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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at Paris climate conference

The Paris climate conference opened on Sunday with a moment of silence for the world’s recent victims and a solemn recital of cities where radical Islamists have murdered people, with the blatant omission of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who draws a line connecting global warming and terrorism, ticked off the names of cities, including:


Paris; Tunis; Beirut, and Bamako, Mali. notably

And what about Jerusalem and Tel Aviv?

Apparently Jews murdered there are not terror victims, according to Ban. He and other Western leaders have tried to manufacture a link between the “occupation” and the Arab “resistance” movement that encourages the murder of Jews.

Or, the world is so used to them that it not worth mentioning, except in the London Daily Mail. The British tabloid not only headlined violence in Jerusalem, but also let readers think that the Arabs are the victims

Honest Reporting noted that the newspaper’s headline appeared as:

The conference in Paris is ostensibly over the climate, but Western leaders are running over each other for headlines to show their concern over the Paris massacres by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Justin Trudeau hurried over to the Bataclan Theatre to pay their tribute to victims of the Islamic State (ISIS) massacre there two weeks ago.

The conference will likely conclude with pontifical agreements on “global warming” without much follow through, but an agreement on an international effort to fight radical Islam is not in the cards.

In fact, Ban Ki-moon is afraid that the war against terror will “overshadow” the war against “global warming.”

Ban Ki-moon has adopted the line that one way to fight terror is to keep the temperature from rising one degree, because, so the theory goes, droughts cause famine and that is what causes Muslims to murder people in Paris and Jerusalem.

In his words, in an interview with Canada’s CBC:

When we do not address climate change properly it may also affect many people who are frustrated and who are impacted, then there is some possibility that these young people who [are] jobless and frustrated may join these foreign terrorist fighters.

There is a concern whether it may overshadow the climate change agreement and I think we have to move on this climate change agreement.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. They do not care, it is Biblical…but so is “I will bless those who bless Israel, I will curse those who curse Israel….and so is “Zechariah 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” And they will be cut in pieces. Israel has much more to go through, almost to the point of non-existence….but they will survive…they will never cease to exist totally, never!

  2. The UN, read that, unholy nations, is naught but a den of vipers. Their constant condemnation of Israel should come as no surprise for they, the UN, have by virtue of their fornication with the worlds most despicable despots, become the very epitome of evil upon the world today.

  3. I find it interesting that all our world leaders are concerned that because of climate change some may join terrorist groups" Do they honestly think we are that ignorant? They just had a convention with three prominent scientist in Texas to discuss climate change… all three said these are not changes the world has not seen before. The climate has always changed from north to south poles. How this equals terrorist threats I do not see connection nor can I believe the audacity to claim its O.K. to encourage attacks for settlement reasons… savage behavior is what I call this…. (just a side note one scientist said something I think was important for us to remember carbon dioxide is a natural thing given off by humans and animals and is not destroying this earth.. trees take the carbon dioxide as food then exchanges in the air wonderful breathable air… don't destroy tree's….if you see smog its not C 2 0 for C 2 O is invisible to naked eye.

  4. Ban Ki Moon is an unfit U N Secretary General and anti semetic. Obama has a big part to play in his attitude. Dame the demo-rats for imposing such a fraud upon the American people by hiding is evil background and character….He has cause severe damage to our country!

  5. In Israel, it was done by ad hoc killers; not necessarily a series of sponsored attacks. When do you describe a killing as murder vs. terror? Hatred vs political motivation is a good indicies to use in the analyses. In Israel, it is hatred for Jews and what Israel represents.

  6. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is said to have overlooked
    Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as places haunted by terrorism,
    but in fact he did mention Israel, [0:39]
    if I understand his thick accent correctly.
    . there may be plenty of times the UN is anti-Israel;
    but what has this author got against Ban Ki-moon?

  7. To Laura Ben-David: He never said Israel, he said elsewhere. You can listen to Ban-Kimoun again if you doubt what he said. LAURA, by now you should know that the UN never been, never will be fair to Israel. The Agenda is to destry Israel, period. And for that matter the whole world. The good news is: The g-d of Israel won't let them. Amen.

