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Daniel Gonen, HY"D, murdered in Israel by terrorists, June 19, 2015.

25 year old Danny Gonen from Lod, a small city near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, was murdered today by Palestinian Arab terrorists near the town of Dolev. Another Israeli was also shot in the same incident; he was shot in the legs.

The initial report on the attack can be read here.


Gonen had been hiking with a friend, and after returning from their hike was flagged down by an Arab asking for assistance. The Arab terrorist, upon confirming they were Jewish proceeded to fire around 10 bullets at them.

Gonen had been an electrical engineering student.

Members of the Hamas terrorist organization reportedly were jubilant about the death.

Saturday night update: The terrorist has still not been caught.


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  1. Totally heartbreaking!I will never understand this hate and evilness for someone you don’t even know!I love and stand with Israel and the jewish people forever!Praying for his family and friends,with love from Sweden.

  2. I still ask the question how can you tell if somebody is Jewish or not? We all belong to the human race and if you have to break it down still further the Jews come from the same Caucasoid race that we do, and unfortunately so do the arabs; including all people who are not of the Mongoloids, Negroids, or Australoids

  3. As long as Israelis don't hold responsible their leader, and in Israel there is effectively only one leader, the Prime Minister, there will continue to be murders, injuries, serious injuries, loss of tremendous national treasure, etc. at the hands of the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims illegally permitted by the Prime Minister to live on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River. And, I don't see that there are nearly enough Israelis with the sense or compassion for their own blood to do what it takes to stop the bloodshed.

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