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Here’s a positive report about a teenage wannabe terrorist in the south who didn’t get her chance in the spotlight.

The Israel Police “100″ hotline received a call late Wednesday night warning that a 15-year-old Arab girl was missing from her home in Be’er Sheva. The girl had recently moved with her family to the southern Israeli city from the Judea and Samaria region.


The girl’s parents told the two police officials who went to the family’s home about a text their daughter had sent, in which she announced: “Soon they’ll be seeing me on TV.”

This immediately raised the suspicions of the officers, who activated intelligence and technological units to search for the girl.

She was quickly located at the northern train station in Be’er Sheva, where police picked her up and took her to the local precinct for questioning.

During their investigation, the teen admitted that she was on her way to Jerusalem “to stab Jews, cops and soldiers.” She was arrested after the investigation was completed.

Negev District Commander Amnon Elkalia noted, “Negev District Southern Region Police are organized and prepared to respond to any unusual situation while still maintaining a regular routine, for the safety of the residents.”

In this case, the parents of the girl called the police to report her missing, and shared the contents of her text.

It’s important to remember during this wave of terror that not every Arab parent agrees with what a terrorist child may attempt, or do. Not every Arab teen is a terrorist. The problem with a wave of terror is figuring out who is, and who isn’t.



  1. Don’t say that we shouldn’t “kill each other ” keishelle. Everyone needs to get some knowledge before they open their mouths and give their wise opinions. All these lies you are reading is LIES. ARAB attacks Jews and we try to defend ourselves. Sometimes they get lucky sometimes they don’t. There are no Jews running around killing Arabs. You are reading and hearing lies

  2. These kind of parents love their child very much because they saved her from getting hurt, they knew very well that the IDF/Police officers won’t harm her unless she’d do terrorizing attacks, and if she gets to Israel jail, she would be fed and treated well.

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