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Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, during a CNN interview, takes on the faulty and lacking CNN coverage of events, and specifically related to Hamas using UN schools as weapons depots, and the UN chief warning against the use of UN schools by Hamas.


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  1. Australia’s media is even worse, anti-Semitic like you have never seen …. I wont watch the news here at all any more ! They are horrible and nasty and when the terrorist attack them because they want this beautiful land to be a Islamic state they will only have them selves to blame ….. G-d forbid that should ever happen!

  2. Ken Penhaul’s reporting from Gaza continues to amaze me. This is not journalism worthy of a news agency that claims to show both sides of the conflict – it is a totally biased pull on the heartstrings Gaza suffering coverage. There is no coverage of humanitarian aid administered or provided by Israel, of Israeli families and society, etc. It is vicious and antisemitic. Thank you, Ambassador!

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