  8. The UN is anti-Israel and has a dislike to Jews and is holding Israel to standard it holds no other country to. From UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is a weak Secretary and is moronic UN General Secretary to all his henchmen and many countries, they are all anti-Semites, Jew dislike-rs. Say it and get over it, it will never change it is in their genes. The UN is a parade of lies, corruption, deception and bad environment of decent people.

  9. The Man-on-the-Ban-kiMoon should go back to the moon where the air is rare and will give him boost to his biggoted mind certainly when it comes to Israel.
    He is the secretary of the most useless body on the Planet. He is a pathetic who is toothless and useless at the same time.

  10. Funny how they don't mind Jews being murdered in Israel and people being murdered Africa. Do they not realise that every life counts, yes every life even palestlians. But some people are to stupid to sort things out over a table, peacefully and would rather take a cheap life to feel important to make a point.dumb people everywhere.

  11. Ban Ki-Moon keeps setting himself on fire by his own tongue. He and his communist party shouldn't even have the right to speak on terrorism. Look, China aborts millions of babies and harvests the baby parts for cosmetics at the least. Many would agree it goes far beyond that, that the Chinese cannibalise aborted babies in capsules, soups and dishes for "youth and longevity."

    You people take live animals and "skin" them…alive…to be sold casually on the marketplace. They way you people treat animals is insanity. Like something from the days of the old testament how the Moabites and Philistines (Palestinians today) would sacrifice babies to the fire in honor of Murdok, and Baal, and Molech. This is the same thing. That's exactly why God had these nations destroyed. Depravity.

    The Chinese food safety standards are a joke. Counterfeit eggs, counterfeit beef, counterfeit rice, etc. Your people are depraved yet fools like Ban Ki-moon wanna talk terrorism.

    You persecute Christians and churches yet have opinions on terrorism. Your animal cruelty laws don't exists! I don't see any good future coming out of China. Your nation is not going to rise. It should be destroyed by your North Korean neighbor, who you have been literally "grooming" all these years. That's fair and just. China should be left to Japan the way it was supposed to be before the US intervened and came to China's rescue by dropping those bombs.

  12. It is "terror" in these cities, because it is a new thing, for them.

    But, as for Israel?

    Well, you guys have long been on the front lines of WW III, which is just now coming to the rest of the world. So, for you guys, it is not terrorism; it is all military action, on a front in a war zone.

    My advice to you is, to act accordingly. It's a World War; treat it as one.

  13. How may someone think that the U.N. can take right decisions when 57 MUSLIM STATES are supporting the so – called Palestinian Sate ( or Authority , or whatever) , which was invented by the soviet propaganda in the early 60 `s . Almost all the Arabian states support directly or indirectly the TERRORISM, INCLUDING the so callled moderates ! Every people on Earth has the right to live in the country of their ancesters , even if their ancesters came later in historical time and settled in that place . The Arabs came into the Middle East in the 7 th century After Christ and conquered the ancient Egypt , the ancient Phoenicia, Israel , the Northern Africa , Spain and half of France . Now ISIS wants to restore the Caliphate of the Middle Ages and more than that they want to conquer the whole Europe and even more. Why the Jews cannot live in the country where their ancestors settled 5.000 years ago , and they built up that country , the have been a respected kingdom , they had a respected culture , they have written the BIBLE , they have built the TEMPLE and so on … Why ISRAEL cannot defend itself from any agression ? Why defending its people and its territory is considered as being an aggression ? The Arabs have many milions of square kilometres of land , most of it being uninhabited, they have many billions of dollars from the oil exports , they are about THREE HUNDRED MILLION people , they are ONE PEOPLE LIVING IN TWENTYONE or TWENTYTWO STATES . They call themselves Lybians, Algerians, Egyptians, Tunisians, etc…. but they are one nation , one people , having the same language , the same ethnic origin, the same culture , the same religion , etc…. The Americans who live in 50 states DO NOT CALL THEMSELVES AS : Dakotans , Kentuckians, Georgians , Minnesotans , etc…. they are all AMERICANS ! SO IT IS NECESSARY TO FIND A WAY TO MAKE PEACE BETWEEN THE ARABS AND THE JEWS ! Israel is a tiny country having less than 25.000 square kilometres and less than 9 million inhabitants ( out of which 2 million are Arabs, who have a better life than in most of the Arabian countries ) There is useless to try to make peace with the so-called Palestinians , because it was already proved that for more than four decades the negociations lead NOWHERE !

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