Palestinians: Is It Really about ‘Annexation’?

Those who are pressuring Israel not to proceed with the "annexation" plan need to hear what Islamic leaders are saying, day and night: that the conflict is not about Jewish settlements or the Jordan Valley, but the "big settlement" called Israel.

Palestinians: The ‘Un-Islamic’ Family Protection

"Is preserving the Palestinian family by beating and killing the woman and denying her right to inheritance?

The Palestinians No One Tells You About

The Arab states unremittingly subject Palestinians to apartheid and discriminatory measures. Yet the heads of the UN and its member states seem too busy with their obsession with Israel to attend to their pleas of these Palestinians, who are being deprived of basic rights in Iraq and throughout the Arab world.

Abbas’s Precious Gift to Iran: Hamas

If and when Abbas does suspend security coordination with Israel, he will be sending a message to Iran and its Palestinian proxies that the time has come to turn the West Bank into a center for Jihad against Israel and the "infidels."

Palestinian Leaders: A Policy of Piracy, Blackmail and Plunder

The next time Abbas accuses Israel of "piracy" and "theft" of Palestinian money, the international community might inquire into the Palestinian leader's own practice of depriving his people of their livelihoods because of their political affiliations and resistance to his policy of plunder.

Palestinians and the Virus of Normalization

If Hamas does not want any contact with Israel, it should close the Gaza Strip border with Israel and refuse to medical supplies or truckloads of goods and fuel. If Hamas does not want any contact with Israel, it should stop sending family members of its leaders to receive medical treatment in Israel.

Hamas: A New Pretext to Attack Israel

Since 2014, Hamas has invested about $120 million in the terror tunnels. According to various estimates, a terror tunnel costs anywhere from three to 10 million US dollars -- depending on its length and depth.

Palestinians: Despite Coronavirus, Jihad Against Israel Continues

A public opinion poll published last week by a Palestinian center found that 68% of respondents support the medical cooperation with Israel.

Palestinians: Fighting against Coronavirus, for Freedom of Speech

Both the PA and Hamas, even during the difficult time of a pandemic, as they have made abundantly clear, do not hesitate to pursue their repressive measures against anyone who dares to speak out against financial and administrative corruption, or expresses views that annoy any Palestinian leaders.

Palestinian Leaders Use Coronavirus to Attack Israel

The Palestinian leaders, who are pursuing their efforts to prosecute Israelis for "war crimes," have been concealing from their own people and the international community the fact that Israel is assisting them in the war on the coronavirus.

Who Is Preventing Palestinians From Voting?

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will have to continue accepting the reality of living under the unelected and totalitarian leaders of the PA and Hamas. For the Palestinians, each Israeli election serves as a sad reminder of the catastrophic failure of Palestinian leaders and the complete absence of democracy under the PA and Hamas.

Palestinians Condemn US for Offering to Help

The Palestinians seem to believe that they are the ones entitled to set conditions to those who are offering to improve their living needs and help them march towards prosperity and a better future for their children.

PA Arabs: Arab Leaders Talking to Israel Are ‘Traitors, Jews’

Several key Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, seem to be fed up with the ongoing Palestinian rejection of every proposed Palestinian-Israeli peace plan. The Palestinians have never even proposed a counter-offer.

The Real Reason Arabs in Israel Do Not Want to Live in ‘Palestine’

Many Arab citizens of Israel see how Palestinians living under the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip are subject to human rights violations on a daily basis.

Palestinians: Abbas Chooses Hamas Over Peace with Israel

In fact, the wording of Trump's plan is quite compatible with the position of Abbas and his PA officials in the West Bank.

The ‘Crime’ of Arabs Singing to Arabs in Israel

The whole idea of boycotting Israel is designed to prevent the world from learning about the good things that Israel stands for and actually provides.

The Palestinians and Europe’s Secret Agenda

The European Union is said to be pressuring the Palestinians to hold long overdue presidential and parliamentary elections. It is not clear, however, how the Palestinians would hold new elections at a time when the PA and Hamas are busy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip locking up their political opponents.

Why Palestinian Leaders Fear Opinion Polls

Palestinian leaders fear that reports about corruption could contribute to a drying up of international funding of the PA. If donor countries got whiff of the fact that their taxpayers' money is being squandered and stolen by senior PA officials, the cash cow might just kick over the PA bucket.

Palestinians: ‘Foreigners’ in an Arab Country

Palestinians are victims not only of their Arab brothers, but also of the double standards of the international community, which continues to be obsessed only with Israel.

Hamas, Thirty-Two Years Later

Now that Hamas has again – clearly – reminded the world that it has not changed and continues to seek the destruction of Israel, the question is: Why are some world leaders, governments and organizations continuing to embrace the leaders of the movement?

Iran’s Plan to Foil the Gaza Ceasefire

Iran's leaders see the situation in Gaza: "We are not sending these groups and militias cash and guns so that they can strike ceasefire deals."

Sanctuary for Gays: Ignored or Jeered at by West

Hate for Israel has blinded people to the point where they align themselves with their own executioners.

Iran’s Palestinian Proxies: United Against Israel

This is not a good guy/bad guy scenario. Instead, it is a temporary rift between two extremely bad guys, both of whom are wholly committed to destroying Israel, even if that means destroying their own people along the way as well.

What Are Palestinian Leaders Afraid Of?

Criticism is fine, of course -- if it is directed at the Palestinians' arch-enemy, Israel. Otherwise, Palestinian journalists had best keep their criticism to themselves -- lest the PA and Hamas decide to leave them in critical condition.

Why Hamas Supports Erdogan’s War

Hamas's support for Erdogan's war on the Kurds seems to be in the context of its attempt to persuade the Turkish authorities to allow its members to continue using Turkey as a base for masterminding terrorist attacks against Israel.

Why Are Palestinians ‘Disappearing’ in Saudi Arabia?

It is only Palestinians who are held by Israel for terrorist-related crimes who Abbas and his friends remember to mention in their endless litanies of complaints.
Mugs on display at a souvenir shop in Gaza show the political figures admired by the local population (left to right): Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, PA President Mahmoud Abbas, U.S. President Abu Hussein, and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaa.

Do Palestinian Leaders Want a Better Life for Their People?

Instead of encouraging and assisting their people to move on with their lives and seek a better future for their children, Hamas and other Palestinian groups continue to lie to the refugees by promising them that one day they will go back to their villages and towns in Israel.

Why Egypt Does Not Want to Help Gaza

Why do Egyptians have to travel all the way to Israel to discuss supplying the Gaza Strip with food, medicine and fuel (through Israel) when Egypt can easily do so through its shared border with the Gaza Strip? The world seems to have forgotten that the Gaza Strip has a shared border not only with Israel, but with Egypt as well.

Why Arabs Hate Palestinians

"Palestinians bring disaster to anyone who hosts them. Jordan hosted them, and there was Black September; Lebanon hosted them, and there was a civil war there; Kuwait hosted them, and they turned into Saddam Hussein's soldiers. Now they are using their podiums to curse us."

Can Arabs in Gaza Revolt Against Hamas?

The voices emerging from the Gaza Strip are anguished and reflect the Palestinians' growing sense of disillusionment with Hamas. These voices, however, are still small in numbers. Hamas's brutal methods of suppression and torture have deterred a large number of Palestinians from speaking out. These voices will grow only if the international community heeds them and calls out Hamas for its brutal crackdown on Palestinians.


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