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Beit Shean National Park and Archaeology Site.

A new and unique tourism package, spearheaded by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, EO Tours, and Sar-El Tours and in partnership with the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, offers American Christian tourists to experience the Holy Land in a down to earth way.

“Unearth the Land of the Bible” is a 10-day tour starting in April 2023, of archaeological digs at heritage and nature sites of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. Through archaeologist-led excavations, tours, and expert lectures, Bible enthusiasts will have the opportunity to take an active part in the historical story of the Jewish people and the conservation of their material culture in the land of Israel.


The program will launch ahead of the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel, so attendees will also enjoy participation in Israel’s Independence Day celebrations. Tour attendees will receive virtual instruction on the critical work of uncovering and conserving significant historical findings ahead of their arrival in Israel.

Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov stated that “our wonderful history in this land attracts many tourists, people who love Israel, who want to discover with their own hands the hidden treasures we have here. In addition, a visit of Christians that combines archeology, conservation and assistance in uncovering findings related to the biblical legacy of the State of Israel will improve Israel’s image overseas and spread the legacy of the People of the Book to the Christian world.

“Strengthening the relationship between Christians who love Israel through incoming tourism also helps support Israel’s economy,” he added.

Director, Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Raya Shourky said that “the nature and heritage sites throughout Israel tell the compelling stories of the land of the Bible, and they are of great importance to Christian believers. The active participation in excavating and conserving the biblical heritage, through the hands-on work of archeological digging and conserving, with guidance by the professionals and experts of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, will deepen the connection between Bible enthusiasts and heritage sites and the historical story of the Jewish people in their land. And we expect to see many groups joining this unique and moving experience.”


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