Rosh Hashana: The Bonds That Tie

I just want to ask a simple question. Who said anything about tying Yitzchak up? Hashem certainly didn’t tell Avraham to tie Yitzchak up; He told him to offer Yitzchak as an olah.

Of Tables, Isaac Newton, And The Holy Temple

The Shulchan symbolizes material wealth, and everything connected with it relates to the morality of wealth and livelihood.

Bread And Slander

As a result of eating from this tree of disparate parts, Adam and Chava themselves became split into disparate parts, the physical and the spiritual, and were no longer the integral unit that Hashem had intended.

Rejoicing the Rain – Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Unlike a regular celebration where one hires professional performers, the entertainment in Simchat Beit haShoeva was provided by the Gedolei Hador – the tzaddikim and wise men of the generation.

Secret Bread Societies – Parshat Bamidbar

The Sages mistakenly interpreted this refusal as an egotistically motivated desire to maintain a monopoly, and they summarily fired the entire Garmu family.

The Rosh Hashana Accounting Miracle

Hashem performs a miracle of accounting because if He did not, none of us would survive the coming year.

Material And Spiritual In The Beit HaMikdash

Chazal say that the Menorah is a blessing of spirituality. It represents the light of the Torah.

Ending Gracefully: Birkat HaMazon

The first to fulfill the mitzvah of Birkat HaMazon, according to our Sages, was Avraham Avinu.

A Lavish Lunch – Vayeira

After preparing the delicacies, Avraham then waited on the guests, serving milk, butter and the three tongues in mustard sauce. The Malbim says that first Yishmael served the milk and butter and after that, Avraham served the meat, to separate milk and meat according to halacha.

Be Straight – Parshat Re’eh

This is the way Hashem wants us to serve Him, not just according to the letter of the law, but beyond that, out of love, and not only because we are obligated and commanded to.

Taking Challah – A Cornerstone Of Creation – Parshat Shelach

The mitzvah of hafrashat challah is from the written Torah, and like all the mitzvot related to the Land of Israel, applies only in Eretz Yisrael and only when the majority of Am Yisrael resides there.

Frog’s Bread

Our Sages say that the reason we whisper the above blessing in Hebrew is that we do not want to openly flaunt a blessing we “stole” from the angels.

The Need To Knead

Although men are also obligated to do so, this mitzvah is primarily incumbent on women and they are given preference in performing it. Sarah was the first woman in history to perform this mitzvah.

Bread And Torah – Or Torah And Bread?

Instinctively, one would think the Torah is more important because it is the reason for the existence of the entire world.

Essence Of Chametz

On a chemical level, chametz is a conundrum. The existence of fermentation is not sufficient to define chametz.

Happiness And Simcha – Ki Tavo

Actually, happiness is not necessarily the correct English translation for the word simcha.

Birkat Kohanim And The Code Of Five – Parshat Naso

According to our Sages there are seven layers in Heaven (this is where the expression seventh heaven comes from). The fifth layer is called Ma'on, and it is from this layer that simcha originates.

Professional Happiness – Parshat Re’eh

A genuine smile is a form of energy, an inner light radiating out from the soul.

Thanksgiving Matzo – Tzav

I know very few who enjoy matzo year round. Most people can’t wait for Pesach to end, to get rid of all their leftover matzo.

Crust And Crumb – Parshat Eikev

When we go shopping, we stock our pantries for a week or more and go to bed in the secure knowledge that at least when we wake up the following morning, there will be food to eat.

Happy Hotline – Tazria

Even more curious is the latter part of the Midrash – to prevent becoming afflicted with the nega’im, what should one do? Eat, drink and be happy! Have a continual party – that is the remedy!

Was There Food On Har Sinai? – Parshat Mishpatim

The Torah here does not say anything about what Moshe ate or drank during those forty days and nights.

The Power Of Ketoret

Am Yisrael accused Moshe of murdering Korach and his followers by instructing them to offer a Ketoret offering outside the Mishkan, knowing full well what the consequences of such an action would be.

Lechem Hapanim And Amalek

Bilam’s advice was that Amalek stood no chance against the spiritually strong in Am Yisrael, but they did have a faint possibility to inflict damage on those in Am Yisrael who were spiritually weak.

Accessories For Kings

One would think that the Shulchan, a symbol of royalty and material wealth, is there to serve the Menorah, the light of the Torah. However, this is not what the Torah tells us.

The Merit Of A Good Wife

Korach cynically recruited the tribe of Reuven to join his “coup” against Moshe and Aharon, claiming that it was the right of the bechor, Reuven, to work in the Mishkan – not Aharon and the Kohanim.

Of Trees And Men – Parshat Shoftim

Since the Tree of Knowledge had sinned and not obeyed Hashem’s directive, by all rights it should have been uprooted and destroyed, but that is not what happened.

Body And Soul

Steering clear of hazardous objects and environments are obligations no less than the above in preserving our bodies and souls.


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