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Police trying to contain Muslim rioters on Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day 2014

Arab rioters succeeded in violently shutting down the Temple Mount this Jerusalem Day to everyone except Muslims.

One police officer has been injured so far by a rock hurled by a rioter as security personnel battle Palestinian Authority Arabs on the Temple Mount in the first hours of the morning on Wednesday.


Masked Arab youths have been hurling stones and firebombs (Molotov cocktails) since the start of the morning, once again effectively preventing Jews and anyone other than Muslims from reaching the site. Their handy weapons are stored in piled caches in and around the Al Aqsa mosque, one of two Muslim houses of worship located on the Temple Mount.

The Arab rioters are taken to calling themselves “Almoravids”, which were an early version of Muslim knights.

While only 250 Israelis managed to ascend to the Mount prior to the attack, four times that many — 1,000 foreign tourists — succeeded in reaching the site before police closed it down to everyone except Muslim ‘worshipers.’

Jews are routinely arrested on the site simply for moving their lips, in what might be construed as a prayer. The Waqf Islamic Religious Authority, which rules the site, forbids Jewish religious activity on the Temple Mount. It is part of the Western Wall complex and believed to be the location of the “holy of holies” in the ancient Jewish Holy Temple of Jerusalem, Judaism’s most sacred site.

Once safely shut down, police moved forward to take control the Temple Mount plaza area, according to Walla! The rioters have since retreated and are currently within the mosque, according to a local source, who said they are continuing to hurl rocks and firebombs at security personnel.

Police officers are using riot control methods in an attempt to disperse the mob.

Today marks the 47th anniversary of the liberation of the 3,000-year-old Jewish capital of Israel, the Old City of Jerusalem, from Jordanian occupation in the 1967 Six Day War. Jerusalem Day celebrates the unification of the holy city and its restoration as the healed capital of the Jewish State.

Arabs carrying Hamas flags on the Temple Mount chanting “With blood we will free Palestine.”


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. Read my very detailed comments on the issue of management of the 150,000 sq.m. trapezoid platfrom in the midst of the Old City under the other Jewish Press piece entitled "Religious Zionist Rabbis Temple Mount Visit for Jerusalem Day".

  2. The Israelis need to make their minds up. Either they make the Temple Mount 100% Jewish, only for use by Jews and no one else, or they give it 100% to the Palestinians and vacate the area. The Israelis cannot have it both ways. I am sure that they have learned that the Arabs on the Temple Mount are going to stone every Israeli who comes there to pray for ever. The Temple Mount belongs to Israel, and no one else.

  3. It’s intolerable, the Temple Mount is not exclusive to Muslims. When the Jordanians held half of Jerusalem with the Western Wall they kept Jews out. That’s the way Muslims operate. It is due time to manifest an iron fist to the young Arab s: if continuous rioting on the place the whole of the Temple Mount will be denied access to Muslims.

  4. Perhaps if the Jews riot on the Temple Mount it will be closed to the Muslims. That does seem to be the applicable logic. The Muslims must be prevented from prying on the mount too. Can't a Jewish version of the waqf be appointed to administer the site?

  5. The holy temple will be rebuilt very soon! The Jews must stand for what is their's & they're not alone God is watching ~ behold He comes on the clouds very soon to deliver their enemies into their hands! Shalom Israel! The Lord is your Light & your salvation ~ whom shall you fear! None. 😉

  6. Shameful for the soldiers to allow this attack on the same day of its liberation. It was expected. In the past, philistine homes were demolished when it was a place of refuge for terrorist attacks. Time to do same with this pagan mosque who have no respect for religion or GOD!

  7. When will this arch stupid government learn GOVERNMENT METHODS? This is an EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY to chase off those arabs from Temple Mount and forbid entry to arabs as of now!!! This will show the WORLD not just arabs that GAME IS OVER and the israeli government is no longer to be made a fool of! This event could even be pursued and expel all arabs from Western Palestine. Why should this stupid government always be a LOSER when it is quite possible to become a WINNER???

  8. Coming from the arthritic fingers of one as you who shamed the leading Rosh HaYeshiva of the flagship Yeshiva of the Sephardim of Porat Yosef Yeshiva in the Old City/Jerusalem who correctly declared anyone in contact with Pope Y"S should go to the mikvah. You Schwartz condemned him. Who are you? YOUR DRECK!! You should have a Schwartz-schvartz year. MENUVAL! Gemorrah in Kiddushin states"A person emanates from a TEAPAH SRUCHA"-odorous drop! You are still a SURACHA FAHRSHTOKIN! The Judenrat government/kapos are very proficient in beating up settlers and religious Jews, but are afraid of the Goyim! Israel needs a regime change! Evict all the Goyim from Israel!!! A setting up of a religious, Theocratic, Torah,Halacha government! Thus, the Muslems and Jewish(sic)anti-semites will be eradicated! If you wear a Kippah Srugah(knitted yarmulka)in your case it is a Kippah SRUCHA!(STINKING)

  9. Shame! Evict all the goyim from the Temple Mount and fromI srael! WATCH! every Wednesday 10;00AM & 6:00PM New York Time go to scroll down to Community Media then click on Brooklyn Public Network then click on arrow in channel 2 In addition, every Thursday go to 12:00 Noon New York Time go to 4 Judaism click beneath it Watch now

  10. As a non-Jewish person.. l rather Jews control the Temple Mlount, since l know they would protect if better and leave it open for anyone to walk through. l was raised a Catholic and stand with the Jewish people and support their right to their country. annex the entire West Bank,, it is your country, and act like it is.. deport those who cannot live like civilzied people..

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