A New Era

The lack of routine condemnation from the United States of Israel’s announced 2,500 new settlement houses is certainly encouraging.

Where’s Your Passion?

Shabbos should be so full of warmth and inspiration that our children should feel they can’t do without it.

Achdut: The Key To Jewish Survival

There is no question that unity and respect amongst Jews are more vital than the chumrahs that separate one Jew from the next.

Everyone Can Be Successful

What does it take to be deemed successful? The Torah describes Yosef as an "ish matzliach," a successful man. but I can't fathom anyone using the term “success” to describe Yosef at this point in his life. Yet, success, according to our Sages, is dependent on man’s frame of mind.

Vayeira: The Binding of Isaac

God wanted to establish the principle that children are not the property of their parents.

A Tale Of Two Goblets

The servant was ecstatic. He was racing to the King’s treasure house to retrieve two precious goblets to place on the King’s very table. Why had he been chosen to be the one to bring these royal treasures? Well, he was the one who had suggested the idea.

Busy Mindset

We should be so engaged in meaningful and valuable pursuits that we don’t have time to sin.

Acheinu – Connecting To Our People

The October 7th massacre and the subsequent attacks on and demonization of Jews worldwide have reminded us that we are one big family who are all in the same boat. The external enemy and threats have galvanized and unified us.

Don’t Kill Time

The Imrei Emes once said, “The biggest ‘mussar sefer’ I know of is a ticking clock!”

Only G-d Can Judge People

He was also more of a moderate, not relying on the zealous methods of his teacher, but on a more pragmatic approach.

The Haggadah: The Manual To The Geula

In order to properly daven for the geula, one must first notice the magnitude of the situation.

Reflections On Women Of The Wall

I am particularly discouraged and disappointed with the so-called “Women of the Wall” and their monthly actions which disturb the prayers at the Kotel, creating a chillul Hashem.

Money And Mitzvos

Chazal tell us that the pursuit of money teaches us how we should pursue mitzvos. Money familiarize us with the burning passion we ought to develop for mitzvos--and mitzvos have even greater intrinsic value.

Lives Taken Unintentionally: We All Atone

The guilty were sent to the cities of the Levi’im not to be imprisoned but to be placed in an environment of learning and spirituality, a setting where atonement and self-forgiveness could readily be achieved.

Is Authenticity Good?

Concepts such as marit ayin enjoin us to be “inauthentic” and to put on a show for the outside, even when we know there is nothing inherently wrong with our actions.

Appreciating OUR Creator

As part of the world Hashem constantly recreates, our existence also hinges on Hashem’s continuous constant renewal.

Reconsidering The Aruch HaShulchan: How Rav Y.M. Epstein’s Masterwork Invites You Into a Generational...

The Aruch HaShulchan always had the role of a primary source of halacha for many poskim and roshei yeshiva. Although we must note that in most circles, the Mishnah Berurah, written by the beloved Chofetz Chaim has eclipsed it.

A Lost Opportunity? Hopefully Not

There are those who recite the words “Next year in Jerusalem” with such fervor at the Seder on Passover eve. But until all of us wholeheartedly accept the reality that we have Medinat Yisrael and recognize the enormity of this gift, Mashiach will unfortunately tarry.

Don’t Stand Out

We live in a society where people gauge success by the number of possessions, but we need to realize that flaunting our successes puts us in grave danger.

Don’t Daven At Home (Part Six of a Series)

The first verse, however, concerns someone who davens with a minyan. Such a person is assured that his prayers will be heard by Hashem any time of year.

Have We Become Too Lazy?

Nowadays, we often avoid a challenge – and, along with it, the satisfaction that accompanies real effort – if it seems too hard. But we must resist that urge.

Rabbi Dov Lior – A Quintessential Jewish Patriot

Rav Dov Lior is not only a Torah scholar; he is quintessential Jewish patriot, whose allegiance is pledged fully to God, Torah, the People and the Land. His courage in speaking the truth is undeniably tangible, without regard for any public controversy or dispute.

The Message of the Poles

Our connection to the Torah is the only way we have survived this long and bitter galus.

The Old Man And The See

“Sav” is related to the Hebrew word “seivah,” and both these words form the basis of “saba,” which means “old man” or “grandfather.”

Inclusion Of All People

How can anyone rebuff Almighty G-d when receiving a directive to perform a task? What motivated Moshe to refuse this mission?

The Super Power Of Tefillin

Before we put on tefillin, we should keep in mind that we are putting it on our heads because the neshama is in our head with the rest of our senses and strengths.

Zman Simchateinu – What We Celebrate

Though similar to the harvest celebrations of other cultures, ours differs in that it focuses on the Beit HaMikdash (Moreh Nevuchim 3:43). We celebrate lifnei (before) Hashem because we realize that He is the cause of our success.

The Significance Of Pesach’s Big Three

This alternative explanation highlights Hashem’s care for us more strongly. On that fateful night, he did more than just skip over our homes. He actively and personally protected us from danger.

Q & A: Women Counting Sefirat Haomer

QUESTION: In my wife's family, women count Sefirat Haomer. This is something that I have not seen in my own family, although they are quite observant. As a newly married couple, we are quite confused.Please discuss this matter and explain.No name pleaseToronto, Ontario

The Jewish People: One Person With One Heart

There is no question that the congregation of Israel at the time of the giving of the Torah was comprised of divergent views, and that the people who were transgressors and who later would be singled out as sinners were present as well.


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