bible commands us to love our neighbor, love the stranger and love God, there is no commandment to love our parents. On the other hand, there is no commandment to honor anyone except our parents.

On The Argument That We Shouldn’t Be Aiding A Corrupt Country

There is one argument made by opponents of American aid to Ukraine that holds no water – the argument that Ukraine is corrupt.

A Biblical Law That Would Change American Life

This lie that whites bear animus toward blacks is destroying the American nation.

Thoughts On The Death Of My Dog

From the first time I asked this question to the present day, in nearly every instance, one-third of the students voted to save the stranger, one-third voted for their dog, and one-third declined to vote.

Slavery, The Left, And Truth

In other words, other countries imported 41 times the number of black slaves into the Western Hemisphere compared to the United States.

Do Conservatives Oppose Change?

Conservatives have no issue with change or innovation – when warranted or harmless.

When Banks – And Other Institutions – Try To Change The World

Beginning in the second half of the 20th century, people in nearly every white-collar profession ceased finding their work inherently meaningful. So, they sought to use their profession to change the world.

Why My Synagogue May Change Its Prayer for America

Given that many of us view this president as unprecedented in the extent of damage he has done and continues to do to this country, this guess would be understandable. But it would be wrong.

Is The Conscience Reliable?

No secular idiocy is greater than the belief that the conscience can replace G-d, the Bible and Judeo-Christian values as a producer of moral behavior.

Has America Become the Greatest Exporter of Destructive Ideas?

The most obvious example of America in decline is the perverse American doctrines surrounding transgender issues

Will Secular Conservatives Have Conservative Grandchildren?

Most Christians failed to explain Christianity to their children and most Jews failed to explain Judaism to theirs.

How Do You Know Which Side Isn’t Telling The Truth?

Was there, for the first time in California history, some outbreak of doctors “misinforming” their patients about medical matters, thereby causing them harm?

Kanye West, Antisemitism and Candace Owens

Candace Owens has now been charged with antisemitism — for defending and not condemning her friend Kanye West after his antisemitic outbursts.

My Black Uber Driver In Philly

Many people oppose generalizations. “You’re generalizing,” is a common objection to an argument using a generalization. The objecting person assumes that charge alone defeats the generalizer’s argument.

Parental Authority Is The Basis Of Civilization

This is a society in which refusing to say that men give birth can lead to social banning and the loss of one’s job and income.

Parental Authority: Foundation of Family; Foundation of Civilization

One result of the breakdown of parental authority is that we probably have more child-parent alienation than at any time in American history.

Is the World A Better Place With You In It?

My reasoning was that self-esteem needs to be earned, that it cannot and should not be given. People walking around with unearned high self-esteem are often a danger to society.

Nice People Do a Lot of Damage

Historically, much evil has been abetted by nice people.

Be Interesting – And Other Reflections On 40 Years As A Talk Show Host

Ironically, talking to so many people has made me aware how many people do not have friends, people with whom they can freely share their thoughts.


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