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Alice Walker, proud demonizer of Israel and leader in the BDSM, is scheduled to speak at the 92nd Street Y in NY on Thursday, May 30

Just a couple months ago The Jewish Press followed a spectacle created by the 92nd Street Y – the former “Young Mens Hebrew Association” – when it publicly embarrassed itself by welcoming a leader in the economic and political warfare effort against Israel known as the BDSM – the Boycott of, Divestment from and Sanctions Against Israel Movement.

Once pro-Israel supporters of the 92nd St Y got wind that Roger Waters, the aging rocker of Pink Floyd fame, was going to be using the Y platform to spew his anti-Israel invective, emails began ricocheting across the internet, angry phone calls were placed and, eventually, the Y leaped at the opportunity to be able to say “so sorry, that date won’t work” when Waters tried to change the date of his appearance.


You’d think the outrage sparked in the pro-Israel community when the Y, which holds itself out as a center for Jewish life that offers learning opportunities, multigenerational holiday celebrations, and “talks on a broad range of Jewish topics encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their own special meaning in Jewish tradition and find joy in Jewish life and culture” was forced to retreat from hosting an Israel hater would cure the institution from pouring the same bucket of anti-Israel slime over its edifice.

But you’d be wrong.

Because guess who’s coming to dinner next?

Alice Walker, a fading superstar author of the 1983 classic The Color Purple, but one who has re-energized and enlarged her audience with the sure-fire appeal of spewing anti-Israel venom, is scheduled to appear at the Y on Thursday, May 30.  Walker is scheduled to appear with Eve Ensler, activist and author of the Vagina Monologues, to talk “about her activism and her writing, her conflicting impulses to retreat into inner contemplation and to remain deeply engaged with the world.”

A key part of Walker’s “deep engagement with the world” has been her very vocal and categorical opposition to Israel. Walker regularly refers to Israeli “Apartheid practices” and its “persecution of the Palestinian people.”  In a 2012 interview with Democracy Now!, Walker accused Israel of “stealing so much Palestinian land, they have essentially stolen all of Palestine.”

In the summer of 2011, Walker joined the second flotilla to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza aboard a ship named The Audacity of Hope.  In an interview with Foreign Policy, Walker claimed that Israel is the biggest terrorist in the Middle East.

I think Israel is the greatest terrorist in that part of the world. And I think in general, the United States and Israel are great terrorist organizations themselves. If you go to Gaza and see some of the bombs — what’s left of the bombs that were dropped — and the general destruction, you would have to say, yeah, it’s terrorism. When you terrorize people, when you make them so afraid of you that they are just mentally and psychologically wounded for life — that’s terrorism. So these countries are terrorist countries.

Her hatred of Israel is so great that Walker has refused to allow her book, The Color Purple, to be translated into Hebrew.

Walker’s first husband, Melvyn Rosenman Leventhal, was a Jewish civil rights lawyer.

And just to bring this story back to the beginning and tie it up in a bow, Alice Walker was front and center with Roger Waters as the two of them attempted to block Carnegie Hall from hosting the Israeli Philharmonic in October, 2012.

Both artists signed a letter which stated, in part, that they “are conscientious artists who support justice, human rights, equality, and democracy in the Middle East and around the world. Consequently, we are dismayed by Carnegie Hall’s upcoming October 2012 hosting of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The IPO is an organization that whitewashes Israel’s ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians. We call on Carnegie Hall to cancel the IPO’s upcoming October performance.”

If Walker was comfortable boycotting Israeli musicians because of their beliefs, surely she will be supportive if the 92nd Street Y decided not to provide a stage for her because of her hostility towards Israel.


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Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a contributor to the A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email:


  1. She supports justice, equality, human rights and democracy in the Middle East and is therefore anti Israel? Really? Not anti Iran, Syria, etc? Is there democracy in any Arab country which would allow citizens to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and not get the death penalty for it? Is there equality in Saudi Arabia which allows women to drive a car? Could I go to Iraq and start a Church in Baghdad? Will I be able to tell someone on the street of Cairo what the gospel is all about? Will a Jew be able to walk openly in Teheran and not expect to have his head chopped off just for being born a Jew?It is hard to believe such drivel from this woman. This woman can only have been influenced by Satan himself to say such things.

  2. I feel like a broken record. These 'Jewish' groups are left progressive first. They identify with Walker's leftist ideoligy. Thus her rabid anti-Semitism is of no matter. They're all part of the 'leftist' fraternity. Judaism never enters into it.

  3. This woman is a pure racist and moron. Typical anti-semitic idiot who is jealous of us Jews because we are successful and lead the world in morality. That's why gentiles hate us Jews, jealousy, jealousy and jealousy! 1 Obviously she and her people are failures and incompetent in competing in the world of freedom.

  4. someone at the 92nd street Y is making these decisions and offering invitations to the worst anti-semitic sewage like this brain damaged walker. I will bet anything this vile miscreant has a website and an email. please publish.

  5. someone at the 92nd street Y is making these decisions and offering invitations to the worst anti-semitic sewage like this brain damaged walker. I will bet anything this vile miscreant has a website and an email. please publish.

  6. If there is any hatred to be found it is on the Jewish Press website. Reading this putrid excuse for journalism from someone who claims to be a "recovering lawyer" and most of the comments that follow this and other Jewish Press articles is further proof, if such were necessary, how little has changed since the paper ran the racist columns of the rabid rabbi. Meir Kahane, and praised the mass murderer and Jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein after he slaughtered 29 Palestinians at prayer in Hebron.

  7. I find it interesting and sad that so many people cannot stand to hear the truth and can not stand to have people oppose Israel's almost 46 year occupation of the West Bank and, yes, Gaza. There are those in Israel who know that Israel is far more interested in land then it is in peace and that Israel will continue with its apartheid treatment of the Palestinians just as long as they can.

