Photo Credit: Joods Actuelle
Haredim and an armed guard outside a Jewish school in Belgium.

Belgium Jewish’s schools shut down Friday, Chabad cancelled  a public Friday night dinner, and several Jews have stopped going to synagogue in the wake of Thursday’s counter-terror raid that ended with Belgian police killing two terrorists but still looking for others.

A Jewish school in Amsterdam also shut its doors Friday.


Jews fear a repeat of last week’s savage attack on a kosher deli in Paris, where four Jews were murdered and several others were held hostage until police stormed the store and ended the siege.

Belgium’s Joods Actueel reported that schools in Brussels and Antwerp were closed on Friday based on intelligence information from officials, including the Mossad, that it was “too dangerous” to allow children to go to school.

“We were informed that we are a potential target and therefore take no chances, said Isi Morsel, head of the organizing power of the largest Jewish school Jesode Hatora.

He is confident that schools will be able to re-open on Monday.

Confidence is the last thing Jews in Belgium, if not in all of Europe, have these days.

Belgian police have said that guarding Jewish’s schools does not mean they can prevent terror because they are not equipped,  with the proper weapons and training to challenge the animals from ISIS and other Islamic radical barbarians.

The director of the Rabbinical Center of Europe (RCE) thinks that perhaps Jews could take up the slack by arming themselves with guns.

RCE director Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director general of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) and the European Jewish Association (EJA) wrote to European Union officials “We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons for the essential protection of their communities, as well as receiving the necessary training to protect their members from potential terror attacks.”

A Jewish cartoonist was among the victims of attack by radical Islamists on the Charles Hebdo offices in Paris last week, and four Jews were gunned down in the attack on a kosher deli in Paris two days later.

And Rabbi Margolin wants to allow Jews to carry guns?

That would mean terrorists, armed with assault rifles and prepared by months of military training, would be able to add a few pistols to their arsenal after killing their Jewish victims who would barely be able to pull their pistols out of holster before being sliced by machine-gun fire.

Perhaps Rabbi Margolin thinks that Belgian Jews are in the Warsaw Ghetto and are living in underground sewers, needing guns to fight off the Nazis.

Or perhaps he thinks that fighting terrorists is like a cowboys and Indians movie.

The recent attacks in France “have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting,” Rabbi Margolin wrote.”Right now Jews do not feel safe.”

Right now?

Jew in Europe felt safe last month, or last year?

Hundreds of Jews, from Israel and elsewhere, wear a hat and not a kippa in the streets of many European cities because they are afraid of being spat on, beaten, robbed and killed.

Rabbi Margolin also wrote, “People are afraid to come to synagogue. People are afraid to go to Jewish schools.”


“[The police] are not doing enough, for sure. We just need more. The best solution is having at least two police officers at each Jewish institution, 24 hours a day. Until that happens we need to be able to feel secure in other ways” and allowing Jews to carry guns would “allow our people to feel protected.”

He is not talking about training Jews with assault rifles and counter-terror tactics, or even a bit of karate.



  1. I’ll die believing truth then save my life for a lie . bring a gun to my door step and in my heart you caused war and I will fire . unless your a law and you have a warnt . say this not out of pride but in rebellion against Islam . support the Torah , the laws and support our Eloheem . not a lie that traps people to die…

  2. Better to have a gun and not need it than to need one and not have it! We Jews have been shamed by being made a 'protected' class of citizen because of an abnormal refusal to defend ourselves in too many instances to enumerate here…get a gun, keep it with yourself and use it if called upon to do so by circumstances…probative laws not withstanding; just where in Torah does it tell any of us to go defenseless as bleating sheep to an islamic slaughter?

  3. Keith Gilbert – – YES! … I have sent many messages via JP telling the Jewish People that this is all about the law of bullying. … God NEVER told you to be wimps and cowards He told you to FIGHT and KILL all of your enemies. … My previous IM's said you should all carry Uzi's and be proud to use them. … Bully's don't attack people that will hit them back. … Why? Because they are cowards. … What I am saying goes for your government too. … You should be out-there attacking the Mosques and Madrassas where the young are being taught to hate and kill you. … STOP waiting to be attacked. … STAND UP AND FIGHT!. … The Lord God is WITH YOU! … Show some FAITH or He will turn His back on you again. …. YES Keith Gilbert … YOU are a MAN! …. Want proof that Bullies are cowards? …. Why do you think that Saudi Arabia expects US Citizens to fight its wars for them? Because they are cowards!

  4. With all the history of attacks on Jews, in the this century and the last, it is highly apparent that all Jews should be armed. Intensive firearm instruction should begin at an early age and continue throughout adulthood. Every Jew needs to pack a pistol with a high capacity magazine and know how to use it. Your article makes jest at this very simple remedy of self preservation. Your article criticizes a Rabbi who has opposite views than you. You are wrong to do this. Jews who are armed and make a stand against terror create an environment which is safer than one who sits meekly by while allowing himself and others to die at the hands of out enemies.

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