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Tens of thousands of Jews visited Hebron during Chol HaMoed Pesach this year. It was quite the happening.

Hebron is a community with a very long Jewish history that faces unique challenges. It provides for some unique images.


Most people don’t know this, but Jews are forbidden entry into 97% of the city of Hebron – only Arabs are allowed entry in most of the city.

Here are some interesting photos.

(Above) An emergency medic buggy belonging to Hatzalah without Borders (Yo”sh), parked in front of a big Hebron sign, opposite Beit Hadassah.

An ancient road from the time of Avraham that was uncovered in Hebron:

A “Peace Now” poster in a local resident’s home:

Due to the history of Arabs shooting Jewish children in the playgrounds of Hebron, and lack of space permitted for Jewish construction, the Jewish residents found creative and safe ways to build parks for their children.

A playground built under a building next to Beit Hadassah:


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