The Third Wave of Anti-Semitism is on the Way

The coronavirus pandemic has rebooted the classic medieval Jew-hatred seen during the Black Plague. Today, in the age of a sovereign Jewish state, it has been redirected to demonize Israel.

Burying Jew… After Jew… After Jew: Providing a Final Kindness During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since many CSE members are over 60, they couldn’t volunteer. Many younger members, however, were out of work and able to step in and contribute more hours than usual.

Caring For Patients Without Harming Myself

The hardest part of all of this is seeing the patients all alone, sick and alone. Talking to the worried family and trying to reassure them when I don’t feel reassured myself.

The Fear Of Covid

We were given one N95 mask, one face shield, and a pair of goggles. The N95 was to be used all day, the face shield and goggles to be sanitized and reused daily.

Leading In A Time Of Crisis

While I have many hats outside of nursing, every day now I have to assume the role of leader, mentor, frontline nurse, nursing assistant, and transporter.

We’re Doing All We Can, But Are We Doing Enough?

If we have a bit of time and they have a bit of breath, I tell them to call their loved ones. Let their family hear their voices a bit.

The Real Reasons We Are Heroes

We choose you and your loved ones over our own. We choose to keep fighting this nasty, scary virus even though it means we can’t be with any of our loved ones for a long time.

Memorial Site Pays Tribute To Coronavirus Victims

Hoping to ease mourners’ pain and to properly recognize those who were gone, Eli set about to build a website that, true to its name, would allow friends and family members to pay their final respects.

The Frontline Battle Against Covid-19: Too Much

I am not an emotional person by nature. But in the last few weeks I have found myself minutes or seconds away from tears at any given moment.

The Frontline Battle Against Covid-19: Just Breathe

Breathe, I tell myself. Breathe. I want to call my sister, but I can’t dial. Thoughts roll through my head such as: Is this my new reality?


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