Why G-d Chose The Early Zionists

Rav Teichtal then cites a tradition from the Gemara (Chullin 63a) that the redemption will be heralded by impure birds – a reference to sinful Jews.

Brazenness And Arrogance In Our Children

In my experience as a principal for many years, and in my capacity as an evaluator of schools that boast of their excellence, I am constantly amazed by the brazenness and arrogance of some students.

All People Are G-d’s Creation

G-d loves and respects all of His creations, and is sad when anyone dies or is hurt – Jew or non-Jew!

The Taxi Minyan

That night a memorable prayer rose to Heaven and went straight to the Throne of Glory. It was offered by an unusual gathering, a minyan of Jews that one doesn't see every day.

This Week's Luach

New York City
Dec. 27, 2002 - 22 Teves 5763
4:15 p.m. E.S.T.
Sabbath Ends: 5:26 p.m. E.S.T.

Parashat Emor

In both the company of fellow Jews and in the presence of gentiles, we must be relentlessly careful to conduct ourselves with morality, consideration towards others and honest financial dealings. A Jew must always be conscious that the Hebrew Nation represents HaShem in this world and that Israel is a direct reflection of His Divine Ideal.

Tzitzit And Color Psychology

At its core techelet reminds us of our mission in this world, which is to serve G-d by doing mitzvot and avoiding sinning.

We Dare Not Fool Ourselves

When giving Moshe Rabbeinu the mitzvah of machzis hashekel, Hashem showed him a coin of fire. Was the Almighty possibly warning us to handle financial matters as cautiously as we would a burning flame?

Don’t Chase Hashem Away

While this story is quite remarkable, we must wonder: Why did Hashem allow Ezra’s holy Sefer Torah to be defaced in the first place?

Q & A: Gerut During Sefira (Conclusion)

QUESTION: I have received the good news that I am going to be accepted as a full-fledged member of the Jewish people. The Beit Din informed me that the gerutwill become effective a short while before Rosh Chodesh Iyar (late May), during Sefirat HaOmer. Do I continue to count Sefira after my gerut as I have been doing before it? I was told that a similar topic was previously discussed in this column. Perhaps you can helpme with my specific situation. Avraham b. Avraham (via e-mail)

Passing The Marshmallow Test

The snake’s incitement and the aesthetic enticement of the fruit led to Chava’s and then to Adam’s self-control failure.

Whose Fault Is Our Suffering?

We all sometimes think in warped and twisted ways. ... As an example, control fallacies can lead us to believe that we have absolutely no control over our lives.

Are We Really Blameless?

Instead of belonging to the "Ayeka" club – deflecting blame – why not join the "Hineni" group? Instead of blaming our surrounding, why not ask ourselves what part we played in creating the existing situation? Instead of expecting change from someone else, why not offer something different?

Cleaning – Kitchens And Souls

Nissan and Tishrei carry the same message! Pesach prepares us for the teshuvah process of Tishrei. It teaches us that to reach perfection, we must be vigilant.

Yosef & The DBT Technique

While there are several permutations of the exercise, the crux of the concept is to immerse your head in cold water while holding your breath. By doing so, your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature will decrease, “freezing” the emotion so that you can better handle the challenge.

Sefirat Ha’Omer: Process And Outcome

Researchers are trying to determine which approach is more effective in getting a person to his goal.

“Holier than Thou” Chumras – A Cause For Concern

Our sages write that one of the reasons the second Beit Hamikdash was destroyed was because of blind hatred.

Transforming Homes Into Holy Sanctuaries

The heart is the repository of one’s feelings and emotions. If we act toward our spouses with feeling, not only with a sense of duty and quid pro quo, we create a sanctuary.

How Does A Teacher Communicate With Parents?

With the advent of the Internet, however, our generation has entered into a period of time of instant communication.

Is The Kosel A Holy Place?

Perhaps the reason this conflict erupted was for the purpose of reminding us that the Kosel is a holy sanctified place, which must be treated as such.

When Rockets Rain Down On Our Brothers And Sisters (Part I)

We should also pray that our brethren in Eretz Yisrael be able to go to sleep serenely, without fear of being terrorized.

Raising More Tolerant Children

All responsible leaders in our community have roundly condemned the recent violence in Beit Shemesh and Meah Shearim.

Rewriting The Past

Instead of focusing on the trauma, he should have realized that Hashem saved him from Esav and Lavan, and returned Dinah and Yosef.

To Hear And Appreciate The Power Of Song

Often times when I pray and the chazzan chants a haunting melody, I close my eyes and it seems as if I am singing with the Shechina of Almighty G-d.

Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful

The act of lighting the menorah is an expression of gratitude.

Counting The Sefira After One Accepted Shabbos Early

When an entire community mistakenly accepts Shabbos early, even if they davened ma’ariv, they would not repeat shemoneh esrei.

Our National Weapon (Part Three)

We should thus be on the lookout during the day for auspicious times to daven (i.e., right after performing a mitzvah).

How Does One Avoid Groupthink?

The Sanhedrin tended to be a group of like-minded individuals who were in charge of making very important decisions in high-stress situations, many of which had life and death consequences.

Should We Admire Beauty?

Regardless of which approach we take, it is evident that there is an inherent value in magnifying and glorifying physical beauty as it relates to deeply sacred rituals.

The Coronavirus (Part I)

Those who don’t own smartphones, in contrast, are mostly living their lives normally and are surprised at the alarm and fright on others’ faces. They say, “It’s just like the flu, right? What’s all the hype?”


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