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Supreme Court judge Noam Sohlberg

Late last month, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was condemned universally, when everyone but Ann Coulter called him a racist and a bigot for suggesting federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel should have recused himself from the Trump University trial because his parents were born in Mexico, and he, Trump, as he so aptly put it, is “building a wall.” Trump went on to tell various reporters that although the judge was born in Indiana, he must be a Trump hater, on account of “I’m building a wall.” He also told one reporter that the same obligation to recuse themselves should also apply to Muslim American judges in Trump-related cases (the candidate generates thousands of them, literally).

The fact that both House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R- Kentucky) called on their party’s nominee to tone down the racism should tell us just how much they loathed his outburst.


On Friday morning, Ha’aretz op-ed writer Uri Misgav, in reviewing the recent Supreme Court decision that sided with the Chief Rabbinate and against the AG in prohibiting “alternative” kosher certifications, wrote the following:

“The ruling was by a majority of two to one. The two judges who preserved the corrupting power in the hands of the Rabbinate were Rubinstein and Noam Sohlberg. Both wear a yarmulke, [and are] religious Orthodox, who grew up and developed on the high road of Religious Zionism. They put the cats in charge of the cream. This was a very strangely composed panel. In fact, it was so strange that it’s not strange at all: of course it was intentional. With the assumption that it’s better to let the religious handle these issues which are close to their hearts. Except that the logic should have been the complete opposite of that. There’s a clear conflict of interests here. At stake was the tension between state and religion. The secular judge, incidentally, had the minority opinion.”

The paragraph above is dripping bigotry, not only accusing supreme court judges of being unable to examine a case on its merits, suspending their personal views—which is something we expect of every judge in every trial—but that somehow the powers-that-be on the court assigned the two religious Orthodox judges because the case belongs in their ghetto. The root of Trump’s bigotry and the root of Misgav’s bigotry are the same: they both assume that judges belonging to the group they hate are inevitably partial, interested parties in the cases they try.

But then Misgav focuses on Judge Sohlberg, calling him a criminal, because he resides in Alon Shvut, at the heart of Gush Etzion, an area which even Misgav agrees will never be handed over to Arab rule, even as part of a two-state agreement. Writing for a newspaper that has printed many miles of allegations against rightwing activists and politicians who have threatened the Supreme Court for its unprecedented activism, Misgav actually exposed Sohlberg to prosecution by a European court as a war criminal. The scenario is simple: Judge Sohlberg lands in Brussels, someone on the same El Al flight identifies him and calls over the Gendarmes, showing them the English translation of Misgav’s attack, demanding that Sohlberg be taken into custody until the war crime charges against him are verified. Unrealistic? Probably, but when MK Moti Yogev (Habayit Hayehudi) last summer announced, “We have to take the blade of a D-9 [bulldozer] to the High Court of Justice,” Ha’aretz took his expression of rage at face value.

It appears Ha’aretz is willing to see Israeli high court justices’ lives be put in jeopardy just to advance the paper’s political ends. So much for tolerance and liberalism.



  1. Add me to the list of those who do not consider Trump a racist. It is now clear that Judge Curiel, the judge attacked by Trump, belongs to several Hispanic organizations that strongly oppose Trump's immigration agenda, besides which, Curiel got his appointment by being a good Democrat. The truth is that Trump's stand against illegal immigration and angainst amnesty for those who have violated our immigration laws is well within mainstream American thinking. The only defense of those supporting illegal immigrants seems to be to call Trump a racist. I guess when you have no legitimate arguments, name calling is all you have left.

  2. Trump wasn't racist, his criticism of the judge was justified but he said it the wrong way.
    Haaretz is Israel's Der Sturmer. It's a German owned rag which outdoes Goebbels int its antisemitic propaganda and hate.

  3. In 1941, a Democrat President, interned all people of Japanese descent,. Hardly anyone objected. However, if a Republican makes inappropriate remarks, he is a racist. I see numerous Mexican's daily and they are all white. For the uneducated, there are only four races on the planet. The term racist is applied surreptiously. Trump speaks his mind. Crooked Hillary,talks in parables.

  4. Donald Trump is NOT racist. Illegal is not a race. Islam is not a race. There are illegal aliens in the USA of all races, the same with Muslims. There are white muslims from Bosnia, Chinese muslims, Indian muslims, Black muslims – outrageous allegation from a publication that I will now unsubscribe from. As a Jewish American I am embarrassed at the ignorance on display in this editorial. Trump was endorsed by civil rights activist Medgar Evers brother, by Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Mychal Massie – many, many blacks endorsed him. Shame on your editorial staff. Meanwhile, Trump has supported Israel and Jews his entire life. Hillary has befriended enemies of Israel, including the Arafats and every islamic dictator and despot in the Middle East who has donated to her Foundation/Slush Fund.

  5. Since Ha’aretz is now totally funded by the likes of the US, and EU countries since they went broke in 2014, why is anyone surprised. I would not be shocked to learn that for every extreme Left wing racist article, the journalists receive bonuses, since it will please these Court Jews’ masters in the State Dept and EU.

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