    From Gush Shalom, one of Israel's peace blocs, comes the following message. These are people who love Israel and do not want to see her as the world's pariah.

    "After 46 years of occupation, the underlying realities are more than ever laid bare. It is now clear whose interests are served by the policy of perpetual occupation and ever-threatening wars. Since 1967, Prime Ministers and their cabinets continually strove to mobilize international support for their ongoing dragging of feet. Ever and again, they deliberately avoided any true and honest diplomatic process – since such a process would have led to an end to the occupation and would have posed the June 4, 1967lines as the indispensable basis for the achievement of peace.

    Bloodshed, bereavement, oppression, plunder and the plight of the Palestinian people, deprived of their right to self-determination – all of these are but part of the calamities resulting from occupation and war, which are perpetrated in the service of foreign and anti-patriotic interests. Half of the state budget is devoted to military expenditures and to repayment of debts from past wars. This leaves no room for social justice, no money for education, health and public housing, and dooms more than a third of Israeli children to live below the poverty line.

    By now it is obvious, for all to see, that the interests which maintain war and occupation are the very same interests that increase poverty, trample upon democracy and deepen ethnic discrimination and racism. It has become manifestly clear, more than ever before, what baleful influence is wielded by the arms industry and arms dealers, whose turnover amounts to billions. They are dictating a warlike agenda which fits their interests, and push aside all political alternatives. “National Security” has become the code word for pushing social issues down to the bottom of national priorities. Social needs are being completely suppressed and silenced, paving the way to continued oppression and exploitation."

    Please don't call these Israelis anti-semitic or anti-Israel.

  8. she is a psycho evil bitch who believes the conspiracies of David Icke who is an anti semite when Alice Walker is dead the world will be a better place, she is up there with Roger Waters and others who are the real enemies of the Jews.

  9. apartheid: really??tell me, Arabs are in Knesset, universities, IDF…some apartheid…..Israeli JEWS give the fake people who named themselves "Palestinians" water, food, medicine, medical operations and electricity even as Palis shoot rockests and their big mouth leaders scream they want ALL JEWS dead…..

  10. Kahane had it right. If Israel had listened to him, there would be no problems. He was not rabid, but you are Jeff Frankfort. Let's just say that some Jews did kill some palis (a made up people that even other muslims don't want but use as pawns to kill Jews)…..the amount of deaths caused by Palis TO JEWS far outweighs any from the Jewish side. You should get your facts straight, BUB.

  11. It seems like most of the people in this world have separated the country of Israel from the Jewish people. If people replaced anti-Israel with anti-Jewish, they'd be termed anti-Semites or nazis. I think that's how people are getting away with being just those things these days… "If I only use the word Israel, and not Jewish, then I can get away with being an anti-Semite." It makes me sick… Once the last of the Holocaust survivors have passed away, I'm afraid people will forget the truth. It's horrible and sad.

  12. Robert Annable: Do you even know what apartheid is? Have you ever been to Israel? I live here and see nothing of apartheid. Israel has given African refugees and place to live and work. Africans sometimes go through the desert just so they can get into the country. There are Ethiopian Jews here, walking around with yarmulkes on. Israel PAYS for the lost tribe of Menashe from India to come here. There are Chinese Jews. Judaism crosses ALL races, and therefore they ALL are welcomed back. Have you ever seen a white black man? Of course not. But Jews are of all colors, shapes, sizes, and races. And if you knew what apartheid is then you'd know that.

  13. You're an idiot. You don't even know your history. You're just another sheep, jumping on the bandwagon. If you had any sense, you'd study history and see the truth. But no, you believe anything you hear. Jordan had control of the West Bank, Egypt had control of Gaza. They wouldn't take it back anyway. They started war with Israel and LOST. Many Palestinians moved to the area because of the business that Israel brought. About 80% of Jordanians are Palestinian. Jews bought the land that they're building on. Get your facts straight, and maybe you'll have a shot at no longer being an idiot.

  14. I can't believe the man who ran the very anti-Semitic web site Jewish Tribal Review is lecturing anyone else about hatred. Too funny Blankfort, even Mondoweiss kicked you off for being a holocaust denier, and you're lecturing others about hatred. Lol.

  15. I don't know anything about Jewish Tribal Review and Weiss banned me from commenting because he didn't like the links I made between the Nazis and the Zionists and how the Zionists went about stirring up antisemitism in Germany before Hitler started sending Jews to the camps because they shared the same racist philosophy as did the Nazis: that Germany belonged to the Aryans and should be Judenrein as the Zionists believed that Palestine belonged to the Jews and should be Arabrein. Jabotinsky's Brown shirts used to march in the streets of Poland shouting "Hitler for Germany, Mussolini for Italy, Jabotinsky for Palestine!."

  16. Her personal background makes her anti-Semitism even more despicable.

    From Alice Walker's Wikipedia listing:

    In 1965, Walker met Melvyn Rosenman Leventhal, a Jewish civil rights lawyer. They were married on March 17, 1967, in New York City. Later that year the couple relocated to Jackson, Mississippi, becoming "the first legally married inter-racial couple in Mississippi".[33][34] They were harassed and threatened by whites, including the Ku Klux Klan. The couple had a daughter Rebecca in 1969. Walker and her husband divorced amicably in 1976.[35].

    In the mid-1990s, Walker was involved in a romance with singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman.[.

  17. Why does not Alice Walker use her humble background, which included dealing with racism and segregation, to promote the two-state solution. She was not part of the movement in the 1960's to return blacks to Africa, or create a separate nation for them within the United States. I think she is just talking through her hat.

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