The Real Target In Pittsburgh

The war of the haters of Am Yisrael is against our spirit; therefore, they won't relent on their aim to wipe our name out. They don’t realize that they will never succeed. "The bush will not be consumed" – ever.

A Unique School for At-Risk Chareidi Youth

Everything is initiated and maintained by the students. They can choose from other activities as well, such as basketball, soccer, martial arts, music, photography, videography, and drama.

Should Your Spouse Be Like You?

For some reason, people seem to strongly believe that being alike improves communication. But is that really so?

Silent Prayers

On fast days and in selichos we mention a line in tefillah as follows: May the one who answered Avraham Avinu on Har Hamoriah, answer us as well.

What Non-Jews See In Jews

We don’t realize how often non-Jews sense something unique about us.

Path To Greatness

How can we even expect that our actions will reach those of our great ancestors?

Are We Really Blameless?

Instead of belonging to the "Ayeka" club – deflecting blame – why not join the "Hineni" group? Instead of blaming our surrounding, why not ask ourselves what part we played in creating the existing situation? Instead of expecting change from someone else, why not offer something different?

Thank Hashem For Trump And Haley

The Democrats and liberals set the corrupt agenda, and the media broadcasts it to society.

The Key To Happiness

Torah is trying to teach us that to increase simcha, one must exclude items. To enjoy life, one must say “Stop” to the excess. Saying "No" to desires is saying "Yes" to needs.

We Have Only Ourselves To Blame For Ari Fuld’s Death

“Ari, what are you doing here? You were not supposed to be here for another eighty years? What happened? Who is responsible for this?”

Insight From Two Priests

Can you imagine davening on Yom Kippur with, of all people, a priest?!

Don’t Rattle Off Berachos

We have become so accustomed to rattle off berachos that we don't let them penetrate. Before we start, it's over

Crocs Or Socks? A Halachic Analysis Of Yom Kippur Footwear

When all is said and done, refraining from wearing any kind of shoe on Yom Kippur is, strictly speaking, a stringency.

Vacation Before Elul?

Elul is when we are supposed to put a halt on the wheels of habit and do some spiritual contemplating and penetrating soul-searching.

Let Go, Let God

“On paper, it really doesn’t make any sense to make this trip.” The Rebbe looked at him and replied, “It doesn't make sense on paper? So break the pencil and go!”

When Is Shabbat Over?

Except in extremely northern locales, the sky is dark and filled with stars well before the time that people claim is tzeit ha’kochavim according to Rabbenu Tam.

A Prerequisite Confession

In order for a person to properly confess a sin he must first feel that he is great. He must have an appreciation for himself and his self-worth.

Take 10 Years If You Must

This week's parsha includes the mitzva of kesivas Sefer Torah, writing or having a sofer (scribe) write a Torah scroll upon order. How can you fulfill this mitzva and present a Sefer Torah to a shul and experience the joy of fulfilling this very special mitzvah? Try "the 10 year plan"

Have We Become Too Lazy?

Nowadays, we often avoid a challenge – and, along with it, the satisfaction that accompanies real effort – if it seems too hard. But we must resist that urge.

The ‘Left’ And The ‘Right’ In Israel

On the opposite side of the spectrum you have the “left.” These are the people who essentially believe that Israel is a modern country that should not be guided by its ancient Torah and traditions.

From Spiritual To Mundane And Back

In this week’s parshah, as Bnei Yisrael are about to enter Eretz Yisrael, the Torah commands us in the mitzvah of shechitah.The pasuk says,...

Why Is There So Much Chutzpah Nowadays?

Chazal tell us that brazenness will increase during the pre-Messianic period. And yet, a pillar of Torah life is deference to the previous generation. So how do we reconcile the two points and explain the level of chutzpah among us?

The Message of the Poles

Our connection to the Torah is the only way we have survived this long and bitter galus.

Five Weeks For A Shidduch Suggestion

The mitzvos teach a Jew restraint and free him from the servitude of things having to materialize instantaneously. Jewish family life presents the apogee of constraint. The message presents itself over and over again and is so clear.

The Movie On The Plane…

When life improved art--priceless.


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