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"Allah Ahkbar" Zombie attack on the Temple Mount - June 26, 2016

On Sunday morning, a group of Arab youths entered the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem, some of them masked, and began to cause disruptions and harass the Jewish and non-Islamic visitors to the Jewish holy site.

Four of the Islamic instigators were arrested by police.


At around 10:30 AM, the Arab riots began to escalate with stone throwing and the police closed the Temple Mount to all Jewish visitors and tourists.

Arabs claim that between 2 to 5 Islamic rioters have been injured by the attempts by the police to restore order.

Watching the video is like a watching an attack of “Allahu Akbar” yelling zombies in a cheap horror flick.

On Friday, the Arabs on the Temple Mount, threw a ball down into the Kotel Plaza below, from a height of over 60 feet (19 meters). No one was hit or hurt by the ball.


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  1. Are you for real? There is an attack shown on the video, all right — but it's not carried out by the unarmed protesters who merely chant the basic dictum of Muslim faith, "God is great." (Much as Jews might "Sh'm'a yisrael.") The violent attack in the video is by a mob of armed soldiers on an unarmed Palestinian man who doesn't even appear to be resisting. Of course, the Israeli attacks come on top of severe restrictions imposed on Palestinians visiting the hoy site during Ramadan — though illegal settlers can go in with armed escorts. Are you actually proud of all this?

  2. Why are the Arabs not barred from the Temple Mount as they cause the disturbances? If the Jews and other visitors are the ones removed and barred, it is in the best interest of Arabs to cause these disturbances on a daily basis. DUH!!!!!

  3. Have I missed something? The rioters are allowed to stay but the JEWS are banned from the Temple Mount. Isn't that backwards … rewarding the bad child and punishing the good one?
    Suggestion: Ban the RIOTERS from the Temple Mount and let the JEWS go pray there (if the Israeli leaderships has yirat shamayim).

  4. Zombies which allah the great Satan begat. Only Satan gets praised during destruction, raping,mass murder and carnage. The Bible rightly described this entity called allah. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. Sad that billions are being deceived into his everlasting abode,"THE SULPHORIC INFERNO or ABBADON "

  5. Islamic Jihad Terrorists riot, not Arabs. Arabs can be many types of people. This wasn't an Arab attack. It was an Islamic Jihad terrorist attack. has a list of around 29,000 deadly Islamic Jihad attacks. In those & the many other non-deadly, but many times injurious attacks, Muslims have murdered & injured millions of innocent people counting only since Sept. 11, 2001.

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