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Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday that although he was a strong supporter of Israel, he had been shocked by what he had seen first hands on visits to eastern Jerusalem.

“I am well-known as being a strong friend of Israel but I have to say the first time I visited Jerusalem and had a proper tour around that wonderful city and saw what has happened with the effective encirclement of East Jerusalem – occupied East Jerusalem – it is genuinely shocking,” Cameron told MPs in the House of Commons.


Mind you, with half a million Syrians killed in less than five years only 100 miles north, Egyptian civilians shot in the street by the army 200 miles to the west, untold thousands killed, maimed, raped and sold into slavery about 150 miles to the east, and hundreds of Saudi convicts losing their arms and heads 200 miles to the south, one must steel oneself to the revelations of what could shock the British leader in the liberated Jewish capital. Well, here goes:

“What this government has consistently done and gone on doing is saying yes, we are supporters of Israel, but we do not support illegal settlements, we do not support what is happening in East Jerusalem and it’s very important that this capital city is maintained in the way that it was in the past.”

The British prime minister was speaking during a parliamentary question period in response to a query from opposition Labor MP Imran Hussain, who asked: “Does the prime minister agree with me that illegal settlements and constructions are a major roadblock that hinder peaceful negotiations?”

After Hussain described a visit he made to an Arab family in the Old City of Jerusalem, whom he said was fighting eviction by Jewish settlers, Hussain also asked what the British government was doing “to help prevent the infringement into Palestinian lives and land.”

OK, now we get it — Israel put Jews in homes in that part of the city, and the prime minister, a friend of Israel through and through, just couldn’t tolerate it. It’s cool. After all, there were times back in English history when they assembled the Jews of York in a synagogue and burnt them alive. So being shocked over the fact that — God help us — Israel is building, as we speak, 450 apartments for Jews in eastern Jerusalem is actually progress.


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  1. Another foreigner who believes he has the right to tell Jews where they can live. Yet he said he is a supporter of Israel. Israel has a legal right to build homes and live in Judah/Samaria, all of Jerusalem by law, history and agreement. His declaration of Jewish building as illegal is not based on law but what he wants to happen.

    Another fake freind of Israel!!

  2. Dear David, I am shocked by your declaration in Parliament and you are a self-confessed supporter of Israel. I have lived more than happily in Jerusalem for exactly the past 50 years, hailing from London and Cambridge and proud of being raised as Jew in England. But times are changing, and if Heaven forfend, you and yours David are forced to leave your Parliamentary haven and comfortable British way of life and become migrants I can assure you that you will find a real haven of rescue and welcome in the State of Israel and Jerusalem. I agree that such a scenario is "shocking" but not inconceivable. Best wishes from Jerusalem, David

  3. Instead of the PA squandering the aid they receive from the world. Insrtead of Abbas building himself a big fortress in Ramallah. Instead of the money Hamas spends from donor countries for tunnels and arms, let them buy housing in Jerusalem. If they felt the housing issue was so important, that would be a no-brainer. But housing, so-called settlements, are not the issue. It's the diversion. They want Jews as fish food and at any cost. The world keeps sending these con-men money and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. David Cameron will really be shocked when the UK will no longer be refered to as jolly old England because soon England will be over run by muslims from the four corners of the earth and that will be the demise of the United kingdom as we know it today.but Mr Cameron you still have time to stop this insanity by taking care of business in the UK and stop worrying about the jews building homes on their land in Jerusalem the capital of Israel for over 5 thousand years.

  5. Well said Mr Cohen. The problem with the British Prime Minister is that deep down he does not really believe in anything at all. Thus, he glibly trots out the politically-correct thing at every turn while not confronting the really serious issues. Alas, he also descends to the vacuous and blatantly untrue, as when twice last year he referred to Islam as always having been "a religion of peace." He may feel that as PM he is obliged to utter such rubbish even though the most cursory acquaintance with history would reveal his folly. The PC PM is too intelligent not to know that what he effectively told the House of Commons was a lie! It is about the most serious political offence in Britain to lie to the House. The next time he does it, perhaps some MP who understands Britain's Muslim problem (Donald Trump was right), should confront him and hold him to account.

  6. lets make use of the space in Jerusalem by rmeoving the Anglican churches and Prince Philip's mother's grave and all the crusader relics and have England pick up their junk and put it in England to give us room to live. We do not forget how often England invaded Israel and built in Israel without Jewish consent, now we need to ask England for permission to build in our own home?
    Let Buckingham palace and 10 Downing street house the philistines after all, two old farts do not need such a mansion that can house many philistine families and their bomb making experimenting laboratories.

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