ARABS to Biden: Shut Down Iran’s ‘Expansionist Project’

The Arabs are saying that they expect the Biden administration to reverse its stance on the mullahs and act in accordance with reality: that Tehran poses a catastrophic threat to America's allies – all of its allies, Arab and Israeli alike – in the Middle East.

Palestinians: The House Demolitions and Land-Grabs No One Talks About

Hamas's ongoing efforts to raze entire villages in the Gaza Strip is seen by many Palestinians as.... part of widespread corruption in Hamas, whose leaders want to seize lands for their personal use.

Iran Trying to Force the US to Meet All Its Demands

Will the Biden administration will continue with its benighted policy of appeasing the mullahs or heed the insistent wake-up calls of America's real allies?

Why Palestinians Celebrate the Murder of Jews

It is time for the Biden administration and other Western donors to start banging on the table and demanding an end to the poisonous campaign to delegitimize Israel and demonize Jews. Until that happens, we will continue to see Palestinians dancing and handing out candy because Jewish blood flows at their feet.

Palestinians: US Weakness Facilitates the Rise of Jihad and Fundamentalism

As far as Hamas is concerned, the weaker the US the greater are their chances of fulfilling their goal of replacing Israel with an Islamic state.

Why Arabs Do Not Trust the Biden Administration

Prominent Arab political analysts, commentators and journalists are continuing to express fear about Iran's "expansionist" schemes in the Arab countries, especially Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. They say that they are worried that a return to the JCPOA would further embolden the mullahs in Tehran and the Iranian-backed terrorist groups.

Iran’s Palestinian Proxy: Jihad against Israel and America

The Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the second largest and hugely influential group in the Gaza Strip after Hamas, does not believe that the conflict with Israel is over Jerusalem, settlements, borders, checkpoints or Palestinian prisoners.

The Palestinian Leaders’ Five-Star Jihad

The leaders of Hamas and PIJ left scorched earth behind them and chose to lead luxurious lives in Doha, Istanbul and Beirut. Strangely, however, instead of hiding their faces in shame, they are calling from their gyms, jets, and jacuzzis for the Palestinians to pursue the fight against Israel.

Palestinians: The Human Rights Violations No One Talks About

Under the current circumstances, the Biden administration is stating that it wants to facilitate Abbas' creation of another Arab dictatorship that suppresses public freedoms and sanctions torture and intimidation.

Why Palestinian Leaders Ignore Arab Atrocities

The Palestinian leadership apparently does not want to assume any responsibility for its people in the Arab world because that would mean spending money on them and providing them with various services. Palestinian leaders would, it seems, rather keep the money for themselves than assist their own people.

The Arab Apartheid No One Talks About

The demonization of Israel by so many journalists, officials and so-called human-rights groups leaves little time to ask why a Palestinian in Lebanon is not permitted to practice medicine while a significant portion of the medical staff at Israeli hospitals consists of Arab doctors and nurses.
Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal in Gaza

Sorry, Everyone, Hamas is STILL a Terrorist Group

Hamas leaders dissemble LESS than many of their own apologists in the West, who claim that they understand Hamas better than Hamas understands itself.

For Palestinians, Terrorism or Peace? Abbas Wants It Both Ways

Instead of welcoming the UK's decision to ban Hamas, Abbas was one of the first Palestinians to condemn the move. By condemning the decision, Abbas is sending a message to the international community that he actually does support terror and Hamas.

Why Palestinians Are Fleeing Gaza?

Blaming Israel for everything wrong in the Gaza Strip may fool many in the US, Canada and the UK. But the Palestinians fleeing Gaza and their families who remain behind know the truth -- that it is Hamas that has brought them to the abyss

Palestinian Leaders Inflict Pain on Their People; EU Shrugs

Protesters have appealed to the European Union for help, to no avail. This is the same EU that is quick to criticize Israel over the issue of construction in the settlements, the recent decision to label six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations and any other act

The Role of Iran’s Palestinian Mercenaries

Hamas and PIJ want the Palestinians and the rest of the Arabs and Muslims to believe that their only goal is to "liberate all of Palestine, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea" -- a euphemism for driving the Jews out of Israel and replacing it with an Islamist state.

Palestinians: Why Biden’s Aid Will Not Bring Peace

US taxpayer dollars will not drive Palestinians to accept Israel's right to exist. The same applies to the Israeli gestures, which are not likely to achieve the Biden administration's hope of bolstering the PA's standing or advancing the "two-state solution."

The Failed State of Lebanon to Combat ‘Normalization’ with Israel

There is a further ironic twist to this fiasco. While most Arab countries are turning a blind eye to the deepening crisis in Lebanon, there is one country that appears ready to help the Lebanese people: Israel.

Will Lebanon Fall into the Hands of Iran?

The mullahs in Tehran are doubly dangerous: they aspire not only to develop nuclear weapons, but also to occupy Arab states

The Palestinian Jihad Summer Camps

They have enough funds to launch camps to brainwash and indoctrinate their own children, but are not prepared to invest in rebuilding homes that were destroyed or damaged during the last Israel-Hamas war.

The Palestinian Police State

These [Palestinian] leaders have turned the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the West Bank into a police state where political opponents are beaten to death, arrested, tortured and intimidated.

The Palestinian Jihad Summer Camps

They have enough funds to launch camps to brainwash and indoctrinate their own children, but are not prepared to invest in rebuilding homes that were destroyed or damaged during the last Israel-Hamas war.

The US-Backed Palestinian Human Rights Violations

When Palestinians despair of any improvement in the PA leadership, they move towards Hamas and other terrorist groups that are seen by many Palestinians as a better alternative to Abbas and his Fatah faction.

Arabs: Hamas and Iran Turned Gaza into Cemetery for Children

It is... refreshing to see how many Arabs are aware of the dangers of Iran's involvement with Palestinian terrorist groups that seek the elimination first of Israel, then of them.

Arabs: Hamas Does Not Care About Palestinian Suffering

Prominent Arab writers and political analysts hold the Iranian-backed Hamas responsible for the violence and bloodshed in the Gaza Strip over the past week. These Arabs can also see that if one cares about the Palestinians, why would one want them ruled by terrorists who place weapons caches near hospitals and schools, and use children as human shields?

Iran’s Proxy War Against Israel

In the past, Iran used its proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, to attack Israel. Iran is now using its Palestinian proxies to achieve its goal of eliminating Israel and killing Jews. This is a war not only between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist groups. Rather, it is a war waged by Iran against Israel.

For Some Arabs, Preventing Peace with Israel Is More Important Than Combating Coronavirus

These [Arab] leaders and media have filled the Arab people with so much hate against Israel that participating in a positive, productive endeavor becomes a major crime.

Iran’s ‘Drug Terrorism’ Against Arabs

"[Hezbollah has become] a criminal organization whose danger has gone beyond the stage of terrorism and military operations.... The Hezbollah project has become the destruction of people through drugs."

How Palestinian Leaders Treat Their Refugees

They want millions of Palestinians to remain stuck in refugee camps so that the Palestinian leadership can continue milking the world for money.

Palestinian Elections: What the Biden Administration Does Not Want to Know

These Palestinians oppose any recognition of Israel's right to exist; they oppose any form of normalization with Israel; they oppose any peace talks with Israel and have repeatedly denounced any peace process with Israel as an act of treason.


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