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Afghan Taliban mujaheddin

The Afghanistan news agency Khaama Press released an extremely disturbing article on Sunday, April 26, citing the Afghanistan intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS).

A 16 year old boy who was on the way to carry out a suicide bombing but was arrested en route, told the NDS that Taliban commanders gang-raped him before sending him out for the attack.


The NDS issued a statement that the gang rape victim was going to carry out a suicide attack on a police district headquarters in Kabul, but he was arrested before reaching his target.

The would be suicide bomber, referred to as “Bilal” in the NDS statement, narrated his story for a video released by the NDS. Bilal names the Taliban commanders whom he claimed victimized him. He said that another suicide bomber also raped him.

After the rapes, Bilal was told that he had to carry out a suicide attack to wash off his sins.

According to the NDS, rape cases are not unusual within the ranks of the Taliban network.


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  1. Control / Conditioning actions …. here is that sickness being employed at levels too many people are not aware of ….

    “We want nothing other than to put a stop to this systemic child sex abuse and expose why these behaviours/acts have flourished; and how far up the abuse goes. I will do so here in this post.”
    “To give an example the level of corruption and child sex abuse and why nothing has been done to stop it, is because Kenyan born Barrack Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA member who worked for the most egregious communist front in the history of this country, the American Peace Mobilization Force (Dupes) was founded on the COM Interns Initiative in Chicago (September 1940) which formed from the age of 9 years old Obama’s ideological route. Obama and Weathermen Bill Ayres colleagues eventually served together as board members at Woods Charitable Fund, funded by the Erikson Institute, specialty in “child advocacy”.

    This is called intent, motive, opportunity and access!”

    extracted from re-blog for Suzanne Dupree :

  2. just watch the muzzies filth & condition and have a good laugh..

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