What Are Our Priorities?

The special connection between the six days of the week and Shabbat goes both ways. Shabbat, too, is influenced by the content of our week.

The Coronavirus: Embracing Uncertainty

“All of us are presently learning a course in ‘How to live with uncertainty.’ From my experience, to succeed in this course you need to open your heart to embrace the unexpected.

Don’t Focus On Yourself

A message both particular and universal...

A Lesson From Mrs. Gafner

Even at the height of personal anguish it's still possible to demonstrate such sensitivity.

True Leadership

Moshe was a stutterer and did not look for a leadership role, but he proved that one can lead even without charisma – through the power of faith, prayer, and a sense of mission.

Lighting Until The Flame Rises On Its Own

Initially, we have the task of simply lighting a fire. To educate, to explain, to pay close attention and to inspire.

How Can You Change?

The single good character trait is our continued attempt at self-improvement, the attempt to elevate morality over nature.

How Can We Sully Our Souls?

Rabbeinu Yonah, who passed away 756 years ago this week, wrote prolifically from the city of Girona, in medieval Spain, about repentance and self-improvement.

Walking Into Freedom – Every Day

We are supposed to prepare for the 14th of Nissan, the day of the Exodus from Egypt. To study the holiday, to go through the Haggadah and, mainly, to go forth into freedom ourselves.

Stuck At Home

coronavirus has given all of us homework

A Tip For Living A Long Life

If you honor and esteem the values of your parents, you will merit long life since you will then have created a bridge between the past and the future and they will unite without interruption.

We Don’t Even Realize What We’re Missing

We are like poor people who do not know they are poor and how rich they could be.

Moshe, The Stutterer

"Moshe's life is inspiring and reassuring to children with learning disabilities and to their parents

Don’t Stop At Hearing

Only Yisro went deeper into what this all meant to him. He didn’t just hear – he changed.

My Favorite Verse

The revolution of Yitzchak is different – not to rebel, but to toe the line, to continue the tradition, to dig the same wells.

The Meanings Of Sacrifice

Shabbat does not only last 25 hours; Shabbat reverberates throughout the entire week and is meant to favorably influence our six days of work and other activities.

The Calf Vs. Torah

All that's gold does not glitter-in truth

Searching Our Souls, Finding The Goodness Within

The biggest failure is to ignore failure. My approach is that failure guides me.

Freedom For…?

Freedom is not only about rights or privileges, but also about responsibilities.

What Should We Do?

What do we do in the face of this corona that has not disappeared as we expected?

What Did Omri Casspi Tell Me?

At some point, I stopped and said to myself: 'Wait a minute, what is going on with me?' I felt a sense of obligation and began thinking: I represent something, but I know nothing about what I represent.

It’s Not About You

Wishing that everyone will be remembered for life.

What Are Children Learning?

Our children have learned how to maintain a connection with grandma and grandpa without hugs, how to manage with their brothers and sisters when cooped up in isolation, and how to follow new rules that changed their lives.

Three Lessons From The Coronavirus

Humanity today has received an abundance of life and health as an incredible gift. But does it properly take advantage of this blessing?

Everyone Matters!

Even within large groups, or even within an entire nation, each individual has a special place and a unique mission. Each person is important.

Five Facts About The Life Of Rabbi Chaim Ben Attar

Most of you never heard of Kurt Rothschild who passed away last week at the age of 101, but it is reasonable to assume that most of you benefited from him in some way.

It’s Never Too Late To Find Out Who You Are

After 80 years, I finally know who I am and who my family members are, he said yesterday when he met his cousin in the city of Modi'in.

Our Children

Once they asked a wise man to talk about his greatest dream. He answered that he had many dreams and professional aspirations, but above...

Our Constant Challenge

Indeed, we know what is of primary and what is of secondary importance in life, yet this understanding is not always easy to apply.


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