Hana Berg, one of the leaders of the fringe-leftwing group “Machsom Watch” pretended to be an innocent tourist visiting the town of Yitzhar in the Shomron.

Machsom Watch goes to IDF checkpoints to film and harass IDF soldiers defending Israel.


Little did she or her companion know, the residents immediately knew who she was, and adjusted their tour accordingly.

She asked innocent questions about Yitzhar and their fence (or lack of one). The guide asked her if she was familiar with the town of Har Adar.

She said she never heard of the place.

Her local tour guide began by telling her the story of the “Machsom Watch” activist Hana Berg, who shamed and cursed IDF Staff Sgt. Solomon Gaviriya HY”D in Har Adar, just minutes before he was murdered by a terrorist along with two more Border Policemen.

He said that this behavior is what the residents of Yitzhar and the settlements have to suffer through.

He then pointed out that he is only telling her the story, because he knows that she is the same Hana Berg that cursed the soldier, and she is a hypocrite for trying to disguise herself as a tourist to visit Yitzhar, while she spends her time harassing and endangering them.

At which point he asks them to leave their town because they are only there to cause a provocation.