Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh – Parshat Ki Tisa

So, obviously, Hashem does not have a face and all the above descriptions are simply metaphors to simplify concepts to enable our human intellect to understand, even though the true reality is beyond our comprehension.

Rosh Hashana: The Bonds That Tie

I just want to ask a simple question. Who said anything about tying Yitzchak up? Hashem certainly didn’t tell Avraham to tie Yitzchak up; He told him to offer Yitzchak as an olah.

Lechem Hapanim And Amalek

Bilam’s advice was that Amalek stood no chance against the spiritually strong in Am Yisrael, but they did have a faint possibility to inflict damage on those in Am Yisrael who were spiritually weak.

Accessories For Kings

One would think that the Shulchan, a symbol of royalty and material wealth, is there to serve the Menorah, the light of the Torah. However, this is not what the Torah tells us.

Of Trees And Men – Parshat Shoftim

Since the Tree of Knowledge had sinned and not obeyed Hashem’s directive, by all rights it should have been uprooted and destroyed, but that is not what happened.

The Song Of The Land

It is clear that Yaakov knew that Yosef was alive and in Egypt. The only question that remains is – did he know that the brothers had sold Yosef into slavery?

Secret Bread Societies – Parshat Bamidbar

The Sages mistakenly interpreted this refusal as an egotistically motivated desire to maintain a monopoly, and they summarily fired the entire Garmu family.

Of Tables, Isaac Newton, And The Holy Temple

The Shulchan symbolizes material wealth, and everything connected with it relates to the morality of wealth and livelihood.

Rejoicing the Rain – Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Unlike a regular celebration where one hires professional performers, the entertainment in Simchat Beit haShoeva was provided by the Gedolei Hador – the tzaddikim and wise men of the generation.

Professional Happiness – Parshat Re’eh

A genuine smile is a form of energy, an inner light radiating out from the soul.

Fruit And Shopping Lists – Parshat Ki Tavo

Everyone willingly and eagerly went to the Beit HaMikdash, even for two olives and two figs, because when they brought the bikkurim, they could ask Hashem for whatever they wanted, and it would be granted.

Who Is Worthy To Build The Mishkan?

It is possible to teach a child a Divine crash course in metalwork or stone masonry overnight, but you cannot give a crash course in childlike innocence.

Happy Hotline – Tazria

Even more curious is the latter part of the Midrash – to prevent becoming afflicted with the nega’im, what should one do? Eat, drink and be happy! Have a continual party – that is the remedy!

Bread Of Hate? – Parshat Vayeishev

From the outset, there was seething sibling rivalry that eventually erupted explosively. The sons of Leah regarded the sons of the maidservants Zilpah and Bilhah with disdain, and they hated Yosef.

A Swell, Sweet Year – Nitzavim

We have minhagim to eat various different symbolic foods on the night of Rosh Hashana, somewhat resembling a Pesach Seder. There is one minhag, however, that is universal throughout Am Yisrael and that is eating apple dipped in honey. What is the origin of this minhag?

Gateway To Prosperity – Parshat Miketz

Yosef was a living Shulchan Lechem HaPanim; through him Hashem channeled sustenance and prosperity to the entire world.

Unity vs. Disunity In The Mishkan

Hashem resorted to Plan B, which began by restoring unity within Am Yisrael, and only when that was in place directing the focus to where it was originally intended.

Fat And Kicking

Hashem wants us to visit Him every day, to have a loving daily connection with Him and to ask Him for what we need. A relationship that even when we have what we need, we continue to visit the palace.

Picture It! – Parshat Vayikra

Forget about five-year-old kids; most adults are not overly attracted to Sefer Vayikra, with all its gore.

The Fire Of Cats And Dogs

Am Yisrael were desperately waiting for the Shechina to return after the sin of the Golden Calf. At the conclusion of the eight days...

‘Armed’ In The Dark

Unlike the Egyptians, who couldn’t see and couldn’t move, for Am Yisrael there was light in their places of dwelling (Shemot 10:23).

Did The Ancient Israelites Build The Pyramids? – Parshat Shemot

This fact seems to indicate that we did not build the pyramids, as it is unlikely the Egyptians would have fed enormous amounts of meat to their slaves.

Harp Strings Of The Soul – Yitro

The commentaries teach us that the Torah is not a book of stories. It only details things that have a profound lesson to teach us.

Building The Mishkan: Plan A And Plan B – Parshat Vayakhel

The sefer Ohel Yehoshua explains that in fact Hashem had two distinct plans for building the Mishkan. The original plan preceded the sin of the Golden Calf, after which a Plan B went into effect as a result of the Am Yisrael’s sin.

Frog’s Bread

Our Sages say that the reason we whisper the above blessing in Hebrew is that we do not want to openly flaunt a blessing we “stole” from the angels.

Thanksgiving Matzo – Tzav

I know very few who enjoy matzo year round. Most people can’t wait for Pesach to end, to get rid of all their leftover matzo.

The Rosh Hashana Accounting Miracle

Hashem performs a miracle of accounting because if He did not, none of us would survive the coming year.

Rumblings Of War

Why is Lot so important that Avraham took him along and risked his life to save him?

Was There Food On Har Sinai? – Parshat Mishpatim

The Torah here does not say anything about what Moshe ate or drank during those forty days and nights.